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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A post with lots of photos will be coming up soon. Sorry for the delay. Give me some time to load the photos from phone to the com.

Afterall, like i said, i have a super duper laggy laptop plus i was sick for the past few days. Nothing serious so don't worry.

Take care & have fun!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Only 1 comment supporting me in my new job. The 2nd comment is my reply to the wonderful lix therefore it's only 1 comment.

Now i know what kind of friends i have out there. So pathetic. Btw, thanks alot lix. You're the best! Love you! Wahahaha... Not that kind of love arr.

I have so many things to say but keep forgetting. My senile problem is getting worse. I'm getting older & older each passing day.

I bought a new handphone & now i can take many many photos! I also bought a pair of new shoes but it's hurting me badly.

I now have a bloody big hole at the back of my leg just right above the heels. The common place for many ladies to have blisters whenever they wear new shoes.

I always have blisters when wearing new shoes but this was the worse. It wasn't just blisters. The whole skin came off & it's so damn fucking pain!

I had to lub a plastic bag over my leg & tie it to bath for 2 days! Can you imagine how bad it was? Poor me okay?

Had a belated celebration for jing jing's birthday on friday. We had steamboat at Rachel's house. Thanks for planning everything ray. I want like this for my birthday also hor. Lol...

Went to Ikea yesterday with deardear & my parents-in-law. Saw my 2 xin gan bao bei there. They are going to watch some disney show. So heng can see them.

Miss them so much even after i brought them out the past 2 weeks. Forgot to blog abt the 2nd outing. Sucks man! I'm senile.

Anyway, we bought 2 shelves for our room. Mine is pink in colour of cause! Deardear took a white 1 despite my objection.

Later dirty le then he really orbi. I'm not cleaning it up for him. No way! Photos will be coming up after i load them into my super duper laggy laptop.

Went to deardear's elder sister house after Ikea trip. Sammy & Ellen had friends over so didn't have a chance to play with them.

I said i'm gonna buy tortoise right? Hah! I finally bought it. Who cares abt what those 2 old people say. (Obviously i got fucked but) I don't care!

Deardear also bought 2 goldfish. Kena fuck by his mother upside down. Hahaha! In the end also cannot say anything cause buy le. In the 1st place don't make noise la. Keke...

Going to zoo & night safari this saturday cause deardear make noise say wanna go. He like small kid like that.

Will take lots of photo & load it 1 shot with the photos of what i've said above. Everything! Lappy don't hang on me by then please...

Hmmmm... Seems like i bought alot of things last week. I must be feeling filthy rich but i'm not! So don't come ask me for money. I don't have! Go away!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Damn the bloody tagboard. Stupid flooble chatterbox. Down for so many days le. I'm going to take it out once i've got the time.

I'm not going to put up another tagboard. You guys have anything to say just drop me a comment.

I doubt anybody ever visits my blog. Not a single comment was left. How pathetic. Nevermind about that. I've long given up.

Some good news. I've been converted to perm after working as temp for just 3 days. That says something doesn't it?

I'm just so proud of myself. Kekeke... My boss Sharon say when she 1st saw me, it was love at first sight. Wahahaha...

She's not les okay? She just feels that there is an affinity between us & she feels that i have the potential to be a great consultant.

I believe her because i feel the same way too. It's been a long time since i felt so confident abt myself.

I must work hard & not let anybody look down. I might not be the greatest but i will definitely do my best!

Anybody out there support me?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Brand New Start!

Today is a brand new day & a brand new start for me. First day at my new job isn't so bad. I kinda enjoy what i'm doing.

I'm working as a recruitment consultant at a recruitment agency. Anybody want look for job or looking for staff for your company can call me ok?

I think servicing people is in my blood. I just enjoy making people happy. When my clients are happy with my service & say thank you. I feel satisfied.

Fire drill during my first day at work. How lucky can i get? Climbing down the stairs all the way from level 15.

I think PSA building highest floor is level 70. Glad my office not located there. Kakaka. 1 more day then holiday liao. Haha...

Friday go back work then weekend again liao. This week damn shiok la. Thurs going out with Deardear, Jing, Rachel & Ginny to East Coast.

It shall be a day full of fun & laughter. It's also Wilson's birthday. Don't know what to get for him. Can't wait. Deepavali faster come.

Last sunday, we brought the younger niece out. The elder one went to Sentosa with her other aunties & uncles.

My sister spent 100 plus buying a build your own bear Hello Kitty for her. Very cute de. If i got money i also want.

You choose your favourite bear, put in the cotton stuffings, buy clothes for the bear. Got undergarments some more!

You can also put heartbeat & voice in the bear. Actually it's just those gadgets that you press then got sound & vibration de. Also got birth cert.

This people really know how to make money sia. Doing kids business is the best to earn. My sister damn rich sia. I tell her my kids next time also want this kind of treatment.

She say if they got call her auntie then she buy. I say if she buy sure they call. She scold me cheap. Hahaha!

Cheap also nevermind la as long my kids can get expensive stuff but money doesn't come from my pocket can le. Muahahahaha...

I think i'm gonna ask deardear to buy 1 for me then i want create a voice of deardear asking him to say "Laopo da ren, Wo Ai Ni!

Like that i can press & hear it everyday. His payday coming soon. Hehehe. I can almost hear him groaning in agony.

I'll tell him the same thing i say to him every other day.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hate Them!

I hate my parents-in-law. They bother too much. I'm not saying that it's not nice to have people care abt you but too much is too much!

Too much is always never good. WHY must complain this & that? WHY must complain to my husband instead of me?

Never find out the truth then just go ahead & accuse me to my husband. Not happy with my lifestyle then don't stay with me la!

Totally hate them. Thought they were nice people. Nicer than my own parents but it's all fake. They are both two-face snake. Perfect couples!

In front of you act like don't really care but behind you they stab you with alot of sharp knives. Fucking idiots!

I have my own life. So what if i'm their daughter-in-law? Does that give them the right to control whatever i do?

I have my own human rights okay? They just go care & control their own darling son. Leave me alone! My parents don't do that to me.

Not happy then don't stay with me. I never said i wanted to live my life with them. Is they insist on staying with us.

Stay with us so can control our every movement izzit? Freaking no privacy at all! Poking their nosy noses everywhere in this & that!

I don't come home better la!


Anyway, i met up with Poh Cheng & Dilla today for dinner. It's really nice to see them again though Jacinta & Ling always cannot make it.

Very disappointed. I think so far only got 1 time everyone meet up apart from my wedding. Both of them are always so busy.

Sighz... Can try to understand la but still feeling upset cause really very long never see them liao then they always got something on cannot make it de.

Btw, if you are seeing this my dear Poh Cheng. Thanks for your treat & congrats on your oncoming wedding.

Wish you forever xin fu, pretty & happy. Sisters forever! Muacks!

p/s: Ling, when your turn? Faster leh. Wait until my neck long liao. Hahaha...
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