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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Busy busy busy... Running up & down non-stop. Everyday also like that i will die arr... Moved all my things up to the office. Less dust but also less freedom.

I just realise that my supervisor put on the ad for 1 week so there will be people coming in for interview for the whole of 1 week. Damn! Busy week for me.

There's a requirement that we cannot apply work permit for India workers cause it's a new rule that manufacturing company cannot. I also don't know why. But alot of workers from India came forward to apply.

No no! We are not being racist. No racial discrimination in the company. We have indians & malays in the company. Just that we are only allowed to take in Singaporean, PR & malaysians.

It breaks my heart to see the expression on their faces when i told them that we are unable to apply work permits for them. Some of them the education lvl quite high lor. What a waste.

Yesterday, 1 of the renovation workers, an indian guy if i'm not wrong was injured. An unexpected thing happened. The glass they were suppose to remove suddenly broke into small pieces. Those glasses flew & hit that guy on the arm. *ouch!*

The wound was a terrible sight to behold. It was at least 2cm wide, 5cm long & 1cm deep. There were still fragments of glasses in the wound & he had to go to the clinic to clean up & stitch the wound before it gets infected.

I'm utterly impressed with that guy. Those on the spot were going crazy & frantic over his wound but he still can smile & say "No pain. *press the wound* No pain at all" Oh man! I'm impressed with his guts. He's a real man!

After lunch, i saw him coming back from the clinic & continue to work though he's not suppose to do too much heavy jobs that will threaten the wound to open up again. But, he's suppose to stay home & rest! Today, he came to work again. I admire his courage.

What's so nice abt soccers when Singapore is 1 of the team playing? Guys! I don't understand them. They can be so lame until Singapore match also can watch. *ahem!* I don't need say much la. It's kinda obvious i don't really support *ahem!* you know?

I think they are really sucky lor but i shall not comment too much in case some Singapore Soccer Club decides to sue me. I shall just complain aloud to deardear though he totally support & is 1 of those idiots who actually watch the match.

I must go make his life miserable for supporting them instead of my comments on them. He even dare rebutt(spelling correct?) me. The cheek of that guy. He must be too tired of living.

Thanks to Jackson for teaching me the ways of playing Zero point. He claims to be the childhood game god. So people, if you have any games you forgot to play, you can ask him. Can ask me for his email add. If you wanna get to know him *ahem* can also ask me for his email add. Handsome fellow.

While i'm on it, Jackson, since you are the childhood game god? Why don't you start creating some games that everyone can play? How abt teaching me the secrets of winning the zero point game as well?

Alright! I'm back to my cross stitching world. Bought it since last year but have been procrastinating on doing it. Too lazy.

What what? Think i don't know or don't look like that kind of girl izzit? Humph! I tell you arr. I can do cross stitch beautifully & i know how to cook so stop looking down on me. You can nvr imagine the kind of food i can whipped up. Too bad but you got no chance to taste it since you look down on me.

Back to the cross stitch. I'll be too busy doing to cross stitch so i'll be blogging less. Gotta finish it before my wedding.(Hopefully) I'll still blog & update just not so often nia.

People, if you're interested in getting me to help you do cross stitch can email me. It's not free okay? I charge for the effort i put in. Prices range depending on the size & the time frame you give me. It'll definitely be cheaper than buying from the shops outside.

I'll take a photo of my work & post it here as soon as i get a good quality camera in case you suspect the ability of my handicraft skill. If you're satisfied, do look for me ok? I promise you won't regret it. It'll be so nice you'll love me for it.

Hope to hear some good news soon. Recommend me to your friends.

Monday, January 29, 2007

This is gonna be 1 long & boring entry. Please bear with me.

Too busy till i lost track of things. My short term memory is getting worse. Last saturday, nothing much happened. I accompany my sister to a photoshoot. She's doing a portfolio & in hope that she may be chosen as a model.

On the way there, i had to wait in the rain to get a cab for her. What the hell? I found myself rather stupid. End up, me, deardear & khai had to wait outside the studio for 2 hr plus for her to finish. I fell asleep promptly.

The 2 cuties came over my place again this weekend but they were pretty sick so didn't really play with them. I forgot to take photos for them cause really too busy. Jason kor came over to my place on saturday & stay overnight. We had fun talking nonsense.

Sunday morning, i went to my grandma place to send out invitation cards. After that, i sent my mum(Yes.. I've decided to talk to her again. Don't ask me why or i'll slap you.) to Bugis & proceeded to meet my good time old friends.

Only ah kwan, her husband Daniel & Liang Hao meet up with me. Peter was busy with something & couldn't meet us. We had dinner at Mr Bean & talk cock abit. After that, we went to fetch my mum again, send her to Plaza Sing then send ah kwan & Daniel home.

See? I'm such a nice girl but my mother arr... Don't know what to say. She had a quarrel with my sister & she told her "You continue to be like this, you'll go to hell like your sister!" Duh! What has it gotta do with me?

Everything was ok for the whole day. I was being nice to her & everything but she say this kind of thing. Wahahaha... Really damn funny. Don't know what her church teach her. City Harvest is even better than her church i think. They only exploit peoples' money. They don't teach people to curse.

Okay! Both are equally bad. 1 exploits money & the other teaches how to curse people. They should join forces to curse & exploit money.

Mum: Or i shall curse you to death!

Victim: No way! I will not give it to you!

Mum: Go to hell... Go to hell... Go to hell...

Victim: Waahhhhh.... I don't wanna die! Take all my money! Sob... Sob...

Kakakaka... Good right? It's such a good idea. City Harvest people if you ever read this & earn money from it, remember to split some to me cause it's MY idea. Muahahahaha... I'm such a evil person.

I realise that people will view my guestbook but nvr write in it. Totally defeat my purpose of setting up 1. It's for you to SIGN! NOT SEE SEE LOOK LOOK! So far, only fatso kor wrote in it. Unbelievable!

Talking abt fatso kor, really damn fucking pissed off with him. He told me he kena accident so out of concern, i ask him if anybody died in the accident because he did not say how major or minor was the accident but at least i bothered to ask. Instead, he msg me back saying "Ya la! You hope someone(meaning himself) will get injured izzit?"


Better don't tell me right? Chee bye kia! People concern liao still want talk like that then in the 1st place don't tell la. KNN! Know that he wronged me liao still don't wanna say sorry. Talk sarcastic somemore. Where got people like that 1? Go & die la! @$%#%^$&^$

Today was the worst day in my life. As grouchy old man believes alot in feng shui, he decided to have a renovation to shift the position of the doors in the lobby. The renovation starts today. Drilling right beside my receptionist desk.

Can you imagine all the drilling going on right in your ear? How to work like that? Plus there's 5 new worker starting work today so i need to orientate them & alot of people coming for interview today. Busy like fuck lor.

As it's getting more dusty, i decide to flee that area. I would be covered in dust if i continued staying there. The worst thing is that i had to clean up all the mess after the bloody renovation & it's not just today! I feel so exploited by the company.

There will be renovation going on for the next 1 week. I think i'm going crazy soon. My desk is being sealed up & i can't use it for the next 1 week. Gotta bring my laptop there. So ma fan. Sianz...

My hands are already beginning to feel rough after all the cleaning up today. I'm being tortured. I nvr need to do house work since young till now & nvr will i ever do it! But they made me do it at the office. So unfair! Waahhhh... I wanna cry.

Btw, does anybody still remember how to play Zero point? I bought a whole lot of rubber bands with my sister & finished making the so-called zero point thingy when we realised that we actually forgot how to play liao. Wahahaha... Sibei lame...

So... Can anybody out there who still remember teach me how to play? Leave me a comment or email me. Thanks alot!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

RK House - No PORK! (Full Version) with Subtitles

Damn freaking funny lar!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

*groans in agony* Back pain... New mattress so hard... I've been having sleepless nights... I bloody hate Seahorse! Seahorse my ass la. It's as good as sleeping on the floor. Don't know why they have to make their mattress so hard. I can't even bounce on it.

Too bad i'm poor la. What to do? Got seahorse good enough liao. Better than really sleeping on cold hard floor. Pui! If lao niang got money, i will buy the best mattress arr... King koil also better than stupid seahorse lor.

Sighz... Too bad la! I poor ma. If i am filthy rich, i'll buy a watery water bed & bounce the whole night until i sian & i'll prick the bed with pins until the bed burst then can become my private swimming pool liao.

Aiyah! Why i so poor leh? If i super duper rich hor, okay okay. I stop. This is getting irritating. But then hor... Why ar? Sighz... Can somebody tell me why ar? (my subconcious: SHUT THE FUCK UP LA! BITCH!)

Okay la! Shut up then shut up la. Don't talk then don't talk lor. I keep quiet lor.

Er... Can i talk now? I promise not to talk abt the mattress liao. I just hope i can get used to it soon. But hor... Really la really la... Last liao... I promise this is the last thing abt the mattress i'm going to talk abt.

I was complaining to deardear how uncomfortable the bed is then his mother come yak yak yak... "This bed good la. Good for you all young people. Now young must sleep this kind of bed then good for your bones ma. You know..."yak yak yak...

Chui gong lampa song(Hokkien)... I also know she meant good la. But i nvr say want waste money buy new bed ma. Complain abit will die meh? She try sleep on the mattress lor. Kao! Talk too much la!

Next is my father-in-law. I came to a conclusion that he bathes like a wild animal. Either that or he just gets a kick out of wetting the toilet bowl. I know my house toilet small la but if i can bath without wetting the toilet bowl then why can't he do the same?

Make it so difficult for me to go to the toilet without me getting my butt wet. Every morning when i wake up, i still need to grab toilet paper bend down & wipe the seat before i can pee in peace.

People wake up early in the morning very groggy 1 leh. Cannot let me just sit down peacefully & do my business meh? So selfish de. Next time i make his towel wet so he cannot dry his body after he finish bathing. (Haha! Just kidding! Deardear don't angry.)

Yesterday, i went for lunch with my colleagues, on my way to the particular store to order food, i went past this middle age uncle who is also q-ing up. Suddenly he look at me & say: " Wah! Your hair very nice hor?"


He scare the hell out of me man. I quickly walk towards the store i wanted to order from before he can talk to me again. Lucky 1 of my colleague, Janice is just in front of me. I thought he was gonna take my hair & smell lor.

Uncle, i'm the girl with the fiery red hair. If you ever read this, i wanna say thanks for such an exciting lunch experience leh. You scare the shit out of me.

Last night, i send my phone for repair. Gone case liao. So now using a lousy phone loaned from the shop. Sibei sian ar... Why i so suay 1? Really damn fucking suay. Don't believe me? Hah! You shall see.

On my way to fetch deardear after work today, i was cruising along lane 3, something splattered right in front of me on my wind screen. I thought it was just rain water but when i take a closer look, it's whitish in colour.


See la! Got so heng anot? Other cars don't kena but me only. Arghhhh... KNNBCCB! Where got not suay like that? It must be a hint for me to go buy 4D. If really strike, i must go & thank the bird liao. Thanks for giving me the luck. Please shit more on my car.

Back track abit, the FRESH birdshit actually not so disgusting compared to those already dried up. It looks abit like sperm. For those who doesn't know how sperm looks like*cough underage cough*, wait till you're older before finding out. I do not teach sex education here.

Alright! I've set up a guestbook. It's specially set up for those people who always read my blog but nvr like to leave comments despite me begging so many times. I just wanna know who reads my blog. Very difficult meh?

At least i know which friend has been reading or ever come across my blog so i can be careful with my words.*ahem!* For those who doesn't know me or i don't know you. Whatever la. It's the same. Please sign my guestbook as well & mayb we can be friends. =)

Okay! The link is just up there on the right side underneath my profile. So... What are you waiting for? Go SIGN it NOW!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I don't understand how some people can get offended over what i write in my blog. I think i've written over a million nasty things abt fatso kor, but i don't see him getting upset over what i wrote even though he knows some of his friends read my blog & he himself reads my blog too.

The point is, my blog is just a form of diary for me. To record whatever has happened in my life & thus the title Story Of My Life.

It's a source of outlet for me to vent my fustrations on. Just a part of my memory. After i finish ranting, i forget all abt it. I'm not the kind of person who bears grudges on everything & everyone. Why make my life so miserable?

There comes a day when i read back my blog & i can laugh at all the stupid things i ever wrote. I could have made my blog a private 1 but what's the point? Friends who know my blog will just link me on their website so they can read my blog & know how i'm doing even when they don't get to see me often & eventually, others will get to my blog thru the links on my friends website.

From my blog, they can see & as well as i can see too how much i've grown throughout the years so why get so agitated & take whatever i wrote so seriously? I'm not even writing abt being a racist or insulting other religions.

If it's an apology you want then I'm Sorry! I welcome anyone to read my blog but if you're not happy with my blog, you can always choose not to read it or if you insist in reading it, you can always leave me a comment. Don't go complain & make people ask me close down my blog.

I will not! I find it a ridiculous request just because 1 person don't like it. My blog is my own responsibility & so is the content inside. How abt reading some of the funnier entries i wrote? Laughters guaranteed!


Laugh Now!


Monday, January 22, 2007

Fuck Fuck Fuck! Arghhh! Damn the world! I hate this world! Aaahhhhh...(screams hysterically) Oops! Hope i didn't scare you guys. Was just letting off some steam.

Last saturday was suppose to meet my all time great sisters but as usual, they play me out. I only manage to meet 1 of them & also another friend of mine. Needed to pass out all the invitation cards. What a bloody waste of my time!

I travel all the way down to meet them but they nvr turn up & in the end i need to buy stamps so i can mail it to them. Fucking waste of petrol & stamps. Both also cost money lor. This people ar. Very selfish. Nvr spare a thought for me.

I shall post up nice nice pictures of those 2 who didn't waste my time travelling down later.

Was busy giving out invitation cards on the whole of saturday. Met 1 of deardear's friend Rachel. I must say she damn cute lor. Very small size & the way she talks is really like a comedian. Extremely hilarious. I'm beginning to like her & another 2 female friends by the name of Jing Jing & Ginny.

That night, i also saw a bangala kena knocked down. I mean i didn't see the process la but when i went pass that particular street, i saw a bangala lying down on the street but lucky he did not die cause i did not see the paramedics wrap him up. He was sent to the hospital instead.

I wonder what happen to the driver. A young chinese guy. He was sitting in the car looking very pale. Obviously he was still unable to get over the shock. Hmmmm... Whose fault leh? Didn't bother to ask.

Singapore law very unfriendly. Doesn't matter whose fault, as long you knock people down, your fault. I pity the chinese guy. He'll be very traumatized for the rest of his life.

In case you are wondering, the 2 cuties did not come due to some reason but they might be coming this week instead. Hooray!

On sunday, we went to have high tea to celebrate my sister's birthday. Lousy place. Not value for money at all. I only remember the place is located somewhere near Novena.

17 bucks for dried up siew mai, small bowl of laksa, small bowl of mee siam which taste extremely revolting, small bowl of prawn noodles, small bowl of porridge, tiny glass of orange juice & small bowl of ice kachang. The food totally sucks big time.

I shall also post up photos taken at the coffee house later. Now is time to complain. Okay la! I know la! I've been complaining since the beginning of this blog entry la but i still have lots more to complain.

This morning on my way to work, for those who don't know, i drive to work. My company is located at Tuas. I stopped at a traffic light with another car in front of me. Red light la. Don't need explain in details right? The driver suddenly open his door & SPIT!


I don't know what the hell is wrong with him lor. Spit right in front of me & his spit is white in colour abit like vomit like that. Once again, i would like to apologise to people who are eating right now. I too lost my appetite when i saw it. I am extremely tramautized. Somebody, please help!

Today very busy, total of 3 new workers & i had to give them orientation. Run up & down the office non-stop. Don't know today is i damn fucking suay or what. I freaking dropped my phone & now my LCD screen cracked.

Fuck Fuck Fuck! Arghhh! Damn the world! I hate this world! Aaahhhhh...(screams hysterically)

Okie! Time for some photos. Trying to make my blog seem more interesting with loads of photos of me but i reckon people will just stay away from my blog. Hahaha! (Kidding!)

I will not tramautize people with ugly pictures of me in this blog. I try put more mei nu photo ok?(wait till they see that i'm actually the ultimate mei nu) Ahem! Pardon me. I was just mumbling to myself.

Photo Session

Me & Kaiwen

This guy is 1 great joker. He & Jackson are best of friends. Nvr fail to make me laugh like a mad woman. Don't see his face black black, serious serious. When you know him, he is so damn funny.

His nickname is Chai la. Haha! When i 1st got to know him, i ask for his name & he ask me to chai la(guess) so i ask him the 2nd time & he still refuse to tell me & continue to ask me to chai la & therefore his nickname.

Jacinta & me

Jacinta is 1 of my sisters. There are another 3 whose names are Ling, Dilla & Poh Cheng. I do not have their photos so mayb another time. All 5 of us got to know each other working in the same company. We are Captain Planet! Haha! I can almost hear Dilla singing the theme song.

I always laugh at Jacinta say she flat chested but she very sporting. She nvr get angry but instead laugh at my pathetic joke. Where to find sisters like this? She damn good lor.

Chai la also works in the same company as us(but he left) & so is Jackson(an extremely caring & meticulous financial advisor. Need policy do look for him. He's da best!). Those are the happiest moment in my life. Jacinta is of cos the prettiest among us but she attached liao so don't ask me recommend her to you. Hands off!

Me & deardear (I look so fat!) =(

Sean(my brother) & me. He cute hor? But very naughty!

Okay! Being a very bad sister, i did not buy any presents for my sister. I know i'm baaaad. Stop reminding me. Anyway, her bf very romantic bring her go cable car dinner so i this sister no use liao la. I hope they don't look down & vomit.

So, if you happen to see my sister tonight, please wish her a very Happy Birthday!(Yes. Her birthday is today. 22nd Jan) Or you can leave a comment saying Happy Birthday to her. All help me wish her please... I shall post up a big big photo of hers in case you don't recognise her.















Doesn't she look adorable? (*snigger*)

Friday, January 19, 2007

I feel so damn fucking sad. Why is it that my parents love my brother more? Since young, me & my sister get caning whenever we do something wrong. There was once i was almost dragged to the girls home by my dad.

You guys must be thinking what the hell did i do right? I'm not gonna tell. It's something really bad. I don't even wanna think abt it again.

So to people who thinks i am mean & bad, think again. I was worse in the past. But then again, i was just writing out my feelings.

Is that wrong?

Isn't what my blog is here for? An outlet for me to vent my fustrations on. Is being straight forward wrong? I only speak my mind. I know i've hurt certain people by being mean but i'm like this. If i change, it won't be me anymore.

I also know that some friends have already boycotted my blog but it's ok. At least you don't get to see the mean things i write & therefore do not feel offended by it.

That's not the point. I digress too much. The point is why are they so nice to my brother? Not that i hate him of course. He's my brother & therefore i love him too. I just feel that the way they treat him is wrong & unfair. EXTREMELY UNFAIR!

In the whole of my school life, i may have been a problem child but i've nvr ever kena school caning be it public or private before. My brother just sec 2 only & he kena caning already. Yet, my father defended him when i suggest we use corporate punishment on him to make him feel scared.

Always ask me talk to him. Talk nicely. Don't scream at him. Don't beat him. He feels bad enough already. Blah blah blah...

Ya right! Can ask him to kiss my ass la.

TALK TALK TALK got what use? He also nvr listen. Here listen then go out from the other ear. Talk for what? Bloody hell! If he really will feel bad abt what he did, he wouldn't keep committing mistakes that would be fatal to his future.

This type of people nvr go jail won't learn their lesson de. Tell me la. WHO is the person that is suppose to guide him? His FUCKING MOTHER okay? What is she doing? Enjoying her fucking life & not caring abt what the world is happening out there.

Why must i be the 1 to clean up the shit when the person who gave him life doesn't even care? Fucking ridiculous okay? I am not GOD! I am a human too. I do not have special powers to make him listen to me. If i have such powers, i would make him disappear!

He has nvr been whacked in his entire life or 14 years to be exact.


Because his parents don't bear to hit him.


Because he is the ONLY son. Just because he has a fucking penis he can get away with all this.


He acts like a chao ah gua even when he has a penis. I suggest that he cuts it off.

He has nvr been thru what me & my sister gone thru which is why he is what he is today. Whose fault? Mine izzit? My fucking fault izzit? If not, then why do i have to be the 1 to discipline him? Just because i'm his elder sister?


I nvr need to discipline my sister much but look what has she turn out to? She has become more sensible & she knows how to think for herself. Lucky for her, she found a good bf who can take care of her.

What abt my brother? Do i need to find him a gf who is sensible enough to take care of him? Damn fucking sissy ok? Better stop studying, go be a giggolo & bring home some money so that his irritating mother don't make so much noise.

The problem is he nvr had a chance to go thru the harsh & maniac punishment my sister & i went thru therefore, he will nvr know what is PAIN! Why? Tell me why is the world so freaking unfair?


I may seem tough on the outside(which i definitely am), but i have my vulnerable moments too. Like i said, i am afterall NOT GOD! Will irritating people please leave me alone & do not let me see your ultimately stupid face? Do not attack me with stupid comments. I just wanna cry alone.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

No blogging tonight!
I'm too upset to think!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I saw something very funny today. It was totally hilarious. The hair salon i always go is located opposite my house under a hdb flat.

Today i went past that area after work & saw that the shops beneath were all closed. No lights at all then i realised that the whole block blacked out. So dark...

The next i saw was people sitting outside the salon cutting hair. Wahahaha... So funny. I couldn't resist but laugh out loud.

I wanted to take a picture of it to show de but it was too dark & my hp does not have flash equipped on it. You don't expect me to have a camera on me wherever i go right? Just try to use your imagination.

Anyway, i think the guy getting his hair cut must be feeling damn fucking paiseh lor. SO many people staring at him. If i were him, i would just pay up & leave but thinking back abt it, what happens if the hair looks ugly cause it's not complete yet? Look very half fuck hor?

So the question today is, if the same situation falls on you what would you do?
  1. Continue getting your hair cut outside the salon regardless of so many eyes staring & some sniggering in 1 corner or
  2. Pay up & walk away with a half fuck looking hair.

Please leave your answers in the comments. Must choose 1.

Despite me being so happy & mean abt the situation as i'm not 1 of those people involved, some muthafucker had to come & spoil my mood asking: "Very funny meh?"*gives a you so ridiculous look*

Fuck you ok? Stay far far away from me. I don't talk to people with no sense of humour. It's no wonder why you do not have a gf up till now. You've wasted like 23(oops! wrong), 24 years of your life slacking ard, gaining weight & finding excuses.


Girls do not like a guy who is fat & without a sense of humour. BORING!

What what? You don't expect your gf(if you ever have 1) to be the 1 to make you laugh do you, you bloody inconsiderate bastard.

Okay! That's it! Please answer the question above.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Can somebody tell me what the hell is wrong with having red hair or rather, being a red head? Why is there a worker making fun of me saying things like hong yun dang tou? Not that i mind but i have nvr even talk to him before.

Damn! Can't a person work in peace? Why can't he just mind his own business & leave me alone? What? Trying to hit on me izzit? Sorry but i'm MARRIED! Read this & eat yourself tonight.

Went for a smoking break & he saw me while leaving the company premises to go collect something. He actually "gostan" & drove towards me in his pathetic bike. Came over smiling & ask why i so lonely smoke alone. Why i nvr jio him go smoke.


Why must i ask him? Duh! I don't even him that well & i have nvr ever smoke with him before. What? Just because he made fun of me & i laugh at his joke make me his friend? HELLO! It's time to wake up! I laugh because i like to laugh. Not because i want to be friends with you.


Mayb i should just calm down. He got his well deserved punishment because it's raining heavily now & he's still out there. Bwahahaaha... Serve him right!


Why, you ask me. Cause i paid thousand over bucks to get a low quality cabinet. It's only less than 3 months & my cabinet is full of moldy molds! Plus there are TERMITES crawling all over my cupboard. Even my clothes also kanna.


I itch whenever i think of that huge pile of molds & stupid termites crawling all over my panties, bras, kotex & my beautiful clothes. I cringe whenever i think of whatever will happen if i unknowingly put on my panties, bras, kotex & beautiful clothes with those mold & termites on it.


The termites will climb into my *ahem!* & then i'll die because the termites eat all my insides. Eeewwww... I shudder at the thought of it.

Pardon me for those who are eating right now but i just couldn't resist it. Haha!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Had a busy weekend trying to be a nanny. Deardear's niece & nephew(twins) who are also my niece & nephew since i'm married to him. Okay. I know i'm talking rubbish here. They came over our place to stay for the weekend.

In case their parents ever come across my blog, i would like to say that they are 2 lovely angels. (Hah! Like real!) No! Not that i dislike them or what. I love them! They are a pair of beautiful twins & really adorable though sometimes they can be very naughty.

It's normal for kids to be naughty but they can get pretty irritating. They will wake you up early in the morning by jumping on you or take away your pillow so that your head slams right onto the bed(Ouch!) just so you can play with them. They ask alot of funny questions when you can't even understand half of what they are saying. They talk way too fast.

Ang moh kids. It's just so difficult to communicate with them. Still, they are adorable. Although deardear seems to be very fierce as an uncle to them, i can see that he loves them as much as i do.

There's 1 thing that i like abt them is that they can understand alot of things not many 4 yr old kids can. That's the diference between ang moh & asian kids. Their brain develop faster. Deardear's sister is really lucky to get married to an ang moh. I also want but can't. Haha! I can only dream abt it.

I went to get my hair done cause my wedding is coming soon. I do not want to go to my wedding with dull hair colours plus new year is coming. I'm too lazy to continue blogging so i shall post up some pictures of my hair & those 2 cute devil in disguise.

Before that, i would like to apologize for not putting up my holiday photos like i promise because i really do not want to see those pictures on my blog thus bringing back painful memories.

Photo Sessions


After (Nice?)

Deardear look so cute & me ugly. (Sorry it looks so blur. Hp resolution not very good.)

Haha! So cute!

Bleah! =p

I forgot to intro. Their names are Elle & Sam. I call them Ellen & Sammy!

OMG! I love them so much!!!

They'll be coming over again this weekend. More photos of them with a good quality camera. Next monday is my sista's 19th birthday but we'll be celebrating over the weekend. What should i buy for her? I'm on a tight budget. Can someone give me some opinions? Or mayb i should just ask her straight?

Friday, January 12, 2007

Was too tired yesterday so didn't blog. The previous night i slept at ard 2am cause i was watching a korean love story with my mother-in-law & the show is so nice till i'm not willing to go to bed.

I have a good mind not to go to work when i woke up yesterday morning but i can't. Must work then got $$$ ma. Still, i amazingly managed to survive till the end of the day.

Back to the show. I can't remember the shows' name but i do know it features Rain & some other actors & actresses whom i do not know & nvr heard of.

Rain is SO handsome in the show. I said in the show. I don't know what the hell happened to him now. Does not seem as handsome as in the show. Too tanned i guess. Anyway, i don't really like to watch korean shows & i don't like lovey dovey shows but this show is too good to be missed.

Have you ever think back to those days when you just started out with your bf or husband? Kinda lost those feeling already right? But this show actually brought back all my memories. I feel like a small girl again. Wahahaha...

This is lame. I'm self entertaining myself because i'm so bored. I'm lacking of caffeine within me. Help... I'm dying due to insufficient caffeine. The vending machine at the office ran out of coffee le.

I seriously think i should become Nescafe's spokesperson but we shall talk abt that some other time.

Let's talk abt work. Now i'm helping to do HR thing so got alot of new things to learn. Pretty cool in comparision to those daily routine but abit complicated lor. The 1st thing i learn is to help foreign workers apply work permit. Not easy wor.

I also need to contact the foreign workers etc... Next monday there'll be a new worker coming in & i actually managed to prepare all the neccessary documents. I amaze myself sometimes at how fast i learn.

Okay... That's very shameless of me.

I'll also need to give them orientation on their 1st day of work. I damn scared i cannot talk properly or trip & fall in front of them thus making a fool out of myself.

Back to work. Will blog again after i get my coffee & feeling more energetic.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is to add on to yesterday's entry. Just for recording purposes because i thought it was a rather funny for myself.

Last night, i acted like a spoilt brat....... Okay... Mayb i am a spoilt brat. What with so many people pampering me, how can i not be spoilt?

That's not the point.

The point is, last night, being a spoilt brat that i am, refuse to sleep so deardear had to coax me like a baby.

He played peek-a-boo with me & made all kind of funny faces to make me laugh. It was really funny. What more can i ask for in a husband?
What shall i say? I've been very forgetful nowadays. I always can't remember what i want to say. Things can happen & 5 mins later i forget.

Er... What did i say just now? Shit! I hate myself!

Cigarettes are killing my brain cells. Mayb i should smoke less. NAH! Impossible! Not when all your colleagues know you smoke & always jio you for smoking session.

Sorry hor. I'm a person who cannot resist temptation so don't tell me how i must have a will to quit. It's bullshit! Ok. That's not the point of today's entry.

What i wanted to blog today is... Bloody hell! I forget again. Let me think.

Erm... Ok. Something to celebrate abt. I got my internet account at office loh. Supervisor apply for me cause need to go MOM website help foreign workers apply work permit. For now don't need so can use to surf web & chat with my daddy on MSN.

Yesterday was the 1st time i had a meeting with the BIG boss aka grouchy old man. Anyway, he's very gentle with girls. He's just fierce with guys.

Er... That's not the point either. I just wanted to say that it was the 1st meeting i had with him though it's not official. Just for recording purposes.

I thought he was gonna shout at me or something since that's what he always do in meetings cause everytime i walk past the meeting room, that's what i see. I can even hear it from outside. Imagine how LOUD it is.

So, like i said. He's very gentle with girls. The main purpose of the meeting is for me to pass on my timesheet to 1 of the manager to do since people from the production side doesn't want to co-operate with me or as they claim, they are always too busy.

The manager just took over the thing & the "boss" expect to have a report by tomorrow morning. Poor thing.

Why is it that people by the name of Kian Boon is always so fucking suay ard me? I simply cannot understand. Our 8 characters don't match or what? Please enlighten me if you know. They should change their name. It's bringing them bad luck.

I'm so sorry you now have to take over the shit i went thru Mr Roger, Ng Kian Boon. I doubt he'll ever come across my blog so it doesn't really matter. I tried my best to help but grouchy old man order me not to help. Oh well... I wonder what he did to make "boss" want tekan him until like that.

Hmmm... This senario... Sounds pretty much like what is happening to someone i know. Ok. Let's not go into that shall we? I don't feel like giving any sarcastic remarks today.

In fact, i've been feeling pretty moody this few days. Mayb it's the weather, mayb not. I think i need some kind of entertainment to cheer me up like mayb go for a drink or spin(hint). Something did cheer me up a little today.

My hermit crab went into the moulting stage!

Totally cool if you ask me. Initially i was shocked to see the outer shell of the crab. I thought my crabby died but when i saw it lying few metres away then i knew. That must be the old shell after it moulted.

Right now, it's just very translucent. Have to wait for it's exoskeleton to harden before putting it back together with it's friends. Arbo if they hurt it during its' most vulnerable stage cham arr... I don't want my crabby to die. See? I'm a person with compassion so i'm not that mean afterall.

CHANGE... I say, change your thinking of me. I'm always repeating myself. I'm only mean & evil selectively. NOT EVERYTIME!

So, now i don't need to do timesheet le, can help my supervisor do HR work le. But she have not compile the things she want me to do yet cause still need to discuss with grouchy old man so i was practically free to do anything i want today.

Yup... Apart from surfing web, what else can i do? Okay. I did help do something today la. I help to label keys & calculate the number of OT hours for contract workers. Nothing else. *Yawn!*

Thanks to friends who are concerned abt me for the previous entry. I appreciate it. Why do people only leave comments when it's something sad & serious? Friends who try to talk me out of it. Pls save your energy & forget it. I don't need it.

If you want to make me laugh & be happy, i welcome you with both arms opened. Don't try to change my mind abt this. You're just wasting your breath. What i need is comforting words & words of encouragement.

I don't really like people being mushy towards me so a joke that can make me laugh till my jaw drop will do. =)

Monday, January 8, 2007

8th Jan 2007 A great day to remember…

Today is the starting point of my life as a child without a mother. So to put it in correct words, I would be an orphan since my father is seldom ard. I have plans to disown my mother the legal way. Do any of you know any lawyers? What are their fees like?


Before you start thinking I’m foolish to be doing this, let me tell you that I did not ask for it. My mum forced into this. She was the 1 who openly declared that she regret giving birth to me, told me that I can don’t acknowledge her & that now she nvr wants to talk to me again plus she said she will not attend my wedding.

I’m not the least bit upset abt it. I knew this was coming sooner or later. Just waiting for the time when it happens. I’m glad to get out of her torturing nonsensical ways of saying & doing things. Those who don’t believe me can tell me. I can show you all the messages she sent. I do not like people to threaten me. My wedding will not fail to go on smoothly because of her.

I know she will nvr get a lawyer to disown me because she scared people say it’s her fault & that she’s not a good mother. Like she has ever been a good mother to us. So, I’m just doing her a favor by initiating the legal way of doing it. She should be happy.

Daddy told me that she said all that in a moment of anger. Like I care. Since when did she listen & understand that people say things out of anger? She can do it then others cannot. Selfish little spoilt brat. She always thinks she is so right. She always say people revengeful & bear grudges when she herself is like this.

Did she ever admit her mistake? NO! She doesn’t even bother. She got so obsessed with her fucked up god that she thinks she can get away with everything she does.

How would you feel if your mum ever told you that she is unable to show love to you because she has nvr received love from others? Do you think she’s selfish? If you think she is then I shall expect you to understand how I feel but if you think she’s not & that I’m making a hill out of a molehill, then you are probably the fucked up god she worships.

I thought all mums are great because they continue to love their children no matter what happens. They do not ask for anything in return. They give love regardless whether you need it or not. They do not get jealous of their own kids. They do not argue over small little things that only small kids would fight over with their kids. I want this kind of mother.

Apparently, this is not the case on my family. Whatever happened to Shi Shang Zi You Ma Ma Hao? Bullshit is what I think it is. Whoever wrote that song is a liar. He/she should take a look at how many different kind of mother there are on this world before deciding that all mothers are great. His/her mother is good doesn’t mean all mothers are like this. I had a lousy 1 so how do they explain it?

She told me not to regret it. I was like regret what? You are the 1 who said all this rubbish & you tell me not to regret it. It should be the other way round. I hope she does not regret losing me as a daughter cause I’ll nvr turn back again.

She thinks that just because she say things out of anger then everything will be fine after awhile. She’s so wrong. I think she deserves some kind of punishment. This time I shall make whatever she say come true because I truly believe that no matter how angry a person is would nvr say this kind of thing to their children. She has got too much hatred in her because she bears too much grudges.

She keeps provoking me again & again. She nvr keeps her promises. I do not want a mother who only cares for herself. I had enough of her. This is the last straw. I’ve tried to be nice & care for her. I tried to turn the other cheek but there’s only so much a human can bear.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Today is a lazy day. Feel like doing nothing but just rot ard at home. Nice cool breeze blowing thru the windows while i'm lying comfortably on my bed. Brings back fond memories of my secondary school days. How wonderful. No worries. Suddenly i feel so old.

I also realise that actually i have alot of friends reading my blog. Just that i don't know abt it. Why don't you guys write me a comment so that i'll know who has been here? Don't just read my blog secretly. Give me comments on how you feel.

If my blog sucks, let me know.

If my blog is funny, let me know.

If my blog is interesting, let me know.

If my blog offended you in any ways, let me know.(Fatso kor, you can't complain cause without you, my blog will not be funny anymore. That is a compliment. Muahahaha...)

On any particular entries that you like or have any comments abt it, DO write. I welcome anybody & everybodys' comment.

I don't care who you are, whether if you love or hate my blog. I would love to see your comments. I want to know whose been here & how you feel, so please... The comment link is just a click away. I would appreciate all those who read my blog & leaving me valuable comments even if you just happen to come across my blog.

Friday, January 5, 2007

I guess this will an entry of complaints. Please bear with me. It'll be pretty short i guess.

Remember my previous entry abt me bringing my brother to the movies? I just remember something that irritated me badly while i was in the cinema. See how short term my memory is?

Anyway, back to the cinema. There was this mother & 2 sons that came into the cinema & sat behind us. I shall not mention the race. People who are interested in knowing can leave me a comment to ask. The 2 kids were damn fucking irritating. The moment their ass touches the seat, they shouted: "Mummy, i can't see!"

Fuck! They made it sound as though it's my fucking fault. I would gladly love to exchange seats with them. Who the fuck would want to seat 4 rows away from the screen? Got back seat still want complain. Sit properly la. Don't slouch you lazy asshole.

In the end, i was the 1 slouching so those 2 fuckings kids can watch the show. Ooooohhh... How my back hurts. I feel so stupid.

I made fun of them right in front of their faces. I turn to my brother & say to him: "Help! I'm blind! I'm blind! I can't see!" I don't know if they heard it but me & my brother was laughing all the way till the show started.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with drivers nowadays. It seems that all kinds of cars are picking on me. The tailgate me. They overtake me. Damn! I hope they all get into a chain crash. All the cars that are involved in the chain crash are no one else except those that ever disturbed me.

I've stopped doing all those funny things to people so why are there people trying to disturb me? Look down on me cause i'm a woman driver? Hah! Obviously you don't know me & my driving skills. Am i suppose to go back to the old way so i bully instead of getting bullied?

Friends out there please leave me a comment to let me know how you feel. Is that what i'm supposed to do?

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Very upset. Very tired. Very fustrated. Cried out gallons of tears. All in 1 day. I think i'm going crazy soon.

Mum was admitted to the hospital last night due to severe pain in the abdomen. Doctor did an x-ray & it shows a lump. Suspect to be stone in the kidney but can't be sure. Need to wait for an appointment to go urology & let some specialist do the detailed check ups.

Pissed me off badly by saying she wants to die. Feel like strangling her to death.

She can push all the blame to me for all I care. It ain't my fault & she knows it. I think she's just going mad. She is always mad. I really don't wanna care. They can divorce all they want.

1st day back at work. Abit lost cause holiday too long le. Still the same. Boring. No internet access which is totally ridiculous. Feel like Santa Claus giving away presents that I bought for my colleagues.

1st time i actually talk to me BIG boss aka the grouchy old man. He was laughing at my parking skills. Hey! I can park well ok? I was just rushing to clock in so chin cai park 1st. How can laugh at me? Damnit!

Fatso kor called me today & asks me a extremely sophisticated question. “Do you want to go cycling?” I am seriously APPALLED ( hope I spell it correctly) by that question. Since when did he become so enthusiastic abt working out?


My guess was correct. His new year resolution would to be SLIM DOWN. Haha! I can go become fortune teller liaoz. Good for him though. BUT i was still doubtful therefore I dare him to bet with me.

If he can slim down by the end of this year, i'll pay for any modifications he want to do to his car plus 3 car wash which includes waxing. BUT, if he loses the bet, he'll have to give me his car. So guess what? He refuse to take up the bet with me.

How disappointing. Obviously he is not confident abt winning the bet cause his resolution to slim down is just temporary. He'll be back to his old self in no time. Duh! Stop lying to others & to yourself.

Went home to see my mum & she was again on her crazy senseless rampage. Insisting that my father has an affair outside when she have no evidence at all. She, having an affair outside doesn’t mean others will do the same as well. What stupid mentality she has.

Tried to commit suicide by mixing her stupid Choya drink which is so called alcoholic Japanese drink & pills together.

Double duh!

Snatch the bottle away from her & thus resulting a cut in my finger instead. Does she not feel happy until the day my wedding is being destroyed by her? I really don’t understand her anymore.

Is this what GOD teaches her? I'm nvr ever stepping into church again. She only knows how to see fault in others but nvr herself. Why so selfish? Always creating stories just to draw attention to herself. Doesn't she realize the consequences of lying? I did something that i shouldn't do. I gave her 2 slaps to wake her up.

She always say that we turn our backs on her but what she didn't realize is that she is the 1 that turn her backs on us.

Very disappointed with her. As much as I would like to help her but if she doesn't help herself then no one can do anything to help her anymore. There's always a limit to what 1 can do.


Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Was pretty busy yesterday. Brought my brother to watch this:

It was pretty funny or should i say it was truly hilarious. People who are depressed should watch this show. I guarantee you laugh till your jaw drops.

After we got out from the theatre at the end of the show, guess what i saw?


A beautiful, lovely, enchanting rainbow. I haven't seen a rainbow for ages. Here you go:

Isn't it beautiful?

Okay. Something weird happened. My mum actually called us out for new year dinner. I suggested Pasta Mania since we are at West Mall & she actually said okay & she even treat us eat though it cost near $100 without making noise. We decide to treat her drink coffee bean then.

Before that, we "kop" pasta mania's dessert cup cause it look so cute. What a great way to start a new year.

We went to Jason father's funeral but me & deardear did not step into the tent. We just stood outside & talk to him.

After that, we went home to play mahjong with my mum. I guess she needed the company from us.

Today, i accompany deardear to get a haircut & spend the rest of the day writing invitation cards. Deardear refuse to help me write saying that his hand writing sucks so i ended up with blisters on my fingers. Busy calling all my friends to get their surname.

Just finish writing my friends name. Some did not answer call so can't write yet. Tonight my mum is coming over & i have to write for all my relatives. Shag man.

Getting married is such a pain in the ass. I nvr want to attend weddings again.

I've made a few new year resolutions not just for myself but also for some of the people i know.

We shall talk abt my new year resolutions 1st & it would be:

  1. Strive to become a tai tai asap.
  2. Try not to be so mean & evil towards "some people" (A bit hard)

Deardear's new year resolution would be:

  1. Work hard & earn more money so that he can fulfil my wish to become a tai tai.

Gracie's new year resolution would be:

  1. Find a job & stay employed as long as she can.

Khai's new year resolution would be:

  1. Same as deardear except it's for my sister to become tai tai & not me.

Sean's new year resolution would be:

  1. Study hard & not be so mischievous. Listen to whatever his mother & sisters say.

Last but not least, Fatso kor's new year resolution(but i think it'll be hard for him to do so cause he's a person with no moral):

  1. Don't be so gay.
  2. Stop being a hypocrite.
  3. Keep his promises.
  4. Be a good friend. (eg. Don't talk bad behind people's back.)
  5. Don't fly people aeroplane.
  6. Don't borrow money from people because of overspending on useless things(like his car).
  7. Stop being so irritating.
  8. Stop being so busybody.
  9. Stop procrastinating.
  10. Stop complaining. Don't complain, complain & complain how life is miserable. Everyone is the same. You are not the only 1. There are others who are far worse than you are.
  11. Last of all & also the most important... SLIM DOWN!!!

Bwahahahaha... How true... I never lie. I guess my new year resolution number 2 can't be fulfilled but it doesn't matter. Who cares?

What's your new year resolution? Leave me a comment.

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