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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy like FUCK!!!


2 more deals closed! So happy!!! Happy until i'm gonna drop dead! Just take pay(with increment) today! Daddy is coming back tomorrow! All the more happy! All those sleepless nights are worth it!

Don't be crazy. I did not stay up at night to do work. I just couldn't get to sleep. No idea why either. Just can't sleep well. I might be having imsomnia.

Is that bad? Actually it wasn't like i totally did not sleep. It's just that i keep having weird dreams & kept waking up in the middle of the night.

What the hell is wrong with me? Is it work stress? I have no freaking idea! I think i'm more stress abt Chinese New Year coming.

All the shit abt having to give ang pows. Why should married people give ang pow? They should make it in a way that only people with kids should give ang pow(so they can earn back abit ma).

Or people after the age of 35 then must give ang pow so people got no excuse not to marry & still must give & also i can have 10 more years to spend money on myself & give birth to lots of kids. 1 year have 1 so 10 years will have 10!

Wahahaha!!! I tan(earn) until siao! Just joking la. I really give birth to 10 i then really siao arr! Nick will be the 1st to tiao lao & die. His parents & my parents will die as the happiest grandparents on earth.

Sighz... What is gonna come will come. Just have to take it easy. Once a year only. Fuck Chinese New Year though i used to like them a hell lot!

Let's talk abt some other recent events.

Last friday, my sister & khai were suppose to come back from Thailand but they missed their flight due to traffic jam. Traffic in Thailand can really make you ki siao.

I thought they were just joking as usual. Must be 1 of their stupid jokes like crying while telling me they fail their TP. I don't wanna be fooled man.

But then, i think back. This is no joking matter & i call them to confirm again. Well... They really missed their flight.

They make me so worried for them. They've got at least another 11 hours to go before the next flight which they had to pay extra to buy & they had no money left.

What are they gonna do? Sleep in the airport? So fucking dangerous. Lucky khai's father also at Thailand talking abt business i think.

They went to his father's friend's apartment to sleep. Phew!

On sunday, we were suppose to go deardear's cousin's(he's a pilot) house warming, a 3 storey high Bungalow at Changi. So rich right?

But before that, i brought deardear to my boss, Sharon aka Sham's house since she stay Tampines only. Don't know why they call her Sham. Don't ask me.

She stays in a 6 room flat & her place is beautiful. Even her maid got nicer room than mine. Actually, i went there to see her son la. Her son is so damn cute lor. Wanna bring him home.

End up, we talk more abt work with deardear listening. Not so bad la. She motivates me alot. I like to talk to her. Makes me feel more confident.

I kinda regretted bringing Nick along cause after that day, Sham kept telling me what a good husband i have blah blah blah...

Never expect a person like me can marry such a good husband blah blah blah... Must treasure him blah blah blah...

Cannot bully him or she will scold me blah blah blah... What the hell? Am i the one or is he the one working for her now?

I don't get it. Am i really that lousy? I told deardear what my boss said & he became very arrogant. Feel like punching him in the face. Now she wants me to bring him along to whatever function we have.

I am so dead... I'm beginning to see darkness form in front of me... My life is becoming extremely miserable...

I must start thinking of a way to overturn him. Must go think... Give me ideas please... Flood me...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What does friends & trust means?

It makes me wonder sometimes how people you think is your friend betrays you over & over again.

The point is, why do i always trust them despite them doing things to hurt me again & again? Am i simply too stupid or just too kind hearted?

I sure do not know the real reason. I may have inherited my father's stupidity of being too trusting & therefore getting myself hurt for nothing.

That is all going to change. I must be more hard hearted & not forgive so easily so as to not get myself hurt for people who are simply not worth it.

I especially hate friends who 'zhong se qing you'(choosing gf/bf over friends). This people are worthless & absolutely useless.

They treat their friends like shit & depend on nothing but their partners they don't even know will be with them forever or just simply making use of them.

When the other party decides to leave them, they come back to their friends acting so pitiful expecting their friends to take pity & forgive them for what they have done

After awhile, they do it to their friends again when they have some other new targets. This kind of people should really just drop dead.

I will never allow myself to have such friends anymore. I should really be hard hearted this time so as to not fall into this so called 'good friends' trap.

Got this phrase from Peter's blog.

If we're meant to be,
Either forever or temporal..
Whenever we're together,
We should be making memory..

Be it relationships or friends, everyone come into your life for a reason, to enrich your life experience or just simply irritate the shit out of you.

I think it's soooooo true. I guess i'm the kind of person who irritate the shit out of people. I guess it's just fun.

Unlike some people who truly irritate you till you fucking hate them & wish them dead in every moment of your life.

Whatever it is, i am a happy girl today. No prizes for getting the right answers.


I closed another deal today. Better than the 1st! I'm getting good at this. I have 3 more pending case to go.

Sheila Jiayou! Jiayou! Jiayou!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

work... Work.. WORK!!!

No. I'm not complaining. I still love my job, my colleagues and my boss. They are by far the best i ever had.

It's just that mayb i have been pushing myself a little too hard. What can i do? My boss has got high expectations from me.

It's not her fault ok? It's not everyday you get a boss who can see where your talent is & let you make full use of it. I know she likes me & she wants me to succeed.

I feel that it's an honour for me. I, myself has got great expectations on myself too & therefore i start to demand alot from myself.

I cannot afford to fail. I must succeed. It has been a long time since i felt such strong determination from myself.

Fatso kor says i'm crazy to work so hard & i say he is the crazy one. If a person has got no motive or goal in their life then that is truly pathetic.

Eventually, the person will go crazy from feeling that he/she is a useless person with no purpose in life.

Mayb he is right in certain ways. I have overworked myself. I don't know when to stop. I've feeling lethargic this few weeks.

Just the night before, i collapsed the moment i reached home. Deardear woke me up at abt 10pm because i haven't taken my dinner & bath yet.

The 1st thing he said to me was wake up eat. I thought morning already & he's waking me up for breakfast but i think again.

The sky was still dark so if i were to be eating breakfast then it would be ard 5am plus in the morning. Why would deardear wake me up so early?

It was then i came back to reality. Really really tired lor & i rather deardear not wake me up to eat & bath at all.

Should have let me sleep until the next day morning. I wasn't that smelly anyway & if he finds it disgusting, he can always sleep in the living room.

Enough abt me, myself and i. My sister & Quan Kai went to enjoy themselves in Thailand. Just sent them to the airport last night.

Their flight was delayed for 2 hours. Budget airline so don't expect much la. As long safe can le. So they took the midnight flight.

Just the 2 of them. They will be there for 8 days. So sweet... I want also but i don't think i'll ever have such a chance having such a lousy husband.

They should be there by now. Most probably walking ard shopping & spending their hard earned money on ME! Haha...

I kinda miss them especially my sister, She has never left my side for this long not to mention now is overseas.

I just hope they will be safe & have lots of fun.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I hate liars!

I have never seen a more stupid person than fatso. He is the most stupid & worse liar.

On wednesday afternoon, i ask if he can transfer me the money that he owe me as i do not have any money with me anymore. He said okay.

The next day afternoon, i went to check my account & only saw the amount deardear transfer me therefore i called fatso in the afternoon & ask.

He gave a very surprise gasp followed by saying that he transfer le & even ask if i really did not receive. I said ya & he said that he will go check.

I gave him the benefit of doubt that he might really transfer wrong account. That was in the afternoon slightly after lunch.

I only receive his call 10 plus at night, he read out & ask if my account is correct then said that he did transfer & ask me to check again. I check & this time the money was in.

I told him that just transfer only. He got the bloody cheek to say he don't know why like this & he got nothing to say.

I was like WTF? It was so damn fucking obvious that he's lying!

He never kept his promise in transferring the money. Afraid of being scolded, he chose to tell a very stupid lie that will get himself into more trouble.

Just tell the truth & immediately transfer me the money. Either way, still will get fucked de & by lying to me, he will get it worse.

Why choose to tell a lie that will be seen through so easily? If he really did transfer then how come deardear transfer later than him & yet the money is in?

Got so coincidence meh? Only after he call me then the money is in? Bullshit la! Internet banking will lie?

Even if i use bank book to update, i can see who bank in money 1st. Bank book will lie? Forget then forget la!

The result of not keeping promise is to get fucked by me. It should be a norm to everyone who knows me by now. The most i will just scream & shout at him & kup his phone.

Tell lie & get caught by me. Tell such a stupid lie some more. It is very despicable to lie to your friends & even more despicable in telling such a lousy lie.

What kind of idiot will believe his words? Look at who you are lying to the next time you wanna tell lies. Think i'm some kind of idiot or what?

I'm the great Great GREAT Sheila okay? I may not be a genius but your lie is really damn fucking lousy!

I think you need to go back to nursery. Kids there can tell better lies than you do!

Monday, January 7, 2008

I hate hypocrites!

I am so pissed!

How often do you forget that you owe your friend money?

How often does your friend forget that they owe you money?

What do you do when you are not happy abt certain things that your friends do?

You FREAKING talk to them abt it right?


You don't go around bad-mouthing them nor do you go around telling their sister or brother abt it right?

If is true friends then got what not happy say it straight to your friend la. I fucking this kind of hypocrite!

In front of you like nothing happen but behind you, they fucking talk bad abt you! Not as if people do things on purpose ok?

If i'm not happy abt you i will tell you straight in your face! I don't go around acting like nothing happen when i'm not happy with you.

I only do that to people whom i don't regard as friends & if i hate you!

Don't expect me to respect you if you don't fucking give me the respect i deserve because you don't fucking deserve it as well!

Not happy with what i say tell me la! Don't bad-mouth abt me & let me find out fucking idiot!

I owe you money say la! Ask from me la! Paiseh to ask from me but not paiseh to go around spreading rumours abt me?

Give people the benefit of doubt that the person forget la! Why must straight away jump to conclusion that the person don't want return you money?

People owe you fucking lots of money izzit? Owe you few thousand dollars izzit? Owe ten over dollars only want like that. Chaocheebye! Not fucking paiseh at all!

You never owe people money before izzit? So what you rich? So what you fucking got alot money? All the more shouldn't be so petty abt ten over dollars right?

I have damn fucking GOOD friends whom i owe hundreds of dollars but they never come & ask me for it! Sometimes they themselves forget. I remind them if i remember.

Since you think i'm so not trustworthy then don't be my friend la! I also not interested to have friends who backstab me over small money.

Don't need talk like gangster like want to fight like that. How old already? If you don't really understand the phrase then don't use it.

Don't think by saying it makes you damn fucking big like that. You only make people pissed off with you. No wonder you do not have friends. It's because of you & your fucking lan jiao attitude!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hi guys! I’m back! Don’t worry. I didn’t get lost & disappear. I was merely busy accompanying my dad before both he & i goes back to work.

I’m starting work today & daddy is leaving this afternoon. Can’t send him. So sad lah! Waaaahhhhhh!!!

Ok la ok la! My bad for not updating. Do not abandon me please... I'm sad enough abt my dad going back & me not being able to send him.

I had some good news which i forget to say & i was suppose to tell you guys before i go holiday.


Wahahaha!!! I close it just 1 day before i leave for my holiday. I'm good or what? Heh heh... Erm... I think i shoudn't be contented just like this.


This is a promise i make to myself.

Any new year resolutions? Share it! As for me, i do not really have any new year resolutions to make apart from quit smoking. Cigarettes are getting extremely expensive.

I do have a small wish though. To be successful in whatever i do especially in my job. I'm an ambitious person & in this line, i must be!

Dear friends, give me your full support ok? I really need it.

Must complain something! Why nobody talk to me in my tagboard de? Look so fucking stupid! Haiz... Put also like that, don't put also like that. I guess i just have to leave it.

Today morning is an eye opener for me. Eversince they increase the price of taking cabs, i see a hell lot of EMPTY cabs going around.

In my area somemore!

A sight not to be seen at that kind of timing especially around my area. I've long given up taking cabs & i only take it when i'm driven to desperations which i try not to let myself get into that stupid situation.

I'm a bus person & i'm happy about it! I don't depend fully on cabs because they are blood suckers! I still don't understand how some people can & are willing to spend the money on cabs.

Some Singaporeans are crazy! Don't you agree?
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