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Monday, August 28, 2006

Mail Order Bride's Meme

We all have friends who have things we envy - and not necessarily material objects, but perhaps character traits, or lifestyle choices, or opportunities.Leave a comment, please, saying what you find envious about me, then repost this in your journal so I can say what I find envious about you!


from my eyes said...

hmm from wat i know i do like ur carefree of thinking, you never fail to produce the sunny, warm smile. keep it up. ur the sweetest!

Blackathy said...

Aritey. Here I am. lala bugged me for the longest time and since she's the second to do mine, here goes...

1. You're able to express urself. Boldly. And I am unable to do that.

2. You have this carefree attitude. I'm always stressed up. In fact, I think I'm going crazee.

3. You make people happy. Ok, at least u make my day.

Smile more!

Soh Hong Wei said...

-i like the way u dare to express yourself..

-your never say die attitude..

-Your smiling..

-being loyal to your friends..


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