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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hey! It's been a long since i sat down in front of my com writing my blog. Life still sucks as much as before. Everything is still the same.

I'm pretty sick & tired of my life. I don't know why i have to go thru all this shitty phase of life. Can somebody tell me why life sucks so much?

I don't even know why i'm still living in this world. I wish i was nvr born at all. I don't wanna come to this world & suffer. I'm not Jesus Christ.

I'm no saint & i'm definitely not perfect. Nobody is perfect in this world. Everybody makes mistakes. At least i'm not a rapist or murderer.

Why can't we just take things easy? Live & let live. Why force me into the corner where i can't run or escape? I've already apologise so what more?

Families don't bear grudges. There's no overnight hatred. Why make things so complicated? Just forgive & get on with life. Must i die in order to repay what i've done wrong?

Remember that someday you may wish for others to forgive you as well. Don't be so heartless & cruel. Don't go to the extend of no return.

Alright. Nothing much to say anymore. Haven't been doing much for the past few weeks. Work is fine. Remember i cut my hair short?

Here's a photo of it. Tell me nice anot ok?

Apart from that, i also went to put a tattoo. Want see? Scroll down.

Swee bo?

Fake 1 la. But, if enough people leave comments on my blog telling me it's nice then i will go put it for real. So you guys support me anot? Faster leave comments.

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