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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hello! I'm back! Did anyone miss me? Sorry for not blogging immediately after i got back. I touched down in Singapore on wed night but i was busy with alot of things. I shall say what i'm busy with in awhile.

I've yet got time to download my photos in the com so no photos for the time being & we were video recording(my dad bought me a Sony Video Cam. So good right?) most of the time during our trip so not much photo as well. I think i shall just go through a few random & exciting events that happened during my holiday.

1st of all, the weather was really bad when we took off. So, as you can guess. I vomitted in the plane. Stupid motion sickness. Cause me to suffer so much.

As everyone knows, holiday in Indonesia is just mainly shopping & eating. We bought alot of cheap stuffs & we ate alot of seafoods. Almost everyday we eat seafood. That includes crabs, prawns, fish & kang kong. Eat until scared. In fact, on the night we touch down in Indonesia, immediately we went for seafood dinner.

Instead of hotel, we stayed in a rented apartment by my dad's company. Totally cool. I only don't understand why they don't use toilet paper there. Weird. Mayb they are too poor to buy toilet papers. Toilet paper to the people there are like luxury.

Although it's not the 1st time i've been to Indonesia, the driving skills of people there nvr fail to amaze me. They lane change like nobody's business. 2 lanes can contain 3 cars. Go by road shoulder when stuck in the traffic. No speed limit. Totally bo cheng hu. The driving there is like a test of guts. You dare to cut in, you get to go. You don't dare then get stucked there forever.

Fatso kor may claim that he's the best in Singapore but compare to Indonesians, he lose alot. If he were to go there 1 day, he sure damn lost. But the people there are a friendly lot. They give way to you when you are cutting in. Not like Singaporeans. Refuse to give way & purposely accelerate so you don't eat into his/her lane. Bunch of fucking idiots.

Fatso kor, read this & feel really ashamed of yourself.

On the 1st day there, we took a near 2 hrs trip to a place called Bandung for shopping. My dad initially planned for us to go to a resort that night & play with all the seaside sports the next day but it would take another 5 to 6 hrs of driving to get there. None of us can actually take it so the trip was cancelled.

We book 5 massage ladies instead to come up our apartment to give us massage. Shiok! Better than Singapore & so much more cheaper. Only 80,000 rupiah. Convert to Sin dollar is only like 12 bucks for a full 2 hrs can? Singapore fucking charge you 40 bucks for like only 40 mins. WTF? We spend like kings & queens there.

On the 2nd day, we went to the Sea World there. The place there is huge. You have to drive everywhere you go. It was pretty fun. We took a boat out to the sea to see scenery. I almost vomitted. Still, it was enjoyable. They had underwater world just like Singapore. The entry is only like $10.

They have piranhas there. Scary. They just stay still in the water & stare at you. I mean really dead still. I can't imagine me dropping into the tank. They'll move faster than anything else. I get to touch baby sharks there. Their skin feels almost like snake. The different varieties of fish they have there is definitely more than what you get to see in Singapore. We had seafood lunch there & they actually serve BABY SHARKS! OMFG! I was really tempted to try.

The 1st few days was raining like crazy but after that it sort of stopped. There's actually a billard center just below our apartment & it's like really cheap. They go by per game & each game is only 5000 rupiah which is $1. Not only that. They even help you set up the tables each time you finish a game. Singapore where got this type of price & service?

Since we had no idea where to go so we decide to just stay at home on Christmas eve. We went to a mini mart also just downstairs the apartment & bought all their beers on display which is only 10 bottles. Their beer is different from Singapore. You don't see Tiger beer, Heineken or Carlsberg. They only have Bintan beer. It taste pretty good. So smooth & so much better than vomit taste Tiger beer.

That's how we spent our Christmas eve.

Anyway, people there only drink AQUA mineral water. You can nvr drink from their taps cause unlike Singapore, they don't have filtered water. Some shopping centres use the nearby sea for the toilet taps. How do i know? It's tested & proven. Khai tried to wash his mouth & tasted salt. Hahaha.

In the morning we went to their market. We went past a railway station & we saw that people actually stay next to the railway station. They sleep there, pee there, shit there & eat there. I don't think i could even last for more than 5 mins there. The market there is almost the same as Singapore's wet market but the things there are so much cheaper & also dirtier. We took trishaw back to the apartment.

Those poor ah pehs. The things they have to do for money. Can you imagine how much energy they waste on cycling us back? So heavy can? They are like earning few cents from us only but to them is alot. I envy their standards of living. Everything also so cheap.

Fatso kor should try become a trishaw rider. He can lose alot weight but i bet a 1000 bucks he can't even last for more than 3 mins.

We spend the next 2 days shopping, going for pedicure & doing hair spa. Feel like a tai tai. So shiok! We also took bajaj here & there. Bajaj is like toot toot in thailand. It's like a motor but attached with shelter & seatings enough for 2 people at the back. Shall show some photos of it soon. Sitting in a bajaj is fun.


It's also 1 of this bajaj that knocked me down on the last 2nd night i spend in Indonesia. It was a moment of shock for everyone there.

I was lucky that the driver manage to brake in time & that it wasn't a direct hit else i would have flew higher but the fact is i was still being hit & it hurts. I was lifted slightly up the air after the impact & roll on the floor. I received cuts & bruises on my hands & legs. There were also splinters in those cuts i received. The most painful part was of cause the part where the driver hit me.

For that moment i was hit, i thought i was going to die. I finally got a taste of what it feels like before you are going to die. Flashes of memories came into my mind & i blacked out. It was until i felt pain then i realise that i'm not dead. Deardear was so worried that he rushed across the road & he too almost got knocked down by a motor.

Daddy was obviously angry with the driver though i must say it wasn't entirely his fault but who can blame my dad? It is HIS most BELOVED daughter that got knocked down. Afterall, the driver was driving way too fast. Dad screwed the driver upside down. I didn't understand what he said cause it's all in melayu but i do know that he was shouting like crazy.

Ah boy(my younger brother, Sean) almost cried. This is the 1st time i saw him got so worried abt me.

The security from the apartment was the best. Immediately after i got knocked down, he came rushing & grab the driver saying that he must take responsibility. Ohhhh... How heroic... For 1 moment he looked so handsome.

Okay. That's not the point. The point is the securities there are good. They really care abt the welfare of the residents staying there. Singapore got like that meh? Don't have lor. They just mind their own business & pretend that nothing happen. All become blind suddenly.

The driver did offer to send me to a doctor but i knew he couldn't afford to pay for my medical bills & i don't really trust the doctor there so i decline that offer & let him off. The security guard gave me a namecard to a clinic should i need the help of a doctor. So nice...

Overall, it was a rather scary experience.

Daddy bought me a hermit crab cause i mentioned that i wanted a pet hermit crab & he really went to buy it for me. So sweet... Ah boy bought a tiny 1 too.

Very soon, we had to leave. I was rather unwilling to go. I'm gonna miss my dad. It wasn't exactly a really happy holiday. Dad & mum were at their usual quarrel except it was pretty serious this time. They quarrel almost everyday. Fighting with each other. Blaming this & that. I hate to see them like this. Threatening to divorce again & again.

But it seems they manage to settle things before we left but i think very soon, they will start this stupid quarrel again. It's just a matter of time before this family breaks apart.

The next day after i got back to Singapore, i went to get my hermit crabs proper home despite my injuries were hurting me. But, the hermit crab daddy bought did not manage to survive. It was so sad & smelly. The decomposing body of the hermit crab stinks.

In order not to let me feel too sad, deardear bought me another 2 hermit crabs & daddy promise to bring me back more hermit crabs when he next come back. He works near the sea & so he can pick up hermit crabs from the seaside FOC.

We had very saddening news when we got back. Jason kor's dad pass away. It was rather sudden. They had no idea what was the cause of the death & therefore need to go thru a series of experiment to find out.

I was unable to attend the funeral cause my wedding is coming near. All i can do is to ask him out for coffee & keep him company. That's what a friend should do.

Alright! It's the eve of a new year. Enjoy the last moment you have in Year 2006.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Hihihi! At the airport now waiting to board the plane but in the meantime, there's nothing to do except wait. So boring... Lucky they provide internet usage for passengers but there's like only 4 coms ard & don't know how many hundreds of people here. Have to wait a long time before i can get to the com as my hands are starting to itch.

My stupid husband had to quarrel with me even before we leave Singapore. I really hate him. I'm wondering if i married the right guy. I so regretted it. Arghhhhh! I thought going overseas for holiday is suppose to be a fun & stress free thing. Don't know what i do to deserve this kind of shit.

He's standing right beside me at this moment watching me type every single word out but I DON"T CARE!!! He's a big BIG idiot! Bwahahaha... Now, that feels better. I hope he cries seeing this. He's going to be so miserable when we get back from Indonesia. I'm going to make his life a living hell for him. Heh heh heh... *horns starts to grow out from head*

Ok. I'm starting to be evil again. Mayb i should just calm down & give him a slap on his face. FINE! I already cool down & feel better after blogging it out. I shall just ignore him on the trip there. Nothing can make me talk to him. NO WAY!

Okay. Gotta go. Take care my dear friends. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! =)
Alright! Now that i'm awake & feeling fresh, i realise that i don't have time to blog whatever i wanted to blog. Damn! I guess i can only post whatever i initially wanted to write when i get back from my holidays.

I'm running late. My flight is at 6pm. I need to reach 2hrs earlier to do all the check in stuff & everything plus i've decided not to waste money on cab so i'll be taking MRT & from Bukit Batok to Changi Airport takes abt an hr plus so i'll be leaving home in abt another 1 hours time.

Shit la! I still need to check my luggage & bath. No time liaoz & i'm still here typing nonsense. But i can't stop. My fingers won't stop. I'll be very deprived of typing for 1 week like i said the other time(check archives).

Arghhhh! Okok. I gotta go. I'll miss you guys. I hope you guys miss me too. Hope to see lots of hugs & comments when i get back. Please...

Okok. I'm shameless to be begging like this. Whatever. As long it makes me happy & that's the most important in life. That is to be happy. How long can you live in this world?

A very Merry Christmas to everyone!

I wish you a merry christmas... I wish you a merry christmas... I wish you a merry christmas & a happy new year!!! Hahaha...

Oh no! HELP!!! No time no time...

Bye guys!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Today is the last day of work!

Was feeling happy for the whole day, hoping that time passes by fast but damn! I had to do OT just because i'm on leave tomorrow then i have to do all the last min job. Stayed back till 9.30pm to clear everything.

Deardear had to fall sick today. I hope he gets better tomorrow before we move off. So poor thing.

So sian... So tired... So brain-dead...

I don't know what to write except complain, complain & full of complaints...

I'm just too tired but i can't sleep. Don't feel sleepy. Too excited abt tomorrow.

I think i shall force myself to sleep & blog tomorrow before i leave.

Good night dear friends.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sick... sick... sick... I hate being sick. With all the running nose & coughing which eventually leads to sore throat & a bad headache. Had an asthma attack yesterday morning which made me look totally pathetic.

Raining non-stop for the whole fucking day. Just what are the Gods above angry abt? Is end of the world coming soon? Singapore is going to become another lost city under the water if the rain doesn't stop soon.


It doesn't concern me. It's the job of the government to make sure nothing happens to us. That's what we paid them for. Arbo their salary so high for them to cho bo lanz meh? They better come up with a good idea to control the flood soon.

If they can't even take care of their citizens' welfare, they might as well not be there in the 1st place. Let some youngsters try controlling the country & they might be doing an even better job.

What am I talking abt? I guess I'm too sick to think. Let's not insult our government. I don't wanna get sued for something which I don't even know if it's legal to talk abt.

Let's talk abt guys. I seriously think that I don't understand guys. How can they be nice to you for a moment & turn nasty next? And they say we girls change our minds faster than anything else.

Who are they to comment abt us when they can't even think as well as we do?

I certainly think some guys are total idiots. It can NEVER go thru their brains on what we're trying to tell them. How pathetic… And they blame us for it. Always trying to prove to the world that they are always the right ones, nvr ever admitting their mistakes.

This type of guys are not male egoist. Don't get it wrong. They are just plain stupid.

If you are 1 of these guys, please kill yourself & stop wasting your time living in this world. We girls would live a better life without you ard.

I would love to list out the names of the guys ard me who are exactly like this but I thought better of it. Spare them the embarrassment. You know who you are if you read this.

I hate guys who are so damn sissy. Please! Go be a gay or something. DON'T come near us & gay talk. Go find your gay friends. If you think you are too fat, ugly or stupid to be 1(gays are usually fit, good looking & smart), then don't think that girls will fall for you as well.

We are so NOT stupid! We have EYES to SEE!

I also hate guys who don't keep their promises. If you can't keep your promises, don't expect the girl to keep her promise as well. As the saying goes, "Do NOT do unto OTHERS if you do not wish others to do unto YOU!"

If a girl does not wish to talk to you, STOP PESTERING HER! It's damn irritating you know? And don't blame her if she starts shouting at you BECAUSE you are so damn irritating.

Imagine you are troubled over something & you do not wish to talk cause you are so upset. Your girlfriend calls you:

Gf: Hello. What you doing ar? Me now damn bored leh.

You: ..................

Gf: Eh... Talk leh. Don't just keep quiet leh. I call you to chat de leh.

You: I don't feel like talking now.

Gf: Wah lau! Don't like that la. I'm your gf leh. You must entertain me leh. What happen to you? Tell me la.

You: I don't wish to talk abt it.

Gf: Talk leh talk leh talk leh talk leh.

You: .......................

Gf: Chee bye la you. Why don't talk? Arbo I tell you what i buy yesterday when I go shopping ok? Blah blah blah...


Gf: .........................

Bwahahaha... Get it? Ok. I hope you guys get the drift. For those who are stupid, please don't even bother reading it.

Good guys are usually married, broke or gay. So if you don't fit in either 1 of the criteria then you are just a lousy guy. DON'T try to find excuses for your incompetence.

I'm so glad I married a good guy. Not really that good but still better than a lot others out there.

Despite being very sick, there's something that still makes me happy.


I'm still counting down. 2 more days & I'll be flying high up into the sky.

p/s: if you're broke due to overspending on unnecessary things, you're not considered in the criteria as well.

Monday, December 18, 2006

This is going to be a long entry.

Alot has been happening this few days but i didn't have the time to blog abt it. Apparently, i realise that not much friends actually read my blog. No hugs. No comments. Very sad.

So for those who have been reading my blog, friends or people who happen to come across my blog pls leave me a msg either in the tagboard or comments so that i know you've visited & leave me your url if you have any so i can visit your blog too.

Ok. Here goes my weekend. Abit too lazy to list out things 1 by 1 so i'll go by some random events.

Saturday morning, i went for a pre-employment checkup at a clinic located inside JP. The so called receptionist there are all malay girls. Typical young ah lians but since they can work in a clinic, i shan't look down on them.(see? i'm so nice. i'm not always so mean & evil but then again. i'm only mean & evil selectively.)

As all of us knows, check up always involve urine test(this is gross). Lucky there wasn't any blood test.

Yes! I know! I love bloody scenes(check archives). But seeing my own blood taken by others is definitely not 1 of the scenes i like. I like seeing OTHER peoples blood flow. Not MINE!

Ok. Back to the urine test. 1 of the girls gave me a stick that i'm suppose to wet it with the goodness coming from my ya you know whatever i'm going to say. Too R-rated to type it out here. Hahaha.

She did not give me a container though so i guess i'll have to wet my hands throughout the process.

Hey hey hey! Don't give me the disgusted look unless you tell me you can aim that well. Even guys miss cue MOST of the times thus resulting dirty toilet bowls which girls ALWAYS have to clean up for them. Guys listen to this & wake up your idea. Stop giving us unneccessary trouble. Girls love being hassle free you know?

Anyway, she gave me a small ziploc bag that any idiot would know that it's meant for you to put the stick thingy in after you're done with it.

Obviously i look a tad too young(i'm honoured) in her opinion & she told me "This is for you to put the stick in." I said ok & she added on "Don't urine in it ar." *sudden urge to slap her*

I couldn't bring myself to dirty my hands on her. I had this evil thought all of a sudden. Ok. Not sudden at all. I'm always evil to some peoples opinion. I shall shake hands with her & thank her so much for her help after i come back from the toilet. Er... Of cause i'll wash my hands(like you will really believe me). *cackles evilly*

No. That did not happen if you're wondering. I was called into the doctor's room immediately when i came back. It seems as though she saw thru my evil plot. And yes. I did wash my hands la ok? It was just a joke. I took my height & weight measurements as well. I did not grow any taller but i weigh freaking _.__kg(I'm not telling anyone).

I have no idea what is the purpose of going for an x-ray for a pre-employment checkup. They want to see if my lungs are growing worms izzit? Haha. That's lame.

Anyway, like all of us knows again. You are suppose to change into a gown provided by them that looks machiam like you going for operation like that. It was quite comfortable though without wearing anything else inside except your panties. It's just like me wearing pyjamas while i'm at home except that i'm actually in a clinic walking ard. The process was pretty fast. Took less than 5mins.

Suddenly i had this evil thought again. Don't ask me why. Cause i'm evil that's why.

I was thinking that apparently they did not change the robes we wore to a new suit & the fact that i did not bath before i went for the checkup(yeah. i know it's gross) so the next person to change into that robe is so suay lor. All my germs on it. Hehehe.

Then i think back again. That means that before i came, there are others who wore the same robe as well. So if the previous person did not bath as well... OMFG! I rushed home immediately to bath & scrub myself.

Karma you say? Hah! I laugh at face of death(if he/she is good looking enough).

Met Sherry(my colleague) on sunday at Bugis. On the way there, i saw alot of couples hugging each other. It's been a long time since i took MRT out. Suddenly, i long for deardear(in camp for duty) to be there with me. But then again, if he were to be at home, i doubt i'll have a chance to go out like this. I'll be dragged to stay home & stare at the tv the whole day.

Back to Sherry. We were suppose to go check out some eyelash extension thingy but it was raining heavily & apparently the shop doesn't open on a sunday. WTF?

I told myself i musn't make a wasted trip therefore i cannot go back empty handed. Before that, i went to have a puff. I was standing by a dustbin smoking as you know. Singapore alot of place CANNOT smoke lor. More lame than me.

Anyway, a cleaner ah peh came from the back wanting to clear the dustbin. He didn't know how to say excuse me. Instead he shouted at me. Damn fucking rude. So... I shouted back at him. Hahaha. He was pretty shocked i guess from his facial expression.

We spent our time walking ard the whole of Bugis. I was desperate to buy something i like. I walked into a shop & was attracted by a pair of boots. Not those you wear in the rain or market la. Those lady knee high boots.

I've always wanted to own a pair of my own but always found it too expensive. I decided to try my luck & surprisingly, those boots was selling at a mere $39.90! So cheap! I fell in love with it immediately & therefore bought it without giving a second thought. Sherry didn't really like those boots though.

We continue to walk ard without buying anything else except er.. disposable panties? And 3 pairs of stocking just for my boots. We went for a plate of mee siam each while waiting for her friend. After that, you won't believe it. We went for steamboat! What a glutton i am. Hahaha.

As it was still raining, we decided to end the day & go back home since we still need to work the next day.

Actually i was pretty upset over some things last night but i do not want to talk abt it again. Whatever has past just let it past. Tomorrow will be a better day agree?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Yes yes yes! Yeah! Hip hip hooray! I'm such a happy girl today. I finally got my comments box set up today. Was having a big headache over the past few months on how to get a comment box as my new template doesn't have the html of comments.

I went thru all sort of ways to get my comment box eg. asking friends if they know & copying from other peoples template. In the end, i manage to get the word comments there but you know what? It's NOT working! Argh!

Suddenly i feel very smart today & decide to search blogger to see if they got any FAQs that can help & i found it. Yippee! Silly me! Went thru all that trouble & headache when the answer is just right in front of me as & when i blog. Kao eh. How stupid can a person get?

STOP laughing at me. It's NOT funny.

So yeah. Leave me comments. I'm very deprived of comments. I've been deprived of that privilege for a long looooooong time. Go on people. Leave me loads of comments be it bad or good. Try not to leave sarcastic comments though.. =)

STILL, somebody had to call & spoil my day despite the fact that i didn't wanted to answer that call..


I did it on purpose. I pretended to be deaf. SO what? People don't want to answer your call so stop it la. Stop that stupid calling again & again thingy. For all you know, i might be doing something dangerous like driving or shitting. Yes! Shitting is dangerous.

Why is that so? you're asking me.

Cause your 1 bloody STUPID call can cost me my life & handphone. Bwahahahaaha..

How much lamer can i get? Duh!



Cute.. Cute.. Cute.. Just don't get BUGGED by it..

Get more Free Flash Animations

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm so angry i need to complain.. I need to rant like some mad woman so pardon me for the crazy things i say..

1st, people taking the MRT are ridiculous.. When the train came in to Bukit Batok, i 'gasped' in horror.. "Wah! Why so many people arr? So fucking crowded.. Kanina.." But the moment i step in to the train... Fuck la.. People are just crowding at the door.. In the middle of the cabin is like so empty lor.. They make it look as though it's damn freaking crowded inside.. Feel like fucking them upside down but as a good citizen of Singapore, i should do what i must do.. Keep my mouth shut in case i get whacked.. The next stop is Jurong East already.. They scared they cannot get down the train izzit? So fucking kam lan..

Kiasuism is the traits of all Singaporeans.. I would personally like to differ from that saying.. I like to read Mr Kiasu BUT i'm definitely NOT kiasu..

2nd, i miss the shuttle bus to office today.. I msg my colleague to ask the bus driver wait for me but she DIDN"T see her handphone.. WTF?!? End up i need to take a cab to office.. I better stay at home sleep abit later then drive there myself right? @#%^$#%&*%$

So Angry!!!

I know it's not her fault but i'm still not happy.. Not happy abt the fact that i need to waste money on cabs.. The cab i took was a mercedes cab.. I can hear people saying "WOW! Mercs cab leh.." Stop swooning in envy.. Please stop.. The cab driver is siao 1.. Driving machiam like he racing.. Drive fast fast then brake like nobody's business.. Lao niang here got motion sickness de ok?

You wanna play with your fucking own life then go ahead but do not play with my damn life.. It's as miserable as it can be so stop torturing me.. You want race with another mercs cause he eat your lane is your dai ji.. Don't get me involved can anot? Crazy ah peh.. 1st time drive mercs izzit? Fucking idiot..

3rd, i had the worst breakfast ever.. I bought 3 sardine curry puffs cause they were cheap.. 3 for $1 but i regretted.. It taste like shit.. Who the hell would put cabbage in curry puffs? I like to eat cabbage yes BUT not in freaking curry puffs.. Damn it!

Last but not least.. WHY NOBODY GIVE ME HUG DE? Why you people like that 1 huh? An extra click will die meh? Give me hug will die meh? It's only a virtual hug.. Will kill you izzit? No monster is abt to jump out & bite you.. Why are you guys so mean? Why? Nobody loves me.. Boohoohoo..

From now onwards, it's an unwritten rule that everyone who visits my site must give me 5 hugs a day.. Oops! I just wrote it out.. Oh what the heck! Go on.. Click on it.. Click as much as you can & make me a very happy girl..

I think i talk too much already..

Monday, December 11, 2006

Recently i realised that i'm too lazy to write my blog.. 1 of my friend who is my loyal reader even called & ask me why i so long nvr write blog le.. I guess basically there's nothing much in my life nowadays to write abt.. Apart from work & home, what else can i write? I've yet to meet something interesting enough for me to blog abt.. My life is just so dull.. No exciting events abt my life except mayb 1 which is i'll be going overseas soon.. Another 1 week plus to go.. So the rest of the days will just be boring, boring & boring.. Hoping that time will go by faster so i can get out of this town for a week to spend my Christmas with my dad.. How i miss him.. By the time i come back, there'll be loads of photos for me to put into my blog BUT i won't be able to blog for that 1 whole week i'm not ard cause there's no internet access to the place i'm going..


Anyway, i guess i'll be way too busy shopping & enjoying myself to actually have time for blogging.. Not many people actually read my blog except for mayb some close friends so does it really matter if i blog anot? Nobody will realise even if i totally stop blogging.. Of cause i'm not abt to close my blog.. I still need a place to put in my beautiful memories as i'm afraid that STM might 1 day take over my brain.. I also need a place for me to vent my fustrations.. This blog shall remain here till the day i die whether i write it or not..

Last friday i said i'll be going prawn fishing.. Didn't have much luck that night though i did manage to catch 1.. It was my biggest catch of the day & also the 1 & only..


I call it Dua Tao(BiG head)..

Friday, December 8, 2006

Was on mc for wednesday because of that stupid wisdom tooth of mine.. The gum became so swollen that i can't even talk.. Went to see a doc & you know what the doc do? He use the wooden stick thingy put into my mouth & ask me say aaahhhhh.. After that, he use the thing to poke my wisdom tooth.. Fucking pain lor.. He say swollen.. Of cause la.. Not swollen also let him poke until swollen.. Stupid..

Was writing Christmas cards for my big boss son aka the small boss aka Kenneth yesterday.. Write until my hand tired.. Still must help choose the card & write nicely.. Lucky he nvr ask me decorate the cards.. Arbo i sure tell him i want go home liao.. Siao de.. Later write not nice still must kena scolding..

Tonight go prawn fishing loh.. Very long nvr go le.. I bought my own fishing rod.. Hahaha.. Prawn fishing rod very cute lor.. Small small de.. Is those can extend type.. So when keep is 1 very small & cute rod.. Hehe..

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Yesterday i made a new friend.. She's deardear's primary school friend.. Her name is Xue Nie.. It's pronounced as Xue Ni.. She studies architecture in Australia.. Cool huh.. We went for dinner together at Fish & Co after i finish work.. She came with deardear to fetch me.. Before that in the afternoon, deardear bought a log cake for me because i ever mention that i want eat log cake & he bought it & deliver it to my workplace for me.. Sooooo sweet.. Muacks..

My wisdom tooth has been giving me big big prob today.. I can't eat & i can't talk properly.. It's affecting me & my career is at risk.. How come my wisdom don't 1 shot just grow out? It grows abit & hurt me then stop.. After awhile when i let my guard down, it starts to grow again & hurt me.. Fuck man.. It's torturing me like hell.. It also makes my head pain.. I want to die.. I want to die.. I WANT TO DIE!!!

Time passes by so fast.. It's gonna be end of the year soon.. My vacation is coming nearer as well.. Not exactly vacation.. More like a visiting trip.. Yep.. We're going to Indonesia to visit my father.. Definitely there'll be lots of fun & shopping as well cause i'll be spending Christmas there so sorry to friends who jio me out on that day.. Don't wanna get molested by Bangladesh or rather foreign workers on that day like what Xiaxue says in her blog where she describes her molestation encounters with this inconsiderate people..

Now, it's time to deal with that blady irritating tooth of mine.. Karate Chop sounds good.. *HIYAK!*


Sunday, December 3, 2006

Yesterday was the most most most tiring day in my working life.. I work from 8am to 10pm.. Total of 14hrs can? So damn fucking tired lor.. I ask Chris how often do we have to this house keeping thing? He said it's a annual thing.. Wah Fuck! Don't know is i fucking suay or what lor.. Once a year thing i also can kena..

I spent the whole day running up & down the whole factory to check on all the assets in our company..Some of the stickers(we made it ourselves so as to identify things easier) are stuck below chairs or tables or any items la so we have to squat & bend down then stand up again for every single chair or any other things that we check.. I can hear my backbone creaking with agony.. We had to paste stickers on new items too..

I thought we could end at the time they gave us which is 6pm but end up, they told me they couldn't finish with the input of data which gotta be done by the end of the day so i gotta help them.. So, was busy typing & typing & typing till my fingers go numb.. Chris was the best.. You know what he did? He came & tell me when i was abt to go home that the stickers we paste is all wrong.. We need to fucking redo everything.. I told him to do it next monday as i really cannot take it anymore.. I'm abt to collapse soon..

As i seldom exercise, my leg muscles cramped the moment i reach home due to the running up & down of stairs for the whole day..

I guess being hardworking has it's benefits too.. This morning, everyone was extremely nice to me.. I told deardear i want eat pizza & he immediately went to buy for me.. My mother-in-law bought 2 new spaggetti straps for me.. So sweet.. Though not very expensive but it's the thought that counts ya? Deardear was jealous why only i have new clothes & not him.. Hahaha..

Friday, December 1, 2006

Recently, i have been getting slightly more busy with work.. My supervisor say want train me to be in the HR dept meaning i have to help her with certain things when she need help as my supervisor is the only 1 in the HR dept.. I don't know to be happy or what.. I get to learn new things which i think can be quite interesting but it also means i have MORE work to do.. Sianz.. Plus i got a cut on my small tiny finger yesterday.. How i got that cut you ask me.. Thru opening letters.. How the fuck i know envelopes give papercuts as well? Damn.. I guess with a person like me, anything i hold can become a hazard to me or people ard me..

Bad bad headache yesterday.. I beg the creatures in my head to give me a break.. I think the weather is causing them to be extremely grouchy.. Hot & cold.. Hot & cold.. Due to lack of sleep & those engineers at my workplace are giving me an extremely bad headache as well.. How am i suppose to work with them if they refuse to co-operate? Am i suppose to call them up 1 by 1 & fuck them? Me, a gal against so many guys.. I then don't want kena rape & murder.. Not i want hao lian.. I'm not scared of them but you gotta admit that they'll salivate upon seeing my wonderful figure minus the tummy.. Haha.. That's so disgusting.. I feel like killing myself for that..

Oh Yeah! I received my pay check yesterday.. Guess how much i earn for working abt only 9 days.. A freaking $500 ok? I wonder if they calculated wrongly? Whatever.. Incredible isn't it? Beats working for that fuck up company anytime of the day.. Got OT pay somemore leh.. I wanted to post a photo of my cheque here de but thought better of it.. I don't want people to start sueing me for forging fake cheques.. Very yuan wang lor..

Hereby, i would like correct a mistake of mine as to give justice to those fishes in my company.. They are parrot fish & not goldfish.. Pardon me for making that mistake which only a fish idiot would make.. Today i went to kneel in front of the tank & apologise to the fishes.. "Yuan liang wo, you yan bu shi tai shan.." I hope they can make me rich cause they are also known as fa cai yu.. Right now, i feed the fish everyday.. Make them grow fat so if i'm ever not happy here, i'll catch the fish & cook it.. Muahahaha.. I'm so evil..

Today, something happened in the office.. Or rather, something happened to me in the office.. Apparently, a creditor has been calling up our office chasing for payment when the due date is not here yet.. My colleague, Janice from the finance dept refuse to pick up his call & therefore, he got so pissed off.. He vent his anger on ME! Duh! I was like WTF? What has it got to do with me man.. I just on the speaker phone then listen to the guy scream & shout at me all the way just answering yes.. yes.. yes.. i totally understand your situation.. Kao! Arbo what you all expect me to do? Give him all my pay can? He did apologise to me after that.. I thought it finally ended BUT he started complaining to me.. Telling me what he does for earning.. What am i? Some kind of nanny receptionist or a counsellor? He talk until he very pathetic lor.. Say he no money pay his workers la, car kena tow away just this morning la.. I almost felt sorry for him but well.. for all i know, he might just be lying to me or not.. Nothing much i can do except convey his message for him..

Arghhhh.. Tomorrow still need to come back office for 1 WHOLE fucking day.. Stupid house keeping thingy.. But nvm.. I got OT pay.. Hehe.. Anyway, my darling husband tomorrow not at home also cause of his stupid camp thing la.. I might as well come earn extra money..
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