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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy happy happy!

I’m a happy little girl. In fact, i feel like i’m the luckiest and happiest girl on Earth right now.

I have my family with me, many good friends and a loving boyfriend who loves and pampers me a lot.

Remember in my previous post i said my boyfriend gave me a bracelet as a gift he bought from Japan? His very first gift to me.


I’m sorry if the photo is not very clear and the bracelet is really quite thin and exquisite but i did my best.

Recently, he bought a Juicy Couture bag for me online when i told him the bag is nice and i really like it very much.

Here’s a photo of the bag:


Nice right? Hehe. It’s so cute. I was so happy when the bag came in by UPS shipped from US. I was practically jumping up and down.

This bag itself cost USD198 and it includes a shipping fee of USD50 so in total it’s about SGD300 plus.

Now, the thing is i got a pleasant and yet nasty shock. Contradicting and ironic i know but let me explain.

I went out with Shin today as usual to Alps for darts. After we left, we bought some drinks, sat down at a nearby 7-11 and talked.

That’s the thing about us. Both of us can never split up and go home straight after an outing. We always can’t bear to leave each other. Mushy i know but i don’t care! Muahahahaha..

Anyway, we were just talking about random stuff and for some reason, i asked him if the bracelet he bought for me is costly.

It is pink gold and has 2 small diamonds on it. When i show my dad, he told it probably cost SGD200 plus but i wanted to know if it really cost that much so i asked.

Initially, sweetie told me not to ask but i insisted and i totally regret it.

He told me it was slightly lesser than SGD750. WTF? o_O

I was totally too shocked for words. I’m appalled! I was stunned for a moment when i heard the amount.

It has never crossed my mind he would buy such an expensive first gift for me and i wasn’t even his girlfriend that time.

The first words that came out from my mouth was, “So expensive!”

He only coolly replied, “Not really. Not that expensive.” Again, WTF??? o_O

I told him about me not being his girlfriend issue and he said, “Oh.. I know..”

It meant that he knew i would become his girlfriend. Once again, WTF WTF WTF??? o_O

He is so damn confident!

But it’s that confidence that made me go soft on my legs and fall helplessly head over heels in love with him.

I was so touched i almost cried. I thought the bag he bought for me was like the most expensive gift. I didn’t expect the bracelet to be more expensive than the bag.

I still cannot believe the bracelet cost at least 3x more than my bag. I can practically buy 3 different types of bag with that amount! Omg!

Wait till i tell my dad the actual price. He would go like this too. o_O

Anyway, it’s time to sleep and dream about him. Will blog again soon.

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