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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yesterday i woke up ard 4pm plus.. Sleep until like PIG like that.. I woke up cause my sis called & disturb my sleep else i would still be sleeping.. *gasp!* Hahaha.. Was her turn to get trapped at home.. Ask me go release her.. Wahahaha.. SO lame.. My family is so totally lame.. What can i do? I can't help it that we are so lame.. But so what? It's more fun this way.. I woke up & got ready then i went back to release her & send her to IMM cause she need to go back office do something.. Her 2 boss is so stupid.. Can't do simple things like printing invoice still dare to open shop.. Feel like kicking their ass.. Everything also waiting for my sis to do for them but yet pay so little only.. Go & die la chee bye kias.. Only know how to go racing.. I hope both of you bang, crash, burn & die la.. Bully my sista.. Nvr die before izzit? Knn.. My mum gave birth to this sis is to let me bully de.. Not up to you people out there to bully de.. I've said get lost before so now i'm going to ask you to FUCK OFF! I say so before that she mayb stupid & naive at times but that doesn't mean you can take advantage of her.. Only i have the authority & privilege of doing so.. Ok.. Enough of that.. I hope you get my meaning though.. I went GIANT to buy something for Julianne's house warming.. Walk for quite awhile before i decide to get her an oven.. Heard that she likes to cook alot & if i'm not wrong, she doesn't have an oven at home.. Me & deardear waited for my sis to finish her things then we went to fetch Wilson & Khai go for dinner at Kim Seng Plaza.. Fatso kor also came along.. We went to have the prawn noodles there.. It was really nice.. People who like to eat prawn should try their prawn noodles.. Live prawns leh.. Their soup also superb.. Herbal soup wor.. *Slurp!* But guys better don't drink too much cause there's dang gui in the soup.. Nose bleed not my business arr.. After dinner, fatso kor say his friend(a bunch of losers) go fishing then ask if we want to go see see look look.. I say ok lor since nothing much to do also.. Went to a super wulu place at Punggol there.. Knn.. Go there more like lia gao than fishing lor.. Chee bye.. Waste my time.. Suddenly felt like going prawn fishing.. Haven't gone for like ages.. I miss the feeling of the prawn hooking up on my rod.. We decided to leave that something like haunted place, go back home change then go prawn fishing.. But, who knows when we got home already too tired, so we ended up playing mahjong.. Play until today morning than go home sleep.. Look into the mirror & saw panda eyes.. Well.. Obviously, i woke up late for Julianne's house warming but she's holding 2 sessions of house warming so i still have time for the 1st one as people from that stupid company is going for the 2nd one & i'm SO not interested in seeing some of them.. After house warming, i went to DBS Auditorium as Bobby had invited me there to listen to a talk by 1 of their successful member in Amway from China.. It was a rather refreshing talk.. Changed some of my concept abt the company.. It's not really that difficult to be part of it.. I decided to join since deardear also so supportive of me joining.. Who will say no to extra money right? Anyone interested in joining do let me know.. Trust me.. It'll be interesting to learn more abt money making & it's pretty fun.. It'll be really worth it.. I don't lie.. Yeah.. I don't.. Anyway, we had dinner at Rocky's Pizza.. That place sucks.. ONLY the pizza is nice.. Yes.. ONLY the PIZZA! Damn.. The rest of the food sucks.. Nvr ever order their pasta & soup.. Their 7-up taste so much like tap water.. Even tap water taste nicer.. Obviously this idiots here are trying to cheat our money by adding water to the soft drinks.. Shit man! I feel so dumb.. I'm so much nvr going back there again.. Went for a ride after dinner & went home after that & here i am writing my blog.. Just finish reading my friend Mamoyo's blog while writing my own.. She's closing down her blog.. Damnit! Those fucking son-of-a-bitch anonymous.. Just can't keep their tongues to themselves.. Why do they have to be such a fucking bastard/bitch & keep on ranting & insulting other people? Just what is their problem? Is this what you get when you become too popular?

Friday, October 27, 2006

Phew! Finally waited till the day my hubby is coming back.. In another few more hours i can see him le.. I hope time can go pass faster.. Nothing much happen today.. Slept till ard 3pm plus in the afternoon then woke up & watch tv.. Play abit game & surf abit net.. Had a mahjong session with my sis & khai.. Won 10 bucks.. That's abt it.. Now just waiting for time to pass so i can go airport fetch deardear.. Sianz.. What should i do now? Blogging also cannot blog so long ma.. People will fall asleep reading my blog.. Haha.. Ok.. I shall go prepare myself nicely.. Dress up pretty pretty so my hubby will be happy when he sees me.. Yep.. That's what i'll do.. Bye guys..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boring.. Boring.. Boring.. Nothing to do.. No work no fun.. Sianz.. Enjoying life but still bored.. 2 more days or was it 1 i can't remember.. Deardear is finally coming back.. On a saturday morning.. When i say morning is like 3-4am in the morning.. Still have to go fetch him.. Wtf? Well.. He's coming back.. That's what im concerned abt.. 1 more day & i can get to see him.. 1 more day & he'll be back in my embrace.. Woohoo! Hurray! Wan Sui! Must sayang sayang him when he get's back.. He's been working very hard out there.. Hmmm.. What else? IM BORED!!! Arghhh!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wahhhh.. Stupid people.. Lock me at home today.. Was trapped the whole day at my mum's home today.. I do not have keys & everyone was out working.. My mother-in-law called & ask why i did not go home.. I told her what happen & she laughed at me.. Kao.. Waited for my brother to come back & release me.. After that, my sis ask me to go her workplace wait for her & she really made me wait like a idiot there for her.. 1 hour plus do nothing except just walk ard the same area.. I don't know how many times i actually walk pass her office.. You chee bye.. Next time not so early get off work don't ask me come so early la.. Knn.. Make me look like a bloody fool.. Wait until i got hungry.. My mum came as well & she was also complaining abt how long we had to wait.. She say go buy things then leave me all alone there.. Sianz.. After she finish her work, we went to fetch khai & my brother & we are on our way home.. That pretty much ends my day.. Boring hor? None of your business la..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Suppose to meet Bobby today but he last min cannot meet me cause his friend not free so in the afternoon i went out with fatso kor.. Haha.. That's a good 1.. Fatso kor.. Ok la.. He insist that he slim down le so i shall close 1 eye & agree.. Now i know what it feels like to go against your own conscience.. Wahaha..

So nice hor? Fatso Kor, give me leh..

Heh heh.. You wait long long..

Humph! Don't friend you le.. You stupid fat ass!
Initially, we wanted to watch movie de but didn't want to go town so we end up at Great World City.. It's been ages since i've been there.. Not much nice movies & was feeling hungry so ended at the Fish & Co. opposite Plaza Singapura.. So lame.. We ordered a Seafood Platter for 2 & share.. It comes in a really big portion & it taste pretty nice too.. Just that i don't take mussels & calamaris.. Hope i got the spelling right.. So fatso kor had to force those calamaris down his throat.. Haha.. He like eat until he want vomit le.. He say he's nvr coming here to eat with me again.. So mean.. After that, i went to meet my sis & khai.. Together, we went to City Link as i wanted to get a new pair of heels since my old 1 was kind of like dropping colours.. It's as though it's telling me that it's dying soon.. I've over used it's lifespan le.. We walked through the whole of City Link but couldn't find a pair i like.. We wanted to end our day at Bukit Timah Market for dinner but my mother suddenly call & say my brother hurt himself at his friend's house so gotta go fetch him then we thought might as well take a ride to Yishun Dam after sending my brother back.. Almost lost our way as we went further in & couldn't get out.. It's was kind of scary & creepy.. Im nvr going back there again.. Damn it!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Aha! I knew it.. The bloody transfer was just a bloody scam.. I knew i had it coming along.. Just wanted to act blur & see if things changes for the better but i should have known better that those bloody bastards would not be so kind.. Can't wait to get rid of me.. Gave me all sort of excuses but of cause, i did not give them an easy time too.. Since i wasn't wanted there, i can say whatever i like.. Therefore, i did not bother to give face & fuck the CO till im happy.. Haha.. CO leh.. Fuck the CO.. He's just a bloody motherfucker bastard.. Not a man of his word.. No wonder he failed in opening his own company.. Management fuck up.. I wasn't too upset over it as i had long wanted to leave the company.. I just worry abt my financial problem but i think it shouldn't be a problem.. I can find a job real soon as i can start immediately.. They still had to pay me extra 1 week's pay for last min decision so yeah.. Im not on the losing side.. It's just their lost for losing me.. Anyway, i went with my mum to Borneo Motors today.. Correction! It's my mum who went to Borneo Motors WITH me to report the accident.. The guy who served me was soooo handsome & sooooo humorous.. I saw that he wasn't wearing a wedding ring.. Don't ask why i notice it but i just notice it ok? But too bad, im married.. Wahahaha.. I am so dead! Sssshhh.. Not a single word is to be said.. I told him that the taxi driver offered me $30 to settle the damage.. He said that was a good one.. I think he meant that sarcastically.. There was alot of things to go through & so many paperworks to do.. In the end, he calculated the total damage to be abt 3-4k plus.. Whoa! Huge sum even though claim from insurance.. I kind of pity the taxi driver but i can't.. This is the situation where none of us must be emotional.. If i were to pity him then who's gonna pity me & pay the damages? Sighz.. Just his luck..

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Slept till very late today.. Still recovering from a terrible shock.. Last night was a totally unforgettable experience for me.. 1st, my friends (do not want to mention names here) play me out at the very last minute after i reach Orchard.. I thought they were my best sisters.. Very sad.. Anyway, my initial intention was to only meet my Vincent Kor so nothing to be angry about.. At least he did not play me out but he made me wait an hour for him.. Saw alot of funny people out there while waiting in Orchard.. Not really in the mood to describe this people now.. I had dinner with Kor at Chicago Steakhouse located in Cineleisure.. The steak was really nice with their wild mushroom sauce.. Totally cool.. After that, we decided to go see see look look Vivo City so we took off & drove there but happen next was unexpected.. I've seen so many car accidents happen & the fact that i'm also a driver, i take precautions not to go knocking into someone else's backside.. I don't like kissing ass.. Least did i expect that someone will come knocking into me.. But then again, back to what happen, a taxi came from behind & *BANG!* onto my precious rear bumper.. I was shocked then i was like damn! Wtf happened? I got down the car to see that my rear bumper was a total wrecked.. What pissed me off was that the taxi driver actually just offer to pay a mere $30 for the whole damage he made.. I almost went ranting at him.. I so much wanted to shout at him.. "Hello Uncle! You think i'm a damn fucking 3 yr old kid izzit? 30 bucks for all this shit? You think i'm a fucking beggar who can't afford to take out 30 bucks for a meal izzit? Chao chee bye! Just changing the bumper itself will cost a fucking $1000.. Kanina.. Who you trying to cheat here?" He was pretty lucky that kor was trying to hold me back by intercepting in our conversation & the fact that i have not recovered from the shock.. In the end, instead of screwing him upside down, i just manage enough strength to get his car plate number, name & phone number.. Bloody stupid comfort taxi idiotic, cheater, bald headed uncle.. I'm going to sue you & claim your bloody insurance.. I was pretty surprised that my mum did not scream & shout at me for what happen.. Hmmm.. After all, it wasn't my fault.. She went knocking & banging into other people's car without getting fucked so why should i, the victim get fucked for? Not as if i wanted it to happen.. Anyway, she should be feeling happy as she's going to get a new bumper.. She should really thank me for it.. A shocking experience that i'll nvr forget.. Consider myself lucky that no one was hurt in the process..

Friday, October 20, 2006

I am sooooo sick.. Why nobody come & visit me de? So sad.. Yesterday has been a rather eventful day for me.. So many things happen at one time till my head going to explode le.. Im having a serious headache mind you.. Airway inflammation.. Have to take sleeping pills then can sleep peacefully.. The doctor talk until like i having SARS like that.. Ask me if anyone ard me also sick.. Knn.. If i got SARS, i make sure he die with me arr.. Stupid haze clouding my brain causing me to have headache.. Cannot think properly le & the medicine is so damn powerful.. Make me so drowsy.. MC for 2 days.. Woohoo.. Boring like fuck.. Alright.. Yesterday was pretty busy helping people solve problems though im feeling very weak.. My sis was cheated of her lunch money by some unethical & unprofessional salesman.. CCB.. $5 also wan cheat.. Wtf sia? People don't want then don't want la.. Tell him only left $5 for lunch still want force.. Poke her stomach say so fat le still want eat.. 1 day don't eat won't die de la.. KNNBCCB.. I want to fucking sue him for molesting my sister lor.. What 1 day don't eat won't die? If gastric problem how? How abt he give me all his money & don't eat la? Stupid ass brain bastard.. She's gullible doesn't mean you can fucking take advantage of her ok? CCB! Don't let me see you.. I went down there to fucking get a refund back & at the same time screw that bloody son-of-a-bitch upside down but he left already.. Nevertheless, i still made a big hoo haa there in front of all their customers.. If i wasn't sick, i could have shouted even louder & make them no business.. Tell me what.. Joking nia.. Very funny meh? Go tell the police la.. See they find it funny anot la.. Fucking CB.. Their bloody china manager stare at me so unhappy like want to kill me like that.. I stare back at him la.. Why? Want whack me izzit? I make sure i complain until you go out of business & lose your fucking job then you can go back to your country & learn how start gardening your own fucking farm.. Lao niang already sick still want to piss me off.. I ask everybody to boycott your store arr.. Cheating bastards.. Then my dear ex friend aka my brother also facing a rather stupid prob.. Gals again.. I hate to say this but "I told you so.." Why do people always refuse to listen to me? Insist on getting their backside poke then happy? Backside itchy la.. Now the slut turn her back on you already la.. Secretly have boyfriend behind your back la.. Happy la.. Serve you right.. You damn lucky you still got friends like us.. No doubt i always scold you or say bad things abt you but we still care.. You got problems, we're always there for you but hor.. You don't know how to treasure us de.. I doubt you even know what is good for you & what is not.. Sighz.. No eyes see.. Don't want say you le.. Gek sim arr.. Can't do anything except just accompany you & talk & mayb give you some evil ideas la.. Hahaha.. Ok.. That ends my day for yesterday.. As for today, was a very peaceful friday & i certainly hope it remains like this.. Btw, nvr ever mix cough syrup with ice milo.. It's a bad baaad idea.. The taste sucks..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I feel so sick & tired.. Been sick since monday.. I hate that bloody haze.. Causing me so much discomfort.. In fact, i think every Singaporean are irritated by that stupid haze.. The haze is causing discomfort to my eyes, my skin, my nose & practically my whole body.. It's causing me to have a very bad baaaaad headache.. Why can't those irritating creatures residing in my head just leave me alone? *bangs head on the wall* That hurts but it woke me up a little.. I was abt to snooze off.. So sleepy.. Talking abt sleep.. I fell asleep on the bus while i was on my way home but the bloody bus driver hit on the brake pad a little wee too hard.. I was woken up from shock & i almost sway out of my seat.. KNNBCCB.. That stupid bus driver made me look like a bloody idiot.. I was super duper paiseh lor.. Damn sia suay.. CCB.. Lucky i was abt to reach my destination le.. Was too tired to bother if there are any yandao guys looking at me & my disgraceful manner of sleeping.. Not as if i really care but well.. You know.. Today, i went for lunch at IMM with Bobby & my sis.. Her office just moved to IMM but still not ready yet.. Don't know why her boss ask her go there.. Think ask her be maid go clean up the office.. Anyway, i just went to accompany her for lunch & we went to HOSHI.. A japanese restaurant.. Yummy! The set lunch there is really cheap.. I had a chicken katsudon.. It came with a small serving of salad, miso soup, 3 slices of watermelon, coffee/tea & of cause the rice with the chicken la.. Don't be an arse.. All this for only $12++.. Cheap hor? Plus it taste quite good la so definitely value for money la.. Im going to ask them pay me for helping to advertise le.. Anyway, after lunch my sis told me that her boss ask her go shopping cause office not yet done ma.. Oh My Gawd! Where to find boss like this? I also want leh.. Wah kao.. Tiew! @#$%^^&$! She still want complain nothing to do.. Muahahaha.. My ex supervisor came over to my seat today & pretend to be concern..

Ex Supervisor: Oh! So you are hiding here arr?
Me: Ya.. So?
Ex Supervisor: What you do here? Fun anot?
Me: *smiles as though it was funny*
Ex Supervisor: * walks away*

Kanina.. CCB.. What hiding? Im no criminal OKAY? You think lim bu there for fun de ar? Do i look like im having fun? Just want to see if im still alive there.. All the more i should work hard & prove them wrong.. Hmmm.. What if i didn't have to work at all? *shakes head vigorously & slaps myself twice..* STOP daydreaming my dear gal.. Sheila, you gotta get this idea out of your head.. There's no way you can stop working.. You got a family to take care of.. You are just unlucky to work in a company where people there don't understand you at all.. Well.. well.. well.. Look at my goodie 2 shoes twin speak.. Just listen to that! So true.. Im just plain unlucky.. Just 1 amendment.. Not don't understand.. Is don't even bother to try understand.. If they truly understand me, they wouldn't treat me like this.. What have i done wrong to make them dislike me so much? I don't even know a single fuck cause nobody bother to tell me a single shit abt anything.. Whatever.. I can't be bothered.. 1 thing though is i hate bosses who can't talk properly.. Not happy just speak up or scold la.. Want scream at me also can but inside the office la.. Why must talk sarcastic? Very funny meh? I don't think so lor.. Not feeling ticklish at all.. So what you are boss? If im a guy, the only "balls" you are gonna be is those 2 between my legs godamnit! I wanna go orh orh kun already.. Lack of beauty sleep.. Right now i just wanna lie on my comfortable bed & hug my "chou chou" to sleep.. WAIT! HOLD ON! I know what you gonna say.. Wah lau! So old le still got "chou chou".. Sssshhhh.. Better keep your mouth shut.. Don't comment.. Whoever insult my "chou chou" or me, i'll KILL you.. In my dreams.. Bhawahahaha.. Im serious! Ok.. I know this is gonna sound so kiddish but im still gonna say it.. Nitey nitez.. My sister worse.. What back to my lala land.. Wth? Lala is me & so since when do i have a land? Even if it exists, it belongs to me.. Kekeke.. I can see someone raising her fist at me.. Ok.. Gotta go! *makes a mad rush to the bedroom*

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To people out there who thought i was pretty mean in my previous entry.. I wasn't talking abt you so keep your mouth shut & mind your own business.. Obviously, you don't know me well enough.. I wanna say thanks to friends who are understanding & supported me.. You guys are my true friends who truly know what kind of person i am.. Dear ex friend, i forgive you for the time being.. Try not to do anything stupid to piss me off again alright? Do not judge on me too quickly because you don't know what kind of person i am.. Yes.. I can be very mean & sarcastic when i want to but so what? Im like this.. This is my blog.. I have every right to write what i want.. A friend of mine was right.. A blog is a place for me to vent my anger & let off some steam that was accumulated from my mudane working life instead of venting my anger on another person.. A place for me to put in my inner thoughts.. Why should i bother what others say? If im bad & mean then you are far worse than me.. There are people who are even worse than me but i don't see them caring abt what others say so why should i? This is my freedom.. If you don't like what you read here for goodness sake pls fuck off.. Don't come & disrupt my pathetic life.. You were being warned before you even start reading my blog.. In case you are blind, let me kindly remind you again.. Love me for who i am.. Scram off from my blog if you hate me.. Im not going to beg you to stay & read.. This blog is purely for the pleasure of my friends who enjoy my sick sense of humour, not a place for you to throw your malicious comments at.. Bah! Don't come & tell me what i should or should not do.. Fuck you! I ain't some kind of clown you know? I hate people who insult & discriminate me & my friends.. Friends like mamoyo.. Why don't you guys just fucking get a life? If you want to get to know me better, i'll open my arms & welcome you but if that's not the case then SCRAM! Btw, i don't think i owe you people any explanations either.. Waste of my precious time.. Dear friends out there who has been waiting for this moment to come, good news to you.. Sheila The Great Devil is back.. More evil than before.. Though i must say that i have not lied in every single entries i've posted previously but im sick & tired of being a goodie goodie.. The evil me is back.. Back for good though i'll still try to be nice once awhile.. I promise.. Im a kind hearted person in nature leh.. *Phui! Phui! Phui!* Aha! I know what some of you are doing behind my back ok? Anyway, this morning while i was waiting for the "everyday also full" bus i take to work come i saw this cyclist coming along my way.. He kind of try to act cool in front by doing some stunts in front of me thinking he might have impressed me.. Inside my mind i was praying so hard that he falls & make a fool of himself.. Wahahaha... I shot him a i wasn't so impressed look & he went away.. Just his luck to meet me when im feeling grouchy.. After i got on the bus i was lucky to get a seat & in came another woman with (im guessing) her daughter & OH MY GOD! She put pink colour eye shadow on her daughter.. That's so funny cause i think that cute young thing is only abt 4 yrs old.. What a joke.. I wonder how many people are actually staring at them but there was 1 particular auntie sitting just right opposite of us gave a "this is so ridiculous.. what kind of mother is she" look.. I felt like slapping her not because she stared at the cute little gal & her mother but because she have this very qian bian look.. I was really tempted to do so but on second thoughts, i might dirty my hand.. Forget it.. Work is boring as usual.. I feel like im being locked up in prison except that i get to walk ard & go for smoke breaks.. ALRIGHT!!! Stop asking me to quit smoking.. Please... After work, i went to take a bus to go meet my sis, khai & jackson.. Again, while i was waiting for the bus to come.. A mother of 2 & probably the grandmother of the 2 kids came to the bus stop & sat in front of me.. I was so tired that i was just sitting there staring into space.. Just so happen that indirectly, it looks as though im staring at the 2 kids.. Suddenly, i was knocked out of my day dreaming.. I realised that their black faced grandmother just shot me a very dirty look.. I took seconds to figure out why she did that.. PUH...LEASE la auntie.. You think your 2 grand daughters very cute meh? Kanasai arr.. As though i may just abduct them anytime.. I wouldn't want it even if you gave them to me for free.. My kids will be far more better than your 2 noisy like hell grand daughters so stop staring at my beautiful face.. It's always nice to meet Jackson.. He nvr fails to make me laugh.. We waited for my sis (who is always good in making people wait for her) to come.. Then we waited again for Khai to come then we proceed to have dinner.. After that, we went to see my sis's new office then we went back.. So here i am after a refreshing hot bath, waiting for my hair to dry.. *Yawn* ZzZ... ZzZ... ZzZ...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Im Fustrated!!!

An ex friend told me to check out a blog namely xiaxue.. She was suppose to be 1 of the 1st few to start blogging & she got famous through that.. Why did i even listen to that friend & visit her blog? I remember.. He's single, a virgin & just purely desperate so obviously xiaxue aka wendy would look tempting to him.. I spent my 1 hour lunch break to look at her blog(be honoured alright?).. I once told him i wanted to improve on my english & so writing fuck words in my blog would make my english sound better? Whatever.. Well.. Though i admit she was a pretty good writer but she's way too princessy & snobbish for my liking.. We wouldn't be friends either cause im a low profile person & i enjoy being low profile.. This way, i can do whatever i like & i don't have to care abt my image wherever i go.. Im just plain too lazy.. Yes.. I admit im pretty jealous of her achievement at such a young age just through blogging but likewise i have a friend mamoyo whose also good in blogging.. Though she's not as famous as that xiaxue but she has a good amount of supporters too & i like the way she writes.. Anyway, im not really interested in becoming so famous as in the whole world knows who you are.. I don't think i can handle the kind of fame.. Criticisms i still can take it just because i too like to criticise people either i don't like the way they talk or they simply step on my devil's tail but not fame.. I like to live in peace though trouble keeps finding their way to me.. Being famous in blogging means you have to be really good in writing & of cause with a spice of bitchiness & a good body i guess which of all the above i do not possess.. Lots of people tell me i have good figure which i honestly doubt so.. They have not seen the amounts of fats i have & im still continously gaining.. Well.. If you really want me to say then mayb i can be considered being shameless.. Considering that im a thick skin person, nothing is too shameful for me i guess.. Of cause im not gonna discuss abt my sex life here.. It's purely for my own enjoyment which im not gonna share but if there's any questions, im willing to share some experience.. Just don't ask me to show you or even do it with you like some assholes actually have got the cheek to ask me.. I can be bitchy if i want but im only bitchy in front of my husband.. I just like to bitch ard here & there.. It makes life a lot more interesting i guess.. Ok.. The point here is.. Im actually just bullshitting ard.. The main purpose of my entry today is fuck someone upside down.. To let out all the anger & stress & fustration im having.. This time, im really pissed off.. Nothing can wash away my anger.. Im sick & tired of being a goodie goodie.. The devil in me is fighting to get out.. This is for you my dear ex friend.. You have the cheek to ask me what is wrong with you, i'll let you know in a cruel way.. I've been way too nice to you.. After today, you'll be history.. 1st of all, i would like to ask all my dear friends out there.. Which kind of fucker friend would put aeroplane & throw his temper on you for a gal he barely knew for a few months whereas your friendship with him is for more than a year? Unbelieveable.. If the gal doesn't like you then just forget it.. Stop making yourself look so fucking desperate.. When i say you are fat means you are.. Stop finding all sorts of excuses for yourself la.. Lazy is lazy.. Don't tell me you are not a sports person & don't fucking tell me you have slimmed down cause if that's the case i can see for my own eyes.. Obviously, you are just cheating on yourself & everybody ard you by sucking in the stomach.. It's not gonna work.. The moment a lazy person gets fat, there is no way for them to slim down.. Go look at yourself in the mirror la.. You have no looks, no figure, no charisma & worse of all, you have fucking attitude problem.. You are truly thick skin enough to go after gals like her.. It's bad enough that she has the same name as me.. At least im not a bitchy slut like her.. You 2 are the perfect match in a non-existing world.. Why don't you just kill yourself for being such a loser? You think im rather mean don't you.. This is what you get for treating your friends like shit.. Friends who truly care abt your welfare.. Who was there for you when you were down? Who gave you all the advise you need? Because of 1 slut, you turn your backs on us.. You only see other people's fault but nvr your own.. You can ask people to forget abt your faults because what's in the past is past.. It's just like asking me to let bygones be begones.. But have you yourself ever done that? Before you tell people what to do, go think if you are in the position to tell us off.. Stop bearing grudges.. You're just making your life fucking miserable then you'll go ard making other people's life just as miserable as yours.. We're not going to be affected by you.. It's perfectly fine for us because we don't need friends like you.. So stop telling us abt your non-stop, nvr-ending complains if you are not interested in listening to us at all.. We don't sweet talk.. We speak our minds.. We tell you what's truly good for you.. If you want sweet talkers who'll lick your arse, go look for your other worthy of the job friends.. Spare us all the nonsensical talks.. Stop all your stupid boasting on how good you are when you are just nothing.. If you're that good, you wouldn't have to complain.. You did not even bother to put in minimal effort to make things right so why should we care? We are more than willing to accept who you are.. Your true self.. But time & again, you betrayed our trust in you.. *pauses for a moment*...... *starts screaming hysterically*.... Whew! Finally let out all my fustration.. Continue to be so stubborn & you'll slowly lose your friends.. Friends who continue staying with you just cannot be bothered with all your nonsense .. STOP bothering me & GET OUT of my life.. I do not need you to come interfere & make my life miserable as though it's not bad enough.. 1 piece of advise though.. GET A LIFE SUCKER!!! Alright! You can go cry to your mama & tell her what a bitch i am for bullying you.. Im a spoilt brat.. So what? Im unreasonable.. So what? Im mean.. SO WHAT? All this has got nothing to do with you anymore.. It n.o NO! None of your fucking business.. Hate me for all you want because i hate you too! Get your gal & fuck off.. Nvr ever turn up in my sight ever again.. I'll get serious sore eyes.. I may even go blind.. You are the 1st person to make me bear hatred.. Congratz!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Today is the 4th day he's gone.. Slept till 5pm plus today.. Work up with a headache & fever.. Was it last night's Bailey's Coffee? Nah.. I doubt so.. I'm not exactly a lousy drinker though i have not been drinking for some time.. Deardear msg me today telling how stress he is as he have got not enough men for his exercise tomorrow.. Poor thing.. How i wish im there with him now.. I feel so helpless.. I can do nothing for him & my problems are not settled yet.. Went to meet Wilson to pass him something then i went my mum's home to play mahjong with my sis & her boyfriend.. Still feeling sick & tomorrow still got to go to work.. My brother came over my place to play game & disturb my sleep.. Wahaha.. Wondering if i can still sleep after sleeping for so long today.. Have to try i guess else tomorrow i'll be on mc & i just simply can't do that.. Gotta show them i'm not useless.. Don't think that i'm a weakling..

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Today is the 3rd day deardear has left me.. Im still counting down the days when he'll be back by my side.. I miss him so much.. Hooray! The guy came my house today to set up my internet for me.. Now i can surf net at home le.. The day i've been waiting for sooooo long.. Slack ard the whole day & have dinner at home then meet Gracie & Khai.. Send Gracie to MOS then me & Khai went to a more relax & soothing place near Telok Blangah to drink.. Guess we old le ba.. Haha.. Cannot stand noisy place anymore.. Reminds me of those days i work in Sparks.. It was fun.. Very sad that they close down.. All that stupid boss Dean Shahul's fault.. He & his money-minded pea brain.. He had to come seperate me & my colleagues.. Though im the only full time Singaporean there but we were like a family.. Always happy together chatting & talking nonsense.. Now all don't know go where le.. Sighz.. Though the 1st time i step into a disco is for interview & started working there, i was nvr a clubbing person.. Most of the time, friends have to drag me down either for birthday or some important thing worth celebrating or i'm nvr stepping out of my house for clubbing.. I prefer to drink at a more relax place.. So dear friends, now you know where i like to go drinking then you know what to do.. Don't ever try to trick me.. Muahahaha.. I'm drunk.. Got to go lie down & sleep before i become some crazy woman.. I'm always hyper active when i drink be it coffee or liquor.. Stay far far away from me.. A big kiss for everyone especially for my dearest hubby.. Hope you can feel it wherever you are.. MUACKS!! Love you guys..

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday The 13th

Today is friday the 13th.. It's a great day to watch horror flicks.. Superstitious friends stay at home.. It's suppose to be great day for me as 13 is my favourite number.. I do not believe in bullshits like do not let a black cat cross my path.. Ya right.. The cat might just get crushed under my feet.. Today is the 13th but how come i feel so down? Bee just message me telling me that she's not meeting me anymore because her friend got prob.. Damn her friend man & damn her friend's prob.. Feeling just so pissed off.. Why does everyone of my friend have to disappoint me? WHY!!! Yes.. Continue treating me like this & i may just disappear from your sight.. Or i may even just disappear from this earth.. Im nothing to anyone at all.. Maybe i should not even exist in this world at all.. So why am i here? Am i a devil descended from nowhere.. I just popped out like this.. *Poof!* Purpose of living is to be tortured by living human beings be it mentally or physically.. Not even the great devil Satan aka Lucifus wants me in his territory.. Im just like a wandering spirit waiting for people to take pity on me & mayb even adopt me.. I hate my life! I hate living in this horrendous world! I want to leave this place! ARGHHHH!!!

Some Thoughts..

Last night as i was reaching home, i saw 2 nuns.. Not from temple de but from church.. 1 of the nun look very young.. Think she's even younger than me.. I was thinking why is she so silly.. She's gonna lose so much fun being a typical teenager.. Today is the 2nd day deardear left my side.. I can still feel his presence by my side but i know it's not real.. I have to get out of this hallucination soon.. I have got to learn to survive without him by my side.. I can almost see the benefits of not having him by my side.. I get to spend some time with friends i have not contact for a long time.. But still, i miss him so much.. As i was going down for a puff, suddenly this thought strike my mind exactly like what my sis told me.. The transfer of department might just be a scam.. They wanted me to teach the temp girl all the procedures of my job & they're gonna kick me out.. Now, they're just keeping me in case the temp girl cannot make their expectations or after her contract with the company end she might not want to continue staying.. I certainly hope it's not that case.. But, who knows right? Looks like i can only stay till the end of the project & im out of this place.. Cool... How wonderful... Am i suppose to be happy? Anyway, i'll be going out with bee bee tonight.. That thought certainly lift up my spirits a teeny weeny bit.. I hope to get over this shitty phase of life as soon as possible..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Feel So Lonely..

Last night, i send deardear to the airport.. Before we went there, deardear brought to a Hong Kong Cafe at East Coast.. The things there were pretty nice.. Had a drink and a few bites then we proceed to the airport.. Deardear was kind of busy the moment he reach the airport.. Had to look after his men, making sure they ate their malaria pills.. Luckily, bee bee was with me.. Initially they had to board at 12.30am but the flight was delayed thus causing them to only enter ard 1.30am.. I left before that as i had to work today.. I was reluctant to let go of his hands.. I know im gonna miss him very much.. I almost cried just like the 1st time he went to thailand for training & leaving me all alone behind.. After me & bee bee got on the car & left the airport, she turn ard & suddenly tell me that this 2 weeks she'll try to accompany me more often.. She even arrange to meet me this friday & stay overnight at my place just so i won't feel too lonely.. Ohhhh... Isn't she sweet? So touching.. Just when i need someone by my side she's there.. That's what friends are for.. Bee bee, thanks for everything.. I love you.. Muacks..

How True..

Why would you commit suicide?
by chibiodango
Favorite color
Lucky number
Day of deathAugust 22, 2047
Commited Suicide because..?Too much stress.

I guess i must be too free to be doing all this.. But, it's really fun & it keeps me awake at work.. Hee.. :p

Incredible! Just Too Incredible..

It's amazing how 1 thing can lead to another.. 2 days ago, my friend was talking about clear & salt water then i told i just watch Jaws the night before.. From there, another friend said something about Dreamworks.. How they create the special effect from all the movies.. Link to disneyland then to Japan (Tokyo).. See? Amazing right? It's incredible.. Likewise, a casual remark can also lead to a quarrel.. What the hell? Right.. I was talking about what happened yesterday that made my mood so foul.. Once again, it's my mum for friends out there who guessed correctly if you know my history.. No prizes though.. It doesn't matter if she didn't believe what i said even though i must say i speaked the truth.. She didn't have to scream & shout at me.. Say that im a liar, cooking up stories.. Why the hell would i do that for? It doesn't benefit me at all honestly speaking.. I feel so damn sad & angry.. Why is my mother treating me like this? Am i not her daughter? Im most probably picked up by her at a rubbish bin or she adopted me from an orphanage.. Im an orphan.. A lonely orphan.. I only wanted my mum to be more understanding me.. She just can't do it.. It's like we have been born enemies since our existence.. We are meant to fight each other till the day 1 of us die.. God let me know if that is really the case.. From now onwards, im gonna just ignore her & not care a single fuck about her anymore.. Easier said than done.. :(

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bad Mood!

Im not in a good mood to write anything today.. It's going to be 1 nasty day for me.. I already had a nasty morning & i believe the rest of the day will be pretty much the same except deardear's leaving me tonight to go thailand with his camp mates for training.. I'll be all alone.. So alone.. Suddenly, i feel so lonely.. (Lonely... Im Mr Lonely... I have nobody for my own...) When i've cool down & feel more calm then mayb i'll post an entry on what happen to me today..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This morning i had a quarrel with my hubby.. Over what? His mother.. Sighz.. I just don't like the way his mother talk.. Yeah.. I may have sound mean but i just stand it.. Why everything also must know? Everything also want to control.. Im dead de izzit? He need a wife for what? For goodness sake, her son is an adult not 3 yr old small kid anymore.. She so good then take care of all his account name & password la.. Don't know then learn la.. Talk talk talk so much.. Everything also money money money.. Sick & tired of all this bullshit.. Hearing got problem then wear the ear piece that allows her to hear better la.. Always talk so loud.. Shout shout shout.. She's deaf not me.. Not deaf also let her shout until deaf.. Why everyday also must quarrel? Why can't i have a peaceful time? Just had a quarrel with my mum.. Why she everyday also so nonsense? It's always about money, money & money.. Im going crazy soon.. I need to start drinking again.. Drown my sorrows.. Who want to join me?

Monday, October 9, 2006

I've Been Forgotten..

Eversince i got transfered to another department, they stopped asking me to go for lunch.. Why is that so? I've been wondering to myself over & over again.. Last friday, they said that i was busy didn't ask me but why didn't they even bother to ask if i need anybody to help me buy back? I chose not to ask the obvious.. I do not want unneccessary trouble.. I took it that they didn't mean it.. But today, the same thing happened again.. Once again, they went off without me.. I don't know what to say.. Anger & disappointment begin to swell up in my head.. I felt like crying.. It is so sad the way they treat me.. I went down by myself to the foodcourt & there i saw them laughing & happily chatting.. I bought my things & went off.. I felt angry.. Angry with myself for not knowing what is going on.. Angry with myself for not daring to ask them why.. I just want my relationship with colleagues to be nice & good.. What is wrong with that.. Changing of department doesn't mean i become an instant stranger.. Did they do it on purpose or they just conveniently forgot all about me? I just want to have friends yet it's just so difficult.. I hate myself.. I hate my life.. Life is a BITCH!

Im 47% Feminine, 53% Masculine?

You Are 47% Feminine, 53% Masculine

You are in touch with both your feminine and masculine sides.

You're sensitive at the right times, but you don't let your emotions overwhelm you.

You're not a eunuch, just the best of both genders.

I nvr knew there was a feminine side of me.. I feel so sick..

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Beautiful Day

Ahhhhh.. Finally today i get to see the road properly.. Not much haze.. Can breath as normal again.. Went down to Ritz to look for Elaine to talk to her about the photos.. We gave her the deposit & proceed down to Eric's side to re-select the photos.. Finally settled everything with a breath of relief.. Went home & watch dvd with deardear.. We watched S.W.A.T.. Cool show no matter how many times i've watched it.. After that, we watched Gremlins.. Ooohhh.. Aren't those creatures cute for people who still remember the show.. I wish i could get 1 for myself.. Simply adorable.. Sighz.. Monday blues.. Tata.. Btw, im sick & tired of changing colours plus friends complain they can't see my words so i shall remain with the default colour.. Why so many friends always have so many complains? Make my life so difficult.. Sighz..

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Take care!

Dear friends, the haze is getting worse.. Pls take care but i hope the PSI can hit 300 by next monday so can escape from work.. Hehe.. No la.. Just joking.. The haze is killing me.. Few times i almost had an asthma attack but i manage to curb it.. Might not be so lucky if this continues.. This morning had to wake up early to go deardear camp fetch him as he was on duty last night.. 1 stupid white colour Mazda keep tailgating me don't know for what sia.. Must be not happy i overtake him.. Don't want people overtake then don't drive so slow la.. Car big so what? Can show off & bully people arr? Stupid.. Though i drive a 1.5 Toyota Vios but im proud of it.. Today my wardrobe, tv console, coffee table & dining table came.. Finally my home look more like a home.. Went to Singtel to apply for internet.. Very soon i'll have internet in my own home & don't have to keep going back to my parent's house to use the internet.. So ma fan.. After that me & deardear went to M1 to renew his line & get a new phone.. Then we sold the phone to get extra cash.. No choice.. Very poor.. Anyway, the money we gave it to my mum for the air ticket but it's just for 1 person.. Better then nothing i guess.. Went home for dinner then go meet Wilson talk cock & we send him back to camp.. Came back from camp & here i am blogging.. Tomorrow need to go settle my wedding photos.. Sianz.. Go watch tv loh..

Friday, October 6, 2006

Im Blinded & I Can't Breath.. Life Is Just So Miserable..

Whoa! The moment the step out of office i thought im going blind.. Why everything look so blur? It's the stupid haze plus today is da lantern festival.. I wonder if the haze is from Indonesia or from all the burning of lanterns & sparklers by Singaporean parents & kids.. It must have been contributed by all this stupid Singaporeans.. They are so crazy to be playing all in the haze.. Think their lifespan too long le want cut short abit.. They don't wanna but also don't let their kids get involved too.. Anyway, i can feel my chest tightened up.. An asthma attack is on the way.. I tried my best to breath as slow as i can.. I wanted to take a cab back asap but somehow all the cabs seem to be avoiding me.. Why is there no one to fetch me when i need it the most? I tried walking to the main in hope of getting a cab faster but when i walked there, not a single car was in sight.. I gave up hope & walk away.. So guess what? The moment i walk away, 2 cab went past me.. Darn! I decide to walk back again & YES! No cars again.. What is wrong? I was adamant not to leave this time because i know once i walked away, i'll miss the chance of taking cab again.. After 15mins.. Waiting, waiting, waiting.. 30mins past.. Still waiting & waiting & waiting.. The haze is killing me.. Another 30mins went by & i finally got onto a cab.. I've waited for like more than an hour to get a cab.. All this while i could have taken bus & have reached home.. I swear im nvr gonna take cab again.. Err.. Unless neccessary..

I Feel So Dry..

This morning i had a quarrel with my mum over money matters again.. I have already cut down on the photo album expenses.. All i need was to give a 50% deposit.. So i just wanted to ask my mum take 1k out of my savings but she made a big hoo haa out of it.. Damn! What's wrong with me using my own savings? I could have asked for more because 1k really isn't enough but i can't imagine the consequences if i wanted to take out another 500 bucks.. I told my friend this problem and he actually offered to lend me the money without 2nd thoughts.. Oh man! This is just so great! And this kind samaritian is... he prefer to remain as anonymous in case people start borrowing money from him.. Haha.. Anyway, today at work i learn alot of new things for the project.. It wasn't as difficult as i thought & it was fun.. But, i had to spend time teaching the temp gal how to do the things i usually do.. Of cause nobody can learn everything in 1 or 2 hrs so basically i was running around the office the whole day & i had to print alot of things.. Im like a human sponge today.. Absorb things here & got squeezed there.. I meant my knowledge.. Don't be dirty.. So the whole day was just absorb & squeeze, absorb & squeeze.. I feel so dried up.. I need double the usual dosage of my coffee to stop me from getting dehydrated.. But i have to say the temp gal is really slow.. She took triple of my timing to do those things.. Guess she's just not used to it & she's just beginning to learn.. Can't blame.. I used to be like that when i just started out except i don't take that long.. Im a pretty fast learner.. Im kinda worried for her but likewise i've got a whole lot of things to finish at my own side.. 1 weeks worth of work waiting for me to do cause the program was only set up today.. Can't help her much.. I can only pass on to her what i've learnt throughout the past 7 months.. The rest is up to her le.. I wish her luck!

Thursday, October 5, 2006


When the time for me to leave office is coming, i was called into the office by Allan.. I thought this time im gonna get sacked le.. But i think back about it.. I've done nothing wrong so there's no reason for me to get sacked.. I felt nervous but after what he told me, there was a big smile on my face.. He's going to transfer me to another department.. It seems that there is an on going project called Touch & he need a perm staff there and im to transfer over tomorrow.. So fast.. He hope i can master whatever i can as fast as possible & if possible, help him lead the admin team for that project.. Cool.. Sound nice right? Whatever it is, i don't really care.. To me, it's just a break from the usual daily routine.. I talked to him about my confirmation thing & he said there was a mis-communication & it seems that my supervisor was the 1 refusing to confirm me.. She told me it was Allan.. Wtf? They are just being so unfair to me.. But he promise me this time after i transfer to the new department & do my job well he'll give me an answer on my confirmation end of this month.. I really hope so as i've been waiting so long for an answer be it a yes or no.. They are going to transfer a temp staff from that department to take over my things therefore im suppose to hand over my things & teach her everything.. Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day..

I Need Money.. Im Stressed.. I Wan To Cry!!!

Yesterday i went to the photo studio with deardear, my sis, quan kai & my mother.. We went to choose our wedding photos.. Out of 200 over photos, we chose 90 plus photos that look really nice.. I was very happy that the photos turn out so nice.. Totally out of my expectation.. Minus out the free 24 pieces of photo, i still have 60 plus photos.. The price was even more out of my expectations.. I had to pay 5k for the extra photos i wanted.. The price is really sky high though i'll get back my soft copy free if we spend 5k & more whereas you have to pay $1200 if you just want the soft copy.. I don't know what to do man.. I expected it to be around 3k plus.. In fact, price is not the issue.. It's how am i gonna dig out the 5k now? I've been thinking & thinking & thinking, but i still cannot get a solution.. I went into a fitful sleep & was almost late for work today.. Im still thinking.. In fact, im getting stress over this issue.. Im not exactly good in dealing with stress.. Couldn't concentrate on my work.. What should i do? I couldn't bear to give up all the photos.. It's once in a lifetime thing.. I may nvr get a chance to do all this anymore.. I don't wanna have any regrets left behind in my life.. I don't mind suffering for the sake of my marriage.. Im willing to quit smoking if that's what i have to do.. But what's the point of saying all this now? Nobody can help me & nobody will help me.. 5k is really alot unless i strike 4D.. Mayb i should try my luck this saturday.. Unless i get over this issue or i may not even have the mood to blog anymore.. Don't tell me to just get the 24 pieces free bacause the album won't look nice at all with so little photos.. Arghhhh!!! KILL ME!!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I Want To Complain!

Transitlink aka Trans Island service sucks.. Every morning is the same.. The bus is always full.. Squeeze abit nvm but when the driver just drive off without you in the bus is another thing.. Too many people taking the same bus at the same time.. Like that i wake up so early for what? Suppose to take that timing's bus so i can reach office earlier but instead i only get to take the bus that allows me to reach the office just in time.. Sometimes im just lucky & sometimes due to unforseen circumstances im actually late for work.. It's not every company's manager will believe your story that it's the bus's fault.. It is just so freaking unfair.. Not only to me but to everyone who takes the same bus.. All bus drivers should have a feedback to their company.. Since they know that during a particular timing, there'll be more people taking the bus, they should use the longer bus instead of the normal 1.. Or they can also send out 2 buses at the same time or mayb a shorter interval timings between the bus just so everyone can get to their designated destinations on time.. Why increase the price of the bus fare when they cannot provide better services? This is so ridiculous.. Anyone who have anything to say on this kindly leave me a comment..


Hereby, i would like to give an explanation on the last 2 blogs because my ah gong sister don't know the difference between eating SLOW & eating ALOT!!! OMG! I almost faint when i read my tagboard.. Gracie, i now tell you.. Eating slow doesn't make you stop gaining weight ok? There's no such thing in this world or else slimming centre would have gone bankrupt & close down liao.. Eating slow just make you gain weight slower because you have more time to digest your food properly.. BUT, if you start gorging yourself with food everyday then no matter how slow you eat you'll still gain weight.. Must maintain regular meal.. Don't eat too much & don't eat too little.. MUST exercise la if want maintain figure.. Wah kao eh.. Really don't understand.. Why got people like this in this world arr? Where to find people so cock like her? Somemore my sista.. No eyes see.. Arghhhh.. I want go knock myself at the wall & jump into the sea.. *Splash!*

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I Need To Lose Weight!

I really need to lose weight.. Im gaining weight almost everyday.. Apparently, i've been eating too much.. Continue this way, i won't be able to fit into my wedding gown.. This 2 days has been very busy.. Like today i had a total of exactly 250 work orders.. Today's work orders has been the most i had in my time here in Astute.. Was so busy till i don't even have the time to go for lunch.. If i continue this way, i might be able to lose weight till my wedding day.. But then again, it's not a healthy way to lose weight like this.. Can anyone give me suggestion on how to lose weight fast apart from going to slimming centre la, taking pills la & jogging.. I've got breathing difficults therefore unable to do exercise that are too harsh for my heart to take..

Monday, October 2, 2006

The benefits of eating sloooow..

It was only after work that i realise once a month devil came today.. Torturing me again & again.. Nvm about that.. Deardear came to fetch me from work today and we went to West Mall to have dinner.. There, we saw a gal eating like a monkey.. Haha.. No.. Im serious.. The way she eat is so scary.. Like she's gonna eat you up anytime.. She eat as though she's rushing for time.. When her boyfriend came back with his own food, that lady has already finish half a bowl of her noodles.. Worst thing was, though she is older than us but she's a pretty little thing.. She looks pretty & sweet but the moment she starts eating.. Omg.. Don't dare to think about it.. Most guys would probably feel super turned off.. Her boyfriend must be damn good in turning a blind eye towards her eating style.. In comparison to me, i eat alot more slower than her.. I have received a number of complains from all my dear friends out there that i eat way too slow.. I say, im just enjoying the food.. There's no rush man.. Food is meant for you to enjoy slowly.. What's the point of eating if you just gurgle everything down your throat? You don't get to taste the food at all.. There are benefits for eating slow..
  1. You don't choke on your food.
  2. You get to taste & enjoy your food better.
  3. You gain weight slower
  4. You look more graceful in your eating appearance

I believe i have made my point.. Therefore, my dear friends pls stop shouting & screaming at me whenever i eat slower than you do.. Mayb you guys should follow in my footsteps of eating slow.. I think i can hear people saying bullshit! But it's true.. Alright.. I better stop here before people start throwing things like rotten eggs at me..

Stinky Is In The Air

The haze is terrible.. Plus it stinks.. The moment i step out of the office on my way to ta pau food back for my colleagues, i thought i walk into Zoological Gardens.. The haze was nothing.. It was the smell.. Couldn't breath.. I almost choke & suffocate to death if i didn't run as fast as i could into the indoor foodcourt.. Luckily, i did not have an asthma attack & drop dead on the spot.. Taking in the air is even more hazardous then smoking.. So dear parents, be glad that your child smokes.. At least we blow out whatever we take in rather then just sniff in all the smoke & die as a passive smoker.. Either way, we are gonna die so just take it easy man.. To all fellow non-smokers Singaporeans.. Since you guys are so good complaining.. Why don't you guys call up the neighbouring country & complain to them? Tell them to put their trees in a yellow box so the trees can light up, start burning & smoke without causing harm to YOUR PRECIOUS health? We smokers are filthy people to you guys anyway.. Doesn't matter what kind of smoke we take in.. Therefore, we die happy.. We don't worry about how smoke is gonna affect our health & therefore we are not being bothered too much about life & death.. No Worries, Be Happy!

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Went to deardear's CSM house warming at Yishun yesterday.. The decoration of the house is very simple but yet nice.. His CSM's niece very cute but also very itchy hand.. Heard she was born in the year of monkey.. No wonder.. Still, she's pretty adorable minus the hand la.. Had a mahjong session there with deardear, sam & a lady we don't really know.. Guess is the relative of his CSM.. Won about $5.. Borrowed a few games from his CSM & ta pau some food from Boon Lay Market & we went home.. After dinner we played some games then SCV was showing God Of Gamblers so we decided to watch the show.. Watch until fall asleep.. Just too tired i guess.. Woke up around 12pm today.. Wanted to go back office open some files as i'll be pretty busy next week but deardear's parents wants to go COURTS.. Deardear told his dad to wait awhile cause we wanted to wait for my mum come back so we can use the car so he told his dad to go eat 1st.. Who expected his father to get agitated for waiting awhile & decided to throw his temper & just walk away.. So end up i didn't manage to get to office or COURTS.. We just wash the car downstairs our house.. I ever saw his father get angry once.. Refuse to talk to deardear for few days de.. Just like a small kid.. Sighz.. But who am i to comment? Tried calling his mother & found out that they went to IKEA so we went there to fetch them & proceed back to have dinner.. After so many days, my toe still hurts.. The process is truly painful.. Now im just stress about my work.. Opening new files are such a pain in the ass as office so budget they don't provide new files.. You have to take out whatever documents you have in the older files, tie them up & leave it in the cabinets.. Then you have to name all the files.. Not just the outside but the inside too as there are so many different kinds of models with so many different kinds of work orders.. I also have to file fault calls.. What a pain in the ass.. I have to open at least 20 files for 1 month & nobody to help.. God Damn It! I feel like just burning all the documents into ash.. I always get extremely agitated during end of the month because of all the file thingys so pls take note & do not irritate me when end of the month is nearing..
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