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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

27th November 2006 21:55 hours was a tragic moment for Mr Fatso Tan Wen Wen & his worst nightmare.. His wife was in a total wreck.. Yes.. His wife, a Honda Civic got into a car accident.. It was a rainy night and the roads were slippery.. Luckily he managed to swerve her aside & only 1 side of her eyes was injured but badly injured.. Only a professional can help her now.. I think she need to do plastic surgery.. I almost thought she wouldn't survive..

Ok.. Enough story telling.. I know i made it sound very tragic but fatso's wife really met with an accident.. It's fate ba.. He did too many bad things le so now karma.. Ok la.. Just joking la.. I not so evil..

His car was his everything & at that moment i think his world came crashing down on him & his OC refuse to let him take leave the next day to settle his car & insist that he must go back to camp to do his SOC.. Pitiful? Yes.. Deserve my pity? NO! Serve him right.. He pretty well deserve it.. I know his OC is a fucking chee bye la but still, alot things is he ask for it de.. If he would just try his best to clear his SOC, none of this shit would have happened.. He always got the mentality that he won't be able to pass his SOC so no point going back & definitely not willing to put in the effort.. Say him also not happy.. Want shout at me somemore.. From now onwards, you settle your own things.. Don't come & complain to me.. I'm not interested in listening to rubbish.. Clog up my brain & kill my brain cells.. Uh ah.. No thanks..

I would prefer to act blur & live longer if you would just respect my decision.. Thank you very much..

Monday, November 27, 2006

Yesterday was a tiring day.. Went Sentosa with deardear, fatso kor, my sis & khai.. We wanted to get a tan but the weather was rather sucky.. Yes.. It rained halfway thru our card game.. Hid in a shelter & eat ice cream instead.. Anyway, before it started raining or before we even reached the beach, we took the sky ride from the insect kingdom down to the beach.. The scenery was absolutely beautiful.. I abit too lazy to write le so i shall let the photos do all the talking.. Haven't been posting much photos anyway.. Hee..

Sky Rides!

Khai, Gracie & Me!

Woohoo! I'm coming!

Say cheese!

On your mark.. Get Set.. Ready..


Hehe.. Here i am..

Quit staring at my breast!

So comfy..

Help! Hammock swallowing me..

Deardear & his stupid face..

The most blissful couple ard..

Apparently, fatso kor has defeat the purpose of sleeping in a hammock.. You are suppose to hang in mid air.. Obviously his buttock is already touching the ground.. He might as well just bury himself in the sand & sleep.. Save the trouble of tying up the hammock.. I would gladly offer to bury him with both my hands.. I don't want comment much in case people say i mean again but then, you've got to be really heavy to make your hammock sink all the way down to the ground.. Ah! I use the word heavy arr. I nvr say you FAT arr.. Anyway, you are not suppose to know i took this photo.. Am i in some kind of trouble? It's ok.. I don't care.. Hahaha..

Posing for the camera there on our way back..

Khai thinking: This 2 is siao 1..

Doesn't the sunset and small islands look beautiful? It feels to relaxed & soothing to look at all this scenery.. If only i could stay there forever.. =)

Friday, November 24, 2006

MAYDAY MAYDAY! No.. I ain't talking abt the band la.. It's really mayday.. Heavy storm coming up.. Pls take cover while you still can.. Get back to your house before you drown in the storm.. Everybody safe? Good.. Phew! End of year season.. Everday also raining.. Most of the bus stops actually flood with all the rain water.. Scary wor.. Yesterday's was 1 of the worse for this week.. The thunder & lightning totally freaked me out.. I wonder if the lightning actually hit the building cause there was a blackout in the office.. I was there all alone at the office lobby.. Not much light was shining thru the glass door as the the sky outside is very dark.. The only thing that was emiting light is the fish tank.. Suddenly those goldfishes look very eerie.. Alright! Stop here.. I'm freaking myself out by writing all this but it's true.. It really happened.. I'm not so free to tell some kind of story that doesn't exist at all.. Actually the goldfish look scary cause of the light shining on them so they are the only things that is visible to the eyes.. It seems as though their body are glowing.. Eeeyer.. Ok.. Stop! STOP! Itchy hand stop typing before i chop you off..

Er.. Let's talk abt something nice.. Hmmm.. Ok.. I got it.. My colleague sooooo sweet.. His name is Christopher.. In short, we just call him Chris.. He's always the 1 to send me & a bunch of other female colleagues go for lunch as the nearest hawker centre is not exactly within walking distance.. Tuas ma.. What you expect? Ok.. Anyway, he was also the guy who helped me catch mousey.. Why i say he sweet? Cause he knows that i'm all alone downstairs so since he got speakers in his office, he gave it to me (Woohoo!) so now i can listen to songs or radio from com instead of listening from MP3.. Don't need waste battery le.. So? Sweet hor? Then today morning the moment he stepped in, he ask abt my keyboard as he knows that is kind of hard to press as the buttons are too hard & more protruding than the normal keyboards so he immediately went up & brought another easier to use keyboard & change my usual 1.. Wow! What can i say? Too touched for words.. The people here are just so nice..

I had a weird dream last night.. It's seems to be trying to tell me something.. I'm not very sure though.. I almost woke up crying.. I'm recording it down just in case i forget abt it.. I dreamt abt a father & son.. In my dream, i seem to be very close to this 2 person & i know the son since young.. They live in a rented attap house if i'm not wrong.. Slowly as i start to grow up, i start seeing less of them until we don't see each other anymore but they ever promise me that as long as i wanted, they would stay there forever..

Many years later, me & my parents decided to visit.. We were unsure if they still lived there & i was unsure if they still remember the promise they made to me.. I let my parents go up 1st as i have mixed feelings.. I seem to have let them down by not visiting them for so many years since they treated me so well throughout my childhood days & i didn't know how sad & disappointed i'll feel if they no longer stay there.. Suddenly, i heard voices upstairs.. Suddenly i had the urge to just run up & i did.. The moment i saw them, i had a overwhelming feeling washed over & within me.. I ran over to hug them.. I couldn't control myself anymore & started crying.. They remembered & kept their promise to me even though i didn't visit them for so many years..

That's when the idiotic handphone alarm rang & woke me up from this dream i had.. It seems so vague & yet feels so real.. I really felt like crying when i sat on bed thinking back of the dream i had.. I wonder who are the 2 person & how am i related to them? Do they really exist?

I do not know how to describe this dream i had.. It seems to be such a beautiful dream but it seems so eerie to be dreaming abt 2 people whom you don't even know yet they feel so close to me.. To me, they are people who i can nvr reach unless i dream of them which i doubt i'll ever have this dream again so i can nvr find out who they are.. It's seems so near but yet feels so far.. This dream will always remain a mystery to me..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Yesterday's rain was really heavy.. Everywhere was flooded.. Lucky i got company bus send me to Boon Lay.. Arbo i really will die.. On the way to Boon Lay, we went past a lorry with foreigner workers or in short is Bangladeshy la.. I was shocked with what came next.. A guy on the bus was saying "Wah! Where got people cover head like that?" I turned my head & look.. As it was raining, 1 of the bangladesh decide to just lup a small plastic bag over his head.. Was damn fucking funny.. He look alot like a prisoner ready to be hanged.. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.. Was giggling in 1 corner like crazy.. People on the bus were discussing that he should have at least poke 2 holes in the plastic bag for his eyes.. HAHAHA! I met deardear at JP (Jurong Point) go walk walk then we went home..

I hate people who doesn't keep their promise.. You don't promise already & don't do it somemore still got the cheek ask "I got promise you meh?" when people ask for the promise to be fulfilled.. It's not funny.. Don't humiliate me & make me look like a fucking beggar.. Chee bye.. I don't beg ok? Knn! You know who you are you fucking bloody son-of-a-bitch stupid asshole.. @#&#*$*#$%#%#

Today, i woke up to go take bus for work.. Deardear was sweet enough to accompany me to the bus stop.. When the bus came, i realise i forgot to bring my wallet out.. Ahahaha.. Blur sotong.. End up deardear have to send me to work.. He was complaining on how i can actually forget my wallet but today he off ma.. It's fated that he have to send me to work.. Hahaha..

Today, i caught a don't know rat or mice as it was rather small size but has a ratty colour.. Actually not i catch la.. I got a guy to help me catch cause i'm always alone on the groundfloor except for at least 20 goldfishes swimming in a tank accompanying me throughout my day at work.. Ok.. Back to the cute creature.. I saw out of the corner of my eyes a shadow run across.. I thought it was a cockroach & it totally freaked me out but when i turn my head to search for it just in case it runs up my leg, i saw the mousey crouching in a corner.. I was thinking to myself where the hell did that mouse alike thing came from? It looked so small & cute but i didn't dare touch as i'm afraid it might run away or bite me when i catch it.. Just then, my colleague walked in.. I told him to catch it for me.. He did & he brought it up with him to the office.. It was until lunchtime when he told me that mousey was dead.. I was devastated.. Ok.. Abit too kua zhang.. Was just playing ard with words but still i was upset over the fact that mousey did not survive.. I wonder what happened to it before i found it.. Sighz.. Life is so vulnerable..

My tamagotchi died after giving birth to a son.. I miss her.. Her son look so ugly now.. Guess that's the initial stage.. I wonder what he will look like when he grow up?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Today is my 1st day at my new job.. Woke up very early in the morning cause fatso kor sending deardear to camp then can send me to work also so must leave same time with deardear.. After sending deardear to camp, me & fatso kor went to eat breakfast at mac as there's still 2 more hours before i need to reach my office.. We went to Taman Jurong mac.. Either their equipment or their food is dirty cause after i finish my breakfast & go for a smoke, i start vomiting.. Fuck man.. Early morning kena this kind of shit.. Wtf? Lucky not food poisoning.. Arbo i sure sue them.. Not bad wor.. Sue mac leh.. I think i'll be the 1st & only liao.. Haha.. Will get famous de.. Wah! Compensation sure alot.. I know i think too much la.. Don't need you people to come & tell me la.. Kao..

1st of all, i would like thank all my friends who has been giving me support when i'm not working.. I would like to thank Lix for helping me keep a lookout for job opportunities though sad to say, i did not succeed in applying for the job.. Give thanks to fatso kor for keeping me company & most of all, i would like to thank my hubby for supporting me be it moral or financial wise.. Thank you so much & I Love You.. Muacks.. You are the best husband in the whole world or not? Erm.. Ok.. Give you face.. You're the best for now.. Be good & don't piss me off ok?

Initially, i was abit nervous about my 1st day on the job.. I wonder how are the people there? I wonder if i can actually get used to working there blah blah blah.. It seems that all my worries have gone down the drain.. My job is pretty simple & i get paid $1.3k for just doing simple recep & data entry.. The boss is a sucker man.. Haha.. Nah.. Maybe that's just the beginning & more is to come in the future but at least i enjoy working there.. Beats working at my previous where i have to do so many things for just a measly pay & MOST of the people there are just so fucked up.. Fuck man.. Should have left long ago.. Fucking waste my time & 8 months of youth there.. Oh.. And the people here are really nice.. All came & shake hands with me.. Asking my name.. Welcome me aboard the company.. Whoo.. I feel like a VIP.. Haha.. Not bad for the 1st day..

Oh ya.. My tamagotchi gave birth to a new small tamagotchi.. Cool right?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Last night, we went to malaysia again.. This time with fatso kor, wilson, deardear & me only.. Fucking fatso kor made us wait like bunch of idiots for him.. Fucker! Always make us wait.. Go & die la.. Anyway, we just went in to eat, pump petrol & buy cigarettes.. BUT! It's deardear's 1st trip to malaysia.. 1st chop on his 1st passport.. Virgin trip.. Haha..

Today suppose to go swimming de but bee bee dua me again.. Fucking chee bye.. Why people ard me always like this de? Knn.. Give a better excuse la if don't know how to lie.. The moment she tell me she's going clubbing, i knew she wouldn't be able to wake up in time.. Why must lie? Better still, don't give any excuse at all.. Fucking hell make people piss off.. Where got people early 4am message say period come then cannot go de? It's so damn fucking obvious.. Even my sister as a slow thinker also know she's lying lor.. Mayb she more stupid than my sis.. I don't know man.. What did i do to deserve friends like this? Ask me call her in the afternoon so she can come meet me for lunch.. Fine! I still stupid go & call her.. Then? She did not answer la.. Evening then call me say sorry.. For FUCK?

Damn tulan.. Go eat steamboat with my sister, khai & deardear.. Fatso kor call me & say his brother found a rather cute silky terrier but since they can't keep it cause their mother is a fucking chee bye, chao chee bye, pua chee bye, lao chee bye.. I don't know la.. Fatso kor say de.. Kekeke.. Ok.. I frame him.. Is i say de.. Don't know why got people so fuck up de.. I thought my mother is the worst but his mother is even worse.. They can fight le.. On par man.. I was thinking of putting them together & let them fight till both they die & spare everyone the torture.. Erm.. Ok.. Abt the silky terrier.. My sister happily accepted the dog as it look so much like the previous dog we had though it's slightly bigger in size cause it's a silky & not a yorkshire but i still think Danny looks cuter.. He look like a fucking mouse more than a dog.. I believe it's fate as today is exactly the day after 7 months that Danny passed away.. 18th April 2006.. The saddest day in our life.. He left our lives without me seeing him 1 last time..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ok.. I know i haven't been blogging in days.. It's always either i'm too busy or i'm just pure lazy.. I have no idea.. Anyway, last sunday morning, i went to Guang Ming Shan with my mum & aunties.. My sis & deardear came along too.. For those who don't know, Guang Ming Shan is a temple located at Ang Mo Kio.. We went to pay respects to my late grandfather.. He was cremated there & it's his death anniversary.. This is the 1st time deardear is seeing him.. It's been years since my grandfather passed away but i still miss him alot.. He's a great grandfather & i really wish he'll always be here with us.. It's a pity he can't see me getting married.. We had vegeterian meal at the canteen there after we finished paying respects to my grandfather.. The food.. "YUCKS!"

In the afternoon, we went to meet Jing Jing & Wilson then proceed to Vivo City to find Ginny.. Going to Vivo City was a fucking bad idea.. The people there are crazy.. So damn crowded till i can't breath.. Still, i enjoyed myself though i was kind of like left out between the conversation Ginny had with Jing Jing but it's ok.. They accompanied me to go look for a new pair of heels but still can't find something i like.. Sianz... We saw this guy in green holding 2 boards that say shop at Vivo City.. So damn funny.. He machiam traffic police like that then he was kind of like dancing with the 2 small boards on his hand.. So fucking funny.. He not tired meh? Dance whole day.. We just stood there & laugh.. He saw us & said "Hi!" OMG! If he came over, i would smack him in the face.. Just toooooo funny..

Oh! The reason why we meet up is to celebrate Wilson & Jing Jing's birthday.. We went to Marina South for Steamboat.. Wilson's treat.. It seems that deardear's duty was there to peel the prawns for us.. Haha.. I'm such a bad bad wife.. Didn't even bother to cook for him.. Sob.. Sob.. I'm sorry deardear.. Hee..

After dinner, as Ginny would like to have ice cream as desserts, we went to Holland V for ICE CREAMS at Gelare.. Mmmmm.. The ice creams were delicious.. Yummy! Not suitable for those who wants to go on a diet.. Erm.. I'm 1 of them but i guess it wouldn't really hurt if it's just once awhile ba.. Keke.. Who am i lying to man? We had a funny episode at the Gelare's with Jing Jing & Ginny.. We wanted to go toilet & Ginny was the most desperate to get to the toilet.. We waited outside for quite some time & Ginny tried to push open 1 of the doors but it wouldn't budge so everyone thought there was someone in the toilet & whoever the person is, is taking a fucking long time to get out.. Ginny was just there complaining loudly that she needed to go to the toilet real soon.. I decided to just push the door real hard to scare the person inside.. End up, there was no one in the toilet.. Ginny just didn't push the door hard enough.. It was hilarious.. We were laughing like a bunch of crazy womans.. Deardear came to find out what was taking us so long but we were just there laughing uncontrollably.. We went home after that..

On monday, the agent called me again.. I was told that i was selected for the job at Tuas.. Will be starting work next monday.. I wonder if i'll be able to adapt to it.. Got to work at least 2 months before i can leave the company if i find it not suitable.. Stress man.. Knn.. No choice la.. I need the money..

Yesterday, we went with my sister to BBDC for her TP again.. We were there to give her support but in the end, she flopped again.. 48 demerit points.. Unbelievable.. 12 points more than the previous test.. She must be too nervous but i must say she's brave.. She just cried for awhile & she's back to normal again as if nothing happened.. If it were me, i would have cried for months.. We played mahjong with her so as to not let her think too much of what happened.. Ordered KFC for lunch & to make her feel better, i got fatso kor to bring us in to malaysia for a spin & buy cigarettes at the same time.. Deardear didn't want to go so just me, my sister, khai & fatso kor.. We had dim sum when we were there..

After we got out of malaysia, Gracie wanted to go Geylang see prostitute so we went.. She came up with a really damn crazy idea.. Ask Khai to get down the car & ask 1 of the prostitute "How much?" Haha.. Of cause Khai wouldn't do it.. I thought fatso kor might a more suitable candidate to do it.. He got the lecherous aka hum sap look.. Muahaha.. I not scared of you.. Bleah.. =p
In the end, they negotiated to just whistle at 1 of them when we go go past them so that we can all go home & call it a day.. It took Khai quite some time to actually gather the courage to do it.. Fatso kor no fun.. Not sporting de.. Next time don't want go out with him already..

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cho bo lanz today.. Went over to my mum's place to watch scv.. Watch until 6pm plus then go home bath.. Met fatso kor (i've yet to forgive him), my sis & khai go IMM for dinner.. We went to HOSHI Japanese Restaurant & had TEPPANYAKI! Yum Yum! I haven't eaten teppanyaki for quite some time.. Today deardear take pay so go & eat.. I took photos of the food we ate but too lazy to download into my com plus i don't want people to start dripping salivas all over their keyboard.. Haha.. Ok ok.. I'm just fucking lazy.. Went for a spin ard Tuas area & Lim Chu Kang.. Fatso kor ham ji.. Don't dare go into the cemetry.. Bah! So be it.. Went home after that cause fatso kor going out to meet the "gal of his dream" aka "da BITCH!" My tamagotchi so cute.. 1 yr old le.. Hehe.. Ok la.. Want go play game le..

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Today nvr go work again.. In fact, tomorrow also don't need go le.. My agent called them & tell them i'm not interested in that position plus they also found another person to take over me.. Now the only question is when i'm going to collect my 2 days pay? I went with deardear to collect his passport today.. Yeah! His 1st passport.. Now passport expensive sia.. $70 (if use nets) for 5 yrs nia.. Knn.. Wtf? Government too much.. We nvr ask for microchip in our passport what.. Why should we pay for it? Chee bye fuckers.. BLOOD SUCKERS! Somemore the passport number different from the ic lor.. We machiam like foreigners like that lor.. Wtf? Went to SP to ta pau chicken chop again.. Saw fatso kor there.. So coincidence hor.. Fated that i should torture him like i always do.. Went home for lunch then prepare to go for interview.. Initially on monday de but they urgently need people so i go today.. Heng arr.. Lucky i nvr go work.. Arbo i miss the chance for a full time job interview liaoz.. Was raining extremely heavily when i got out of the house.. Lucky fatso kor send me there cause he more experienced in going to Tuas.. I then don't wanna drive in this type of weather.. I just got back my car.. Don't wanna get into another fucking accident again.. Today, i almost saw an accident happen in front of me.. Lucky the driver fast to react lor.. Fucking truck drivers.. Chee bye de.. Think your vehicle big then dai sai izzit? Bloody inconsiderate.. Anyway, i think i might have a chance in the job interview today but still must wait till next monday when the supervisor come up with the list.. I'm not the only 1 going for the interview leh.. After the interview, we went to fetch my mum.. As usual, she's always late & make people wait for her.. This kind of habit seems to run in the family like some kind of disease.. Lucky i got a husband to help me discipline my time well though he can be quite irritating at times.. Don't know what is wrong but everybody seems to be pissing me off at every single possible moment.. In the morning, i quarrel with deardear because he simply don't know how to follow instructions.. If he wasn't my husband, i would think that he's trying to murder me by making me vomit blood.. Think i'll have high blood pressure soon.. How idiotic can a driver get? Sighz.. I don't wanna go think abt it.. Then fatso kor is another stupid ass.. He thinks what he says is very funny but no lor.. He totally hurt my pride very deeply.. He humiliated me in front of my mother.. 1st time he say i already not happy then 2nd time he think funny say somemore.. Say things even worse than the 1st time.. Want make me lose face.. As if my mother need another reason to insult & look down on me.. Bloody fucking asshole.. Nvr use brain to think then talk.. Fucking chee bye.. Brain grow in his arse.. Knn.. Always say other people but don't know how to say himself.. Always think he so damn fucking smart.. Though i always insult him sarcastically without giving face but i nvr do it in front of his parents or the gal he like lor.. Pua chee bye.. If you're thinking of taking revenge against me then sorry hor.. I think your plan backfire on you liao.. Nvr ever fucking make a gal cry.. Don't fucking make me hate you.. I make sure you regret whatever you have done.. Went to Choa Chu Kang for a walk to make myself feel better.. Decide to buy a tamagotchi to make me feel even happier.. You guys remember tamagotchi? Haha.. So fun.. I know i'm childish but it's none of your fucking business so keep your fat nose out of it.. Muahahaha.. So cute.. My tamagotchi is sooooooo fucking cute.. Hehehe.. Anybody want to see?

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Today don't feel like going to work so nvr go lor.. Im sick of this account thingy.. I have not a single knowledge abt it.. I was told that it's just only data entry so i decided to give it a try but the fact isn't like this.. I was told to do all sorts of thing but none of them is data entry.. Bullshit lor.. Like that bluff me.. I told the agent i work until end of this week i stop le.. Cannot take it anymore.. Anyway, another 2 more agents called me this week.. I'm going for another interview week monday for a recep cum admin position at Tuas.. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

My sister is going to be the death of me.. Told her that i have to leave home by 7.30am but at 7.30am, she's (going to my office for interview) still in the toilet bathing.. WTF? The journey to the my office will take at least an hour plus i still need to walk in a distance which will take ard another 10mins to reach.. At the rate she's going, i'll definitely be late for work.. Not that i really care since i'm just a temp staff but it's a personal discipline & habit to be punctual.. If i knew she's going to take such a long time, i could have slept abit longer.. Extra 5-10mins i also song(4).. End up i was 5mins late lor.. Knn.. Lucky my supervisor nvr say anything.. Today, the bus driver fierce sia.. Among so many bus driver i saw, this is the most unfriendly 1.. He shouted at almost every bus stop for people to move to the back.. That's how pathetic Singaporeans are.. Get shouted every morning.. He also horn at every possible moment.. I guess the bus driver must be in a bad mood.. I was kind of irritated by his shouting but on the other hand, if our fellow Singaporeans would be so kind enough to be abit more "auto", none of them would have to suffer this kind of humiliation.. When there getting less people on the bus, he got no one to shout to anymore, he concentrated on horning cars on the road.. Wahaha.. What a nice way to vent fustrations.. I should go become a bus driver too.. Kekeke.. On our way to office, i saw this little gal ard the age of 5 i guess.. She was looking after her younger sister whom is ard 2.. She carried her little sister & put her on her leg.. She was also hugging her tightly.. So sweet.. She must love her sister very much.. She gave her little sister a peck on the cheeks.. Awwww.. Makes me wanna have my own children soon.. BUT! The bloody bus driver hit the brake & the younger sister fell back & hit the back of her head on the chair as the elder sister did not have much strength to hold on to her.. Obviously, the little gal cried like some kind of broken doll.. The mother immediately grab the young 1 to the front to sit with her.. The elder sister had a very sad & guilty look.. I almost cried when i saw her expression.. Feel like giving her a hug & tell her "It's not your fault that your silly ass sister knock her head.." I thought better of it as i'm afraid her mother might overhear what i say & start whacking me with that ENORMOUS umbrella of hers.. Oh Gawd! I wasn't much of a good or nice sister i was suppose to be.. I burn my brother's face with a matchstick, muster all my strength & throw my sister ard whenever i could & UNBELIEVABLE! She enjoyed it! Hahaha.. That's cause i throw her on the bed & i regretted it because she came asking for more.. I decided to start throwing her against the wall.. Ahahaha! I'm bad.. Im bad.. (Michael Jackson) Fatso kor says i'm the root of all evil.. Is that true? I know i can a devil at times but i choose to be evil selectively.. Erm.. Why are we talking abt that? Off track le.. Today, there's a new perm gal starting to work as receptionist.. Why are all the receptionist there so bimbo de? Don't understand.. I'm damn freaking pissed off.. Since they got a perm staff le then why still ask my sister go interview? Knn.. Waste people's time.. Anyway, there was a fire alarm testing today.. Eat snake for nothing.. Haha..

Monday, November 6, 2006

Today is the 1st day i start my new temp job at a company called SUTL at Pasir Panjang.. Super lost man.. I know nuts abt accounts.. I just kept doing things that come along my way without knowing what i'm doing at all.. Tough morning for me.. It was only until after lunch then i start to understand what i'm suppose to do except that i don't know what my company deals with & the fact that the journey to work is a tad too far for me to take it.. Initially was just temp for 2 weeks but today they ask me if i can extend my stay there.. My agent said there's a possibility they'll extend my stay till end of the year.. Oh no! I don't wanna stay part time forever there.. The only part time i'll be doing is being a tai tai.. Been having problems with my blog.. Struggling with it for the past 2 days.. Apparently, my saturday post (the longest i've written so far) has been mysteriously disappearing from my blog.. Just what the fuck is wrong with blogspot? Providing me with unlimited space to start a blog doesn't mean you can literally eat my post ya get it? Plus that particular post is super long.. God damnit! I'm going to write a complain email if that happens again..

Sunday, November 5, 2006

I had a bad bad scare of my life last night.. Deardear & Wilson came home ard 11plus to fetch me go my mum's place cause they wanna play mahjong.. They waited for me while i bath.. As usual, i came out of the toilet with my towel wrapped ard me walking towards the room to change.. As i open the door & take a step into the room, a big, black thingy flew past my face.. I started screaming hysterically & jumping ard like a mad woman shouting for my hubby to come.. It was a big big flyable cockroach the size of 2 $1 coin joined together.. So fucking disgusting.. I hate cockroaches.. I fucking HATE cockroaches.. Especially those that can fly.. They are such a fucking disgusting pest.. Damnit! I need to hire a pest controller who can stay at my house full time so that at any time, he can kill all those pest for me except gentle insects like ants, moths & butterflies that do not actually do much harm to human.. I will pay him $5 for every insect he captures.. Muahahaha.. Prepare to meet your doom pesky insects.. Today was the usual.. Just play game until deardear go back camp except that some idiot called me using private & starting breathing heavily.. 1 of those nuisance calls again.. I told the guy pls la.. Practice more before you call.. You don't fucking turn me on at all.. I can do even better than you lor.. Kaoz.. Why do some people like to make nuisance call so much? They are just proving what a nuisance they are lor.. What is the purpose of doing it & where is the satisfaction if the person on the other line doesn't get irritated at all? Simply don't understand what they thinking.. Got balls then make nuisance call to police station la.. I teach you how to dial.. The number is 999.. Tomorrow start work loh.. Gotta go sleep liaoz..

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Yesterday was a rather eventful day for me.. The previous night, i said i couldn't sleep.. In the end, i did not sleep at all.. Deardear woke up & we went to his outdoor unit anniversary at Kallang River.. Was pretty fun watching his men there playing games & laughing like a bunch of hyenas when they see their preys cause why? The organizers arranged some bikini gals there to make the event more interesting so ya.. You know la.. Army guys ma.. Deprived of gals in the camp.. It was very hot out there lor though there was tentage to provide shelter & fans to cool people down.. The weather is so not cool lor.. I should have expected it so what was I thinking, wearing a BLACK polo tee there.. Damn! I can be so stupid at times.. Fuck You Goondo! Hahaha.. The emcees were pretty entertaining as well.. Make me laugh.. There was a dragon boat race which was pretty much the only interesting event that day apart from the food, the sabohs & the lucky draws.. Wanted to watch the dragon boat race but it was so hot out there & when i sat down on the grass, it poke thru my shorts directly poking my BACKSIDE! OUCH! So painful.. Chee bye grass.. End up, I just stood there & watch the dragon boat race.. Ran back as fast as I can after the race is over to the tentage for shelter & hoping the fans can ACTUALLY cool me down.. After the dragon boat was some games on stage where they saboh people & followed by the 20th – 11th lucky draw prizes.. Then it’s LUNCH TIME! The food was pretty nice.. Wonder which catering company they ordered from? There was the normal noodles & everything but the best was their satays, laksa & something like crisp roll with tomatos, cucumber & meat covered in juicy bbq sauce.. They even had California rolls.. OMG! Like so grand lor.. After lunch, there was something like fashion show going on up the stage whereby a few models will come on stage do catwalk wearing sexy bikinis then one by one they’ll go to the toilet change a new set of bikini & come back again.. Initially, there was quite a commotion within all the guys in the tentage.. All look at the models until saliva dripping leh.. But after awhile, the show becomes too draggy & people were starting to fall asleep due the fact of after food syndromes.. The best thing for all the models to do on the spot would to be strip off whatever they have on their body.. Wah! Ambulance will come arr.. Too much lost of blood.. Hahaha.. Imagine.. If fatso kor was on the stage.. He decide to strip off also.. WAH! Ambulance will also come.. Everybody will faint.. Because.. nobody expect him to have breast though it’s kind of obvious la.. I know it’s rather mean of me but he’s used to it le la.. My purpose of living is to torture him till the day he die.. I guess he must have owed me a lot in his past life.. Finally, when the modeling show ended, there comes the sabohing again & this time, our dear friend Meng Meng was dragged up the stage.. It was really hilarious.. He & another 2 guys was suppose to act like they are in a body building competition & start flexing their muscles.. But, what they didn’t know was that everybody was judging them thru their armpit hairs & not really their muscles.. Meng Meng was really cartoon.. He came out with a lot of patterns just to make everybody laugh.. Though he did not have as much armpit as the other guy, we still crowned him the champion because he sang for us.. He’s a really good singer with really nice voice.. After that, it’s back to the lucky draw again.. This time from the 10th – 1st prize.. Guess what? The 1st prize is a freaking LAPTOP! Of cause, I didn’t have the luck of winning it la.. I not so heng la.. Nvr kena anything in lucky draw before not to mention 4D.. So I guess I’m stuck with whatever i have for now.. No chance of getting a new 1 unless my current 1 die on me.. Went home for a short nap as i was feeling tired & dehydrated.. Woke up ard 7.30pm & met fatso kor go to his don’t know what SHC meeting at West Coast mac before moving off together to Kallang mac.. To me, they are just a bunch idiots who know nothing but cars.. I’m nvr going with him again.. So stupid.. Make me feel so stupid.. Saw a slutty gal there.. Feel like slapping her lor.. So short & fat still want act like very chio like that.. Her pattern machiam like those asking for 1 night stand type.. Went for dinner with deardear at KFC then go home to sleep after that but on our way back, a Nissan Cefiro kuai lan with us.. Fatso kor tailgate him all the way to Sunset Way.. The kam lan ah peh kei siao he reach home drive into the carpark & hide in his car.. Knn.. Don’t dare come out face us.. Think rich then can bully people izzit? Fucking hell.. Nvr die before.. Kanasai.. Today was kinda boring for me.. Just sit down here & use the comp whole day.. Nothing to do.. No money le.. Aha! Talking abt that, i just remember something.. I was complaining abt not having a job & just yesterday, a lady called me & ask if i was interested in a position as a temp accounts admin if i’m not wrong at a company located at Pasir Panjang.. Well.. Better than nothing right? I’m starting work on Monday.. Now that’s fast..

Friday, November 3, 2006

I can't sleep so here i am writing my blog in hope that i can bore myself to sleep reading my own post.. Life sucks when you are out of job for a period of time.. You do nothing at home but wasting your life away.. It's good to take a break but not for too long.. You become rusty.. You think of sex everyday.. Everyday is the same.. Today was even worse.. Deardear went for his unit anniversary thus leaving me all alone at home with his MOTHER! I woke up in the afternoon & played online game the whole day till deardear comes back.. After dinner, i'm still playing game.. Really sucky.. Deardear wasn't too happy & fatso kor also scold me.. Why can't they understand the passion i have for games? There's nothing for me to do now except play games & all they expect me to do is act like 1 stupid idiot sit down there quietly & accompany them.. Wtf? The world is so unfair..

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Hmmm.. Let's see.. Alright.. I haven't been blogging for a few days mainly due to the fact that nothing much has been happening in my life & i haven't been getting into any action so nothing much to write abt, therefore i decide to compile 3 days into 1 post.. Ahahaha.. So lame.. Anyway, monday morning i sent my mum to work then we proceed on to SIR building as Khai need to change a new passport & deardear need to do his 1st passport.. It's was simple.. Just fill up the form, pay, drop into the box for collection & you can collect your passport on friday if nothing goes wrong.. Fatso kor came along also.. After that, we send Khai to work & we went back to our house to collect something which i forget & fatso kor also need to take his car.. What i didn't know was that my mother-in-law had her friends at our house.. I was kind of shocked & what i was irritated abt was that when they saw me, they ask my mother-in-law "Ni de xi fu arr?" *whisper.. whisper.. whisper..* OMG! So embarassing lor.. I took my things & get out of the house asap.. We decided to go to SP for lunch as it was pretty near to the place i had to send my car to but who knows when we reach that place, deardear had a small accident with the car.. I was so pissed off with him.. The car is supposed to be sent for repair today & yet he gave me this kind of shit.. Really damn angry.. I just shouted at him like nobody's business.. After awhile, i felt really bad abt it.. I felt bad for shouting at him & i felt bad for the damage.. Sighz.. Who ask him to be my husband? I didn't have to mood eat & deardear went to ta pau for me the chicken chop there.. It's cheap & nice la.. We send the car for repair & went home to have our lunch.. It was really unbelievable.. After lunch, i felt drowsy as i didn't really sleep the previous night & so i went to take a nap.. Deardear woke me up ard 7pm plus.. I took my dinner & guess what? I went back to sleep again.. OMFG! What is happening to me? I take it that it's cause of my wisdom tooth which is hurting me like mad.. That just ends my day.. Pathetic! Tuesday was equally boring except the fact that i went to IMM to accompany my sister for lunch.. Rent 2 dvds, Click & Ice Age 2 from the PLAY machine at West Mall.. Meet up with fatso kor at night.. Went to pick up my invitation cards for my wedding.. Initially, we wanted to see his friend help him tune his car but decided to go home play monopoly with my sis, bro & khai.. Deardear fell asleep as usual.. In the end, i won the game.. Yeah.. I'm the Queen of Monopoly.. Hahaha.. Today, we just finish watching the dvds & returned it.. Met fatso kor to West Coast mac ta pau something & we're home to watch Jaws 3.. I as a good cook.. *ahem!* fried them some eggs to go with the show, drank abit of vodka that deardear bought back when he came back from thailand & now i'm off to grab some sleep.. Good nitez..
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