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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I finally fell sick. Was having fever, headache, flu & cough yesterday. What a combo. Felt groggy the whole day. Went to see a doctor but end up listening to him talk nonsense.

Went to meet a friend, Levin for dinner at West Mall. He came all the way from Hougang to meet me so he can pass me the angpow for my wedding. So nice of him. He was unable to turn up on my wedding but he still give me angpow.

Unlike some people. Never come & nvr call to inform then don't even bother to give angpow. This type of people buay paiseh 1. They will get their punishment de. The same thing will happen on their wedding. Better still, nobody will turn up for their wedding at all.

Sorry guys. Too busy to upload the photos. I'm a procrastinator. Really sorry abt it. Will do it asap.

Actually i don't understand why i must put photos on my blog. It is such a hassle to upload all the photos into the com then into the blog. Not that i have alot of photos la but uploading them is really troublesome especially if you have a com that works real slow.

Okay! Partly it's because i'm lazy too but i thought people comes to my blog to read my thoughts & what i have to say. Is having photos really that important?

Anyway, since i promise le i'll try to do it. I shall not procrastinate any further.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Phew! It's finally over! My wedding has been a happy 1. Now i got nothing more to worry abt except clearing debts.

I wanna give a big thanks to those who help out at the wedding & those that attended the wedding. You guys make my day. I'm the most happy & xin fu girl ard. Love you guys! Let me present to big kiss to everyone.


I'm too happy for words. I'm also very angry with those who did not turn up & yet did not inform as well. I hope the same thing happens to you on your wedding day as well.

More photos coming up after i'm done with uploading all into the com. Have to work right after my wedding. Sian... My manager mei you ren qing wei.

Alright! Will try to post up the photos asap. Meanwhile, i'll still blog as per normal till i'm done with the uploading.

Once again, thanks for making me the happiest girl ard. =)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some people are still on holiday whereas some people have started work. I'm still on a holiday mood but here i am, sitting in the office doing work. Sickening man...

Actually it's not that bad ba. I stay at home also do nothing de but at least i come work got ang pow from BIG boss & a lunch treat at some restaurant at Tuas from my small boss.

Not bad leh. Got lao yu shen, sharksfin soup, softshell crab, crispy chicken, steam fish, scallop with fa cai, prawns, mian xian & dessert.

Tan dio leh. But i'll be on leave again tomorrow. Hahaha! So many things to do but so little time. Sibei sian.

I just realise that nobody bother to leave comments saying Happy Chinese New Year to me wor. I guess everybody must be busy collecting ang pow & gambling just like me. Nobody will bother abt me. I'm not that popular afterall.

Lots of things to do. Busy busy busy... Gotta go. See ya guys again.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hey Hey Hey!!!


Haven't been blogging for days. Sorry guys. Very busy collecting ang pow(my last year... sob.. sob..), gambling & of cause preparing for my wedding. So fast. 4 more days & i'll officially be Mrs Woo. No longer single. No freedom. Go thru pains of childbirth in years to come. Clean my babies shit.


Somebody please save me. Hahaha! Okok... I gotta go soon. Must go win big money! There's alot i wanna blog abt but just can't find the time. Please forgive me. I'll try to update asap. Gambling is a very big temptation for me. See ya guys soon! With lots of photos. *wink*

Thursday, February 15, 2007

You people out there very mean. Nobody except Jackson wish me Happy Valentine's Day. Bah! So be it! Nothing's gonna make me unhappy today cause daddy's coming back today! Woohoo! Happy like fuck!

His time back is pretty short so i must faster get him to play mahjong with me then i can cheat all of his money. Heh heh heh! I must jiayou! Gambatte!

Today, there's a agency coming to our company to do a video shoot of the production floor for some career fair held at Suntec City. I did not expect them to be shooting the recep as well. I became a star. Haha!

It's not easy ok? They only shoot the image but no sound de but we still had to pretend we were talking so the girl who pretended to walk in to look for somebody had to talk nonsense with me because we didn't know what to do.

It was extremely awkward as we don't really know each other. It was pretty hilarious la. Both of us just stood there stare at each other smiling & talk like as though she's really looking for someone.

I couldn't bear with the suspense of smiling like a fool so i just blurted out to the lady saying, "Lunch time le. You hungry anot?" I think she almost burst out laughing & spoil the whole thing. Lucky she did not & held on to her breath.

I think i'll look pretty ugly in the video shoot but still i must say. Go to the career fair at Suntec on the 1st - 4th of March. I this da mei nu will be appearing on the bigass screen of Suntec City. I myself will make an appearance there to check out the video shoot.

Who knows i might get talent scouted. Haha... Just a dream. Don't fucking laugh at me. 1 cannot day dream izzit?

Hee! I'm a star for my company! Must ask them to increase my pay. *snigger*

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Everybody wish me Happy Valentine's Day! MUST wish! Arbo i don't friend you all already! Geez! I sound like a small kid. Wish me la! Hahaha... Zhu you qin ren zhong chen juan shu!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It finally rained after weeks of hot humid stupid weather. Sun burning down on my beautiful skin. I was abt to get a stroke & die of dehydration & was cursing & swearing abt the weather then it started raining.

Woohoo! Call me the lady of rains! Wahahaha... I'm amazed at how lame i can be sometimes. Okay. Not so funny. My brain juice has been drained out due to my wedding. Busy busy busy! I hope my life will be easier after the whole shit is over.

I've got nothing much to blogged abt except that last night i was chased out of my mum's home. Haha! Not like what you think la. Just that my brother FINALLY has got balls to sleep on his own, therefore, he's taking over my room. So i gotta clear out whatever rubbish i still have there.

Bah! Sons! The world is so unfair. Daughters are worthless & sons are precious. Somebody throw me into the rubbish bin please. I'm worthless. I'm as good as a piece of shit! No! WAIT! I forgot. Shit can be used to fertilise plants & veges.

Did i just spoil your appetite? Nvm abt that. After awhile, you'll still continue to eat veges cause veges are GOOD for your health so therefore shits are useful & healthy. Haha! I'm amazed with my intelligence.

Do not come tell me that there's still soil. Soil do not provide as much protein as shit does BECAUSE shit comes from all the protein we take into our body plus it's natural & not artificial. Therefore, i proclaim that my theory is right. I've gone temporary deaf as you blabber on how good soil is compared to shit!

Er... Why am i talking abt this? I was suppose to talk abt my stupid, idiotic, nonsensical didi taking over my room! I CAN'T STAND IT! He look so fucking yaya last night. He's even painting the room a bright shade of ORANGE!!!

The horrors of all horrors. That is such a disgusting colour. Is it suppose to be festive colour for chinese new year? He's also asking his gay friend(kidding) to stay over after he's done with his so called major make over to the room.

I guarantee they can't sleep thru the night without getting their eyes hurt due to the glaring colour. In the morning when they wake up, it'll be even best. They will become half blind. Haha! You know what i'm trying to say la.

Where got romantic like that? Next time if he got gf liao how? He bring his gf home & she sees the colour she'll go like "Eeewwww... So bright! How to make love like that? Is like making love in broad daylight. I DON'T WANT! ROARRRRRRR!!!"

All his gf will leave him 1 by 1 & all he's left with is his gay friend who will always be there for him. Hahaha! This is getting ridiculously lame.

I said before already. I've got nothing much to blog abt except my wedding preparations which i'm too lazy to talk abt already & most probably you people out there are tired of listening to it. It's always do this do that blah blah blah... Never-ending story.

I think i'm getting some kind of pre-marriage phobia. I have no appetite to eat & i feel very dizzy. As the days draw nearer, the more nervous & agitated i got. I got a feeling i might just concuss on the day of my wedding.

Nvm abt that. I'll try to overcome the feeling. Should concentrate more on how to tekan him on that day. My dear jie mei's on that day! Quan kao ni men le! Hahaha!

There's something i wanna complain abt. Why nobody give comments on my new specs? Yeah lar. Although i myself think it's nice but still can give comments right? I wanna know how you feel abt it ma. I feel so hurt. Nobody cares whether i have a new specs or if i got a boob job.

Boohoohoo... Sob sob... Waaahhhhh... WHY? WHY? WHY?

Okay. I'm kidding abt the boob job. I don't need it. Mine is too big already. Wahahaaha... I'm giving all of you a 2nd chance. Tell me if i look good in my specs ok? Don't disappoint me.

Friday, February 9, 2007

I feel so lazy to blog nowadays. Mayb it's just because i have nothing interesting happening in my life or mayb i'm just overloaded with work. Help me! I'm drowning in my own misery. Been feeling really listless. Mayb it's the stress coming from my wedding day. So many things, so little time.

I think this shall be a really boring entry. I think i will just post up some photos. I've been procrastinating abt doing a recommendation of my colleagues for a long long time. 1 who has left the company ask how come still nvr see his photo on my blog. I'm so sorry wilson. I will do it now.



She complains that this photo is too fat so i shall change another nicer 1 for her.


Better? All thanks to my superb taiko photography skills. Haha! So sad that she's leaving us soon.

Siew Ling!

A very nice lady. She's leaving us soon too. Very sad...


Also a very nice lady who just got married!


My best sista! Haha! She is 1 damn funny lady can? She always kena bully by Christopher de but she don't really care. See how happy she is?


Don't really know him but can see he quite nice la. Already left the company & is the 1 who ask me why nvr see his photo on my blog. Haha! There you go wilson. This is for you.


He is 1 mean guy. Remember i used to say he is a very sweet guy? I Was WRONG! Haha! Actually he can be very nice la. He just like to disturb Janice though it's rather mean of him saying that she's fat & all. He also very vain de. You don't believe? I show you!

See how vain he is? Goodness gracious me! He must be thinking "See? I so handsome. Everyone wants a piece of me." He is vain & mean & bhb! Hahaha! I hope he doesn't see this.

Also called Chris!

A very quiet guy. Same age as me & Sherry but still younger than us by a few months. Our long term temp guy here. Always keep to himself but like to eavesdrop on us whenever we talk & laugh to himself. I tell him don't kaypo but he say he's learning things from us. OMG! I must have taught him alot of bad things then. Teeheehee...

JJ or Double J!

Production's Supervisor. A very hardworking & funny man! I don't know if i'm allowed to post his picture cause i nvr ask for his permission but should be ok la. He will nvr come across my blog cause i think he doesn't surf net & he spends most of his time at work.

Ah Chuin!

My part time bf or so they say. Haha! JJ's right hand man. We very close to each other cause when i 1st came, he n i worked together on some timesheet thingy. Now no more le but we still very good friends. Can you believe that he's younger than me? I can't lor. But it's the truth! He's only 22 this year. What the hell happen to him? Where did his youth go? I really wonder.

Last but not least,

















Hehehe... I'm part of the company staff so must put my photo in also. Okay la. I can't help it la. I can't believe how good i look in those specs. Haha! Ok ok. I stop my nonsense.

This few days, Vincent kor & Lawrence came to look or me. I think they are the only guy friends now that i know whom drive bikes & i love sitting on their bikes! I'm a bike lover! Don't know when will be my turn to ride on 1 myself. Enough said. Here are photos of them.

Vincent Kor.

Always like to act shuai when taking photos then say he by nature is shuai de. Can't stand him. Woooo... Hahaha... K la! He damn handsome la can? Kor don't whack me!

Kor & me!

Stupid sleepy face. Take photos with me so boring meh?

Lawrence & me!

I can't stand it! Arghhhh!!!!! Both take photos with me both also sleepy face. Damn! I wanna slap their faces.

I can't believe this started out as a rather boring entry. I guess photos does make it seem more interesting. That's it! More photos in the future.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I had a wonderful day on saturday even though i was extremely tired. I was basically earning OT for nothing. Was there looking at the workers moving the tables & re-arranging them. I was just there as a supervisor. Of cause i did help to clean up my area la.

I also watch people from the production side doing their work. Now i finally know how the cover of a CPU is being made. Looks pretty fun though they claim that it's dangerous work. You may hurt yourself in the process if you're not careful enough.

Well... Accidents do happen. I've seen a few already. It's not that bad actually if you take precaution measures to put on your PPE & be really careful! But it's really fun! It's a kind of experience for me. I even get to operate the machines under supervision.

Sunday was just boring. Busy running up & down giving out invitation cards. Getting married is really a pain. You gotta plan this & that. When you have a husband who doesn't help out, it just makes the whole task even harder. I still think it's worth it when my wedding day comes.

The renovation is finally over & i can finally move all my things back to the reception. Yeah! Once again, freedom is MINE!

Work is still kinda the same. Running up & down everyday. I'll be really surprised if i don't slim down. So many things to remember. I think my brain is packed full of work stuff liao. Still, i tend to forget things.

Like today, 2 workers are supposed to go collect their work permits but i forget to give them their medical report which is required by MOM. Damn! Lousy me! I made them go on a wasted trip.

I feel so bad. So i told my manager to write an authorization letter & i go collect for them tomorrow. I think that's the best i can do for them.

Anyway, i ordered a new specs a few days ago & i went to collect it last night. Oooohhhh... I love my new specs. Make me look like a teacher. Hahaha! I'm going to post up a picture of me wearing the specs. You guys tell me nice anot okay?


Nice anot? Let me know okay? Leave me comments.

p/s: I know. My hair colour is dropping off. Don't remind me again. Sad enough... I'm gonna go kill my hairstylist now.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

I realise there was something wrong abt my last entry. It was abt the Singapore Soccer Team. I was very tired when i blog so didn't really bother to see what i was typing.

Abt the soccer thing... Nono! DOn't get me wrong. I like watching soccer too but just not Singapore's match. They totally suck big time. A total disgrace to Singapore. It's just my point of view so Singapore Soccer Team fans don't get pissed off with me.

Yes. So what if i'm a Singaporean? Doesn't mean i have to support them if they are really lousy. It's my freedom to support who i choose. In fact, i don't like asian soccer matches. Just don't understand why there are still people who so lame will go & watch.

Fatso kor has disappeared into thin air. No la. I still receive news abt him but is all bad things. He is in deep shit. He signed 14 extras. 7 for rusty weapon 7 for booking out when he's not supposed to.

Why? Cause he is banned from booking out of camp until he pass his IPPT. Haha! Serve him right! Don't think i'm heartless. Just that don't know how many times we warn him already. 1 more time he can clean his arse & go DB to make it his 2nd home liao.

I highly doubt he can clear cause he is even too lazy to take a walk. I think he should be born as crippled & sit on a wheelchair since he like to sit on wheels most of the time. Sighz... See la. He & his stupid new year resolution. I just knew he couldn't do it.

If he were to really take up the bet with me, i would have won a car liaoz. But i know that he knows he cannot do it. Chui gong lampa song ma. That's why he don't dare take up the bet with me. He's just a lazy bastard. Muahahahaha...

Lucky he not my bf. Arbo is sibei siasuay. Got no face to face my friend & tell them my bf is a fucking fat ass lazy bastard who has boobs(going to be) as big as mine. Lucky he now no gf. I will pity her very much. Her life will be so damn miserable.

Why waste her time with a guy who knows nothing & care abt his car more than he does for his gf? Girls please stay far away from him until he decides to be a normal human again. Kor, you may think i'm extremely mean but this is punishment for not listening to my words.

You really wanna get kicked out of camp before you even finish serving your time there? Where are you gonna find the money to pay back whatever you have taken from the army? Bond fee is 10k if i'm not wrong. You gonna sell your ass? You sell also nobody will take lor.

You must be thinking that they are just talking cock & won't really do it. You still think that your CSM or OC will help you. I've talked to your CSM before. I can sense that he really give up hope on you liao. Don't wait till things happen then make noise. Nobody can save you by then.

This is no joking matter. I hope you can get your bloody fat ass off the couch & buck up. This is not the end of the world. I sincerely believe you still have hope. You just gotta make the effort.

You think it's an honour that everyone in the whole bloody camp knows who you are? Famous for the totally wrong reason. Stop finding excuses for yourself. Don't always push the blame to other people. It's nobody's fault but yours.

I'm not gonna be nice to you anymore until i see that you change. I can go to the extend of banning you from my wedding & nobody can do anything abt it. I'll inform your CSM that you won't be turning up for my wedding so you can slowly serve your time doing duty in camp.

STOP using my wedding as an excuse to run away from duty. An idiot will know that there's nothing more to do after the wedding banquet ends so are you treating your CSM like an idiot? Don't be too much! You will end up getting yourself into trouble. NOBODY will help you!

Okay. Enough abt that. Shall talk something abt work. Being a HR is seriously not easy. You have a whole lot of responsibilities. Apart from applying work permit to preparing appointment letters & orientate them, you gotta care abt the worker's welfare but yet can't let them climb over your head.

Some workers went missing today & i had to go ard the whole factory to look for them. When confirmed that they are not there, i have to call them. Guess what? All malays.

Although i admit i'm pretty racist but i know not all malays are this bad. I've seen a few who can really work. It's a partial of this people that spoil the reputation & image for their race. Sad to say but that's the truth.

I do have malay & indian friends but it's those that i mention who has got an attitude problem that i don't like. Bleah! The world is just so full of different kinds of people. Some chinese are like that too. People!

I'm not saying i'm the best or what but at least i know what i should do & i do it. I do have a sense of responsibilities no matter how spoilt i am but sad to say, that only applies on work & not my family. Sorry deardear!

Alright! On a happier note, the renovation is almost done BUT i have to go back tomorrow to clear up the mess. What the hell? I am no maid or cleaner. Why must i do the dirty job? Well... I shall do it for the sake of money.

What? Of cause i'm getting paid la. OT ok? 1.5x hor. Who don't want? If not for the money, why do you think i would want to go back? Crazy! I rather stay at home sleep. I got better things to do than to do cleaning up.

I am no household chores person. I'm a princess. At least to my father & deardear. Doesn't matter if you think i'm not. I don't give a damn nor do i really care abt what you think of me.

It's 2.33am in the morning & i'm supposed to wake up at 8am. Oh dear! I think i'm gonna yawn & suck in all the dust when i clean up. Gotta go sleep before i turn into panda.

Seeya again & oh! Remember to find me if you need any cross stitch done. Okok! Money back guarantee if you still don't trust my skills though i must say that you'll definitely be satisfied with my work.
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