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Friday, October 28, 2011

Silly things we did as kids

Don't tell me you didn't do some silly stuff when you were kids. All of us did. It's just a matter of you remembering it or not. Maybe it's so horrible you don't wanna be reminded of it again.

So, recently my mum was admitted to the hospital for an operation. On the way there to visit her with my dad, we were talking about getting admitted in the hospital.

I think my mum can join the World Guinness Record for most number of times getting admitted into the hospital. She confirm can get into the book. Guarantee plus chop.

Anyway, that conversation reminded me of the one and only time i ever got admitted into the hospital. It was the most stupid thing i ever done.

I swallowed a twenty cent coin and it got stucked in my throat.

Okay. I can hear people saying What The Fuck? You think you piggy bank izzit?

Let me continue my story lah. As a kid, i have very weird habit of putting things into my mouth. No. I never put shit in my mouth in case you are wondering.

This happened when i was in Primary 2. I just returned home from school and was feeling damn bored. I found a twenty cent coin and just decide to put into my mouth and suck it.

It's all my mum's fault ok? She didn't allow me to buy sweets and so i had to find pleasure from sucking a twenty cent coin. Else, all this would have never happened.

After awhile, i was feeling tired and decided to lie down for a short while but i guess when i plopped onto my bed, the force was so big and sudden that i swallowed the coin immediately.

I have very small throat so the coin didn't go all the way down but got stucked in my throat instead. I can still feel the pain. Horrible.

I started to panic and first thing that came to my mind was to drink lots of water to push the coin down which i did but doesn't help.

I had a maid then. She asked me what happened and i simply told her i swallowed a coin. Hahaha. The look on her face was classic.

She immediately called my parents home. They rushed home and brought me to the hospital. Damn epic.

Okay. To cut the story short. I had to go through x-ray, eventually got the coin out, stay in the hospital for 3 days, relatives came to visit blah blah blah..

And guess what? My mum think it's so funny she decided to keep the coin and she never fail to bring it out to show it to my friends and shame me whenever they came over to my place.

Mum's fav possession for shaming me. Still packed nicely in the ziploc bag doc gave her.

I should start a wall of shame in my room and frame this coin up.

In case some of you are thinking that i'm just bullshiting about this whole story, take a closer look at the coin.

Click to enlarge

Look at the year! 1986 okay? 25 years ago hor. I swallowed this coin 20 years ago hor. (Oops! Did i just reveal my age?) Don't play play hor. I never bluff hor.

Okay. I know this is nothing to be proud of but have you ever swallowed a twenty cent coin before and admitted into the hospital because of that? No right? I win. Wahahahaha..

Anyone of you have such similar experience or done anything really silly when you are a kid? Do share! I love to hear stories.

Alright! This is the silly thing i do now as an adult. Sad to say, but we never outgrow our childhood no matter how old we are. Lol..

Be in awe and electrified by my huge ass sun glass and bow to me! LOL!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Emo-ing and mahjong-ing!

Wanted to blog today but didn't had the chance cause busy mahjong-ing. Wahahaha..

I win! 1 player win 3 player. Woohoo!

Okay. I'm just pretending to be happy even though i did win.

Needed to take my mind of things. He's flying off again. For more than a week this time. Boohoohoo..

Time to emo again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Men who goes to bed with itchy backside wakes up with smelly fingers.

Friday, October 21, 2011


There are many definitions of the word butthurt. What does it exactly mean? You guys know?

Here are a few definitions i found on the web:
  • An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the "aggressor."
Adam got butthurt when Mike stole his bitch.

  • Getting your feelings hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid.
Roney got butthurt when Drew did not help him clean Scat

  • A person who may be a whiny little bitch, sad, upset, or pissed off about an event or something that occured.
Dan Hogan was all butthurt after someone had drawn a penis on his car.

  • A. When a person gets overly offended for a non mean-spirited joke.
    B. The state of being offended because of a joke your friend made and not talking to him or her because of said joke.
Ryan and Lucas are working on a table, Lucas asks Ryan to do a simple task yet Ryan is incapable of doing it well, when Lucas tries to help Ryan and tells him that he is doing a poor job, Ryan gets butthurt and goes inside Lucas' house to sit on the couch by himself and fume.

  • (v) - The act of whining when someone hurts someone else's feelings, usually by taking strides to be excessively vocal about it, mainly in public.
Oh you are so wrong, like, oh my gawd. What the eff is wrong with you? Were you like, born somewhere else
or something? Seriously, like, who the fuck are you to come in here and be like that. Yeah. For Reals. Quit
being butthurt and take a chill pill.

My definition of butthurt:
  • Getting an injection on the ass at the doctor's when you are sick.
Wah lau eh! My butthurt la when the doctor poke the needle into my backside.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 months already

No no no! Don't get it wrong. I'm not 2 months pregnant. Just 2 months into the relationship with my beloved sweetie.

Happy 2 months sweetie! Love ya!

He recently just came back from a business trip. 1 week not seeing him nearly killed me. But somehow, i managed to survived.

Though i'm happy to see him, i'm not happy about the bad news he brought to me.

He will be traveling again end of this month, mid of November and during December too. Each time he is leaving me for more than a week meaning i will be crying myself to sleep every night till end of the year.

No doubt i feel sad over it but i still feel happy for him because that means business is getting good and so he is busy.

As his girlfriend, i guess i can only support him. Though i miss him lots but i want him to do well too. It's for our future.

Sweetie said that once he is earning lots of money, he can bring me for holidays even on business trip with him as well.

As Chinese have a saying, 先苦后甜 meaning suffer now and enjoy later. I shall wait patiently for the day to come.

Sweetie must GANBATTE! JIAYOU!

Anyway, everytime he travels, he buys something back for me. As he knows i love Juicy Couture stuffs, he bought me stuffs from Juicy Couture!

What am i talking? Don't sound too right. Haha. But anyway, prezzies from sweetie:

A paper bag with surprises in it! It's a hugeass paper bag btw.

A matching Juicy wallet with my bag.

Juicy Couture Necklace

Juicy Couture Notebook

So sweet of him right? The moment i receive the wallet, i immediately transfer all my things into it and threw my LV wallet aside. Poor LV. Though cost much more but worthless in the presence of LOVE. Lol!

I put on the necklace immediately as well. But i don't know what to do with the notebook though. It's very cute and nice. I can't bear to open it up and use it. What should i do?

And guys, please leave a comment so i know you have been visiting my blog. Don't be invisible please. We can be friends! =)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Noisy Blogs

I believe many of you guys out there probably encounter the same thing as me. Coming across blog sites that plays music.

I seriously can't stand blogs like this.

No offense to people out there who actually have blogs like this. It's just a personal opinion of mine because i have bad experience.

You know how sometimes we slack during work?

And yeah. What do we usually do while we are slacking? I believe most of us surf nets right? Facebook, Msn, Twitter, Blog Walking, Gaming, Porn(Kidding!) blah blah blah.. The list can go on forever.

So what happens that while we are blog walking and we come across such blogs that plays music or songs?

Please note that when i say blog walking, i meant visiting other people's blog that you have never been to before so we don't actually know what is in there right?

So imagine this senario:

Okay. This is not exactly the same as what i am talking about. I'm sorry but i'm unable to find the exact illustration. This is as close as i can get but you get what i mean.

So, the site suddenly gives off alert signal to ALL your colleagues and boss (assuming that your office is open concept) that you are slacking during work. Wtf? (-_-)||

By the time you shut down that window, you are already receiving weird stares all over and the next thing you know, you are being summoned to your boss office to receive a "reward".

This really sucks you know? What's worse is some blogs just have the same music playing on and on non-stop and there is no way you can turn it off.

I mean it's totally fine for those who just have the player thingy on your blog with song in it. I appreciate the kind thoughts that your blog might be boring and you wanna entertain your readers BUT can you guys don't put it to auto play?

I came to your blog to READ. Not to listen what songs you have on your blog. I have lots of nice songs on my laptop thank you very much.

Like i said, i mean no harm nor offense to anyone. Because i used to be 1 such idiot (>.<) who thinks that having a musical blog is so cool. (slaps self with a cucumber)

Apparently, i was wrong and i realized my mistakes. I have long removed those irritating crap off my blog so now it's safe to view my blog.

Don't have to worry about my blog reporting to your whole office that you are slacking.

And i'm sorry to those readers who got traumatized by my blog in the past. Actually, i'm not that sorry.

I started this post as noisy blogs but now it seems as though im encouraging people to slack. LOL!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Waiting for Friday ......

Here it comes .........

Here it comes .........

Wooow Today is Friday!!

Happy Holiday ………

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Comic Blogs

I recently came across a few comic blogs so i would like to introduce and recommend 2 of my favourite site to everyone because i think it's really funny and they never fail to brighten up my day.

It's especially good for Zann because you always have Monday Blues. The author updates his blog every Monday with comic strips which will help take your blues away. =)

Presenting, Bro, don't like that la, bro

It's about 5 'brothers' staying together and their funny antics in their everyday life. My personal favourites are Daryl and Jon in the comic strip and of cause the author, Ernest.

They are really damn fucking hilarious okay? I couldn't stop laughing reading some of the funny and perverted comic strips.

I don't want to spoil your fun so click on the link and go read it now. I promise you won't regret it. I love them so much. Wish Ernest would do a drawing of me though. =p

Next up is BolehLand

Another really nice comic strip blog about the epic journey of 2 guys in Malaysia. The 2 of them are really cute and funny. Laughters guaranteed as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go click on them and read now!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cold and tired..

This morning i wish i could have slept in because the weather is nice for sleeping but i had to drag myself out of my bed and head to Toa Payoh HDB Hub for my 1st appointment.

I dun really enjoy the cold weather unless i'm in bed but recently the stupid weather has forced me to carry an umbrella out everywhere i go which i really hate it!

I hate carrying big umbrellas out as they are bulky and small umbrellas that most auntie carry. Damn disgusting.

I always forget to bring my umbrella home all the time which is really freaking irritating.

But since i have been forced, i have decided that if i must carry an umbrella out, i must carry a stylo one.


Okay. I know i being bo liao again. But the umbrella nice right? Cannot say not nice.

It's a cold and tiring day. I'm so tired. I'm gonna sleep early today because i sense fever coming my way.

Signing off~~

Monday, October 10, 2011

Angel Or Devil Or Both?

Recently read through some of my old post and this Backstreet Boys song Shape Of My Heart came to my mind. Just one particular sentence though.

Looking back on the things i've done. I was trying to be someone.

Who was i trying to be? I'm not sure.

I used to be so bad tempered and violent. Every single post was me complaining and screwing someone's ass real bad.

I don't do that nowadays and i'm honestly not sure why. Maybe no one was irritating me as badly as that silly guy used to or i have really changed my temper and tone down a lot.

I sincerely hope it's the latter as i think i really changed a lot over the years and trained my self-control pretty well but i know myself better. I lose control at times.

When i get angry, i can be very scary. I'm a sarcastic and vindictive bitch. Whoever that hurt me, i will go all out stopping at no expense to make sure they suffer the same fate or more.

I guess some things just don't change huh? Me trying to curb my temper don't mean i'm an easy target.

I hate people trying to take advantage of me. I am actually a very good natured person. I'm soft hearted and i never bear grudges.

I know it's hard to believe but you will know after knowing me long enough. =)

Nowadays, the kind of tantrum i throw are more targeted at my boyfriend so as to gain more attention from him. =p

But, he really has the tendency to make me unhappy. I'm accident prone. What is he? Storm/Typhoon prone?

When i burst, i'm like a typhoon. You get caught in it, you die. Lucky for him, he is smart enough not to get sucked into that typhoon and suffer a horrible death.

I guess that's all. Don't get into my wrong side. You never know what's gonna happen. As my friends always say when they are with me.

Always expect the unexpected from me. It's either you get a pleasant and funny surprise or a horrible death with you dying not knowing why.

Oh God! I think i have split personality. I can be such a sweet angel or evil devil. >.<

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Family Day Out

Today is family day.

Went to West Mall for lunch with my parents. We ate at Mayim.

I had char siew noodles and soup.


After that, my sis and brother-in-law came to meet us and we went for movies.

Real Steel Intl Poster

An excellent movie. It was funny, exciting and touching. Hugh Jackman is really The Man in action pack movies.

I always love and admire him as Wolverine in X-Men.


Isn’t he like coolest guy on Earth or what? Good looking, muscular and tanned.

Anyway, Real Steel is a show not to be missed if you love robots, boxing, comedy and of cause if you love Hugh Jackman too.

It also consist of a very touching father and son relationship. Tears guarantee to well up in your eyes.

Ok. Enough spoilers about the movie.

And as usual. my bad habit. See something cute, hand itch then buy it.


Wahahahahaha.. Okay. I know i damn lame. Monday blues tomorrow. Time to sleep.

Nights all!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Teppanyaki and Johnny English

Went out today with my old secondary school friend, Hong Wei for dinner and movie.

We had a chat in twitter and i reminded him that he still owe me birthday dinner from a year ago so we decided to meet. So nice of him. Haha!

We met at Lot 1 in the afternoon as i asked him for help in some things i'm trying to put in my blog but can't find. He ended up learning other things from me instead.

Hong Wei, you owe me another meal. LOL!

Anyway, we had Sakae Teppanyaki. Was so hungry and delicious that we both forgot to take photos of the food. Sad..

After dinner, we went to watch Johnny English Reborn.

I guess i'm one of the few last people in Singapore to catch this movie. I was suppose to watch the movie with sweetie but he is too busy to catch a movie with me so i went to watch with Hong Wei instead.

This movie is really goddamn hilarious. It's even better than the first movie of Johnny English. We never stopped laughing since the beginning of the movie till the end. It's a MUST watch!

Sweetie will have to wait for the DVD to be out before he can watch it and i will watch it again with him. Too funny.

I gotta say Rowan Atkinson is talented. He doesn't even need to speak to make you laugh. Just looking at his face is enough to throw you off your chair.

How many people can do that? Not even Stephen Chow can do that i'm telling you. I'm still laughing while typing this out as i can't get the image of his look in the movie out of my mind.

After the movie, we were leaving and i walked past the Gift your name shop and can't resist but walk in to take a look.

Then as usual, i see something cute and bought it.

It's a lap tray, makeup pouch and tupperwares! Ain't they cute? I so love Disneyland and Mickey Mouse.

The lap tray is cool. As it's name shows, it's meant for you to put on your lap. You can use it to put your laptop on it while it's on your lap like what i'm doing now and the hot air from the laptop doesn't burn your legs. Cool!

You can also put your bowl on it and eat. Good for people like me who likes to eat while watching show on the sofa.

Beneath the tray, there's this bean bag attached to it so it's feels comfortable putting on your lap and not those hard poking feeling you get from most trays.

It's on offer now. Only SGD$8 when the usual price is SGD$16.90. Go get it! They have other designs other than just Mickey Mouse. There's Donald Ducks and Chip & Dale.

It was a nice evening out with Hong Wei. I pretty much enjoy myself while sweetie is out of town for business trip. I hate it when he goes for business trip and for such a long period of time.

Don't tell me a week is not long. You don't know anything. It's long for me. Tell me that it's not long after you experience someone you love is away from you for a long period of time.

I love him and therefore i miss him. It's human nature. It would be weird if i say i don't miss him at all but i do understand the need for it so i'm trying to be as understanding as i can.

I'm a nice and understanding girlfriend ok?

Anyway, i have been wondering why Hong Wei doesn't have a girlfriend for such a long period of time.

Since i got married till i got divorced and now meeting someone i love again, he has been single. So what the hell is wrong?

He is an extremely nice guy. Sweet and caring. I guarantee he is a good catch. He is still single and available so wait no more. Go get him!

Search for his link, go to his blog, talk to him and ask him out. A great chance not to be missed. I wish you all the best!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Thursday, October 6, 2011

In Tribute of Steve Jobs The i Legend and Genius

New Home!

Muahahahaha.. Yes! I finally shifted my whole blog to an entirely new address.

No more pesky people here. I can write freely once again!

Dear all, welcome to my new little piece of heaven where dreams come true. =p

I spent the whole night shifting all my things over. It was tiring but worth it.

Was feeling very happy but he had to burst my bubble by telling me he is going away for a business trip this weekend till next weekend.

Not that he ever spends time with me on weekends but it's so last minute and we haven't met for 4 days already.

And now he is leaving me in 1 more day. For a whole week. 2 weekends gone. Don't talk about what am i suppose to do the whole week but he doesn't even have time to spend with me before he leaves to fill up the emptiness of him when he is gone.

I feel like crying. Somebody take a knife and stab me now.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I still can’t get over the fact that my blog is being scrutinized by people i don’t know.

I don’t like my freedom to be limited like this. It is pissing me off to no end.

I have to decided to move my blog to another address so they can’t find me.

I’m not gonna tell you guys my new blog address. I ain’t that stupid.

Friends and blog readers who wants to find me just drop me an email or drop me a comment or it would be better if you have my contact cause i don’t really check emails. Just drop me a msg and i will let you know my new blog address.

I will be deleting this blog away soon.

Can’t believe i’m doing this at the cost of all my blog readers. It’s getting on my nerves.


I've been feeling upset recently because i had to remove some posting of my lovely memories due to some privacy issues.

Because of this issue, i had my first ever major fight with sweetie and it lasted for 2 days.

I know it's not entirely his fault but i can't help feeling upset over it. I don't listen to him, blame him and refuse to talk to him nicely. I kept on crying and i almost decide to just delete my blog away.

But then again, why should i delete my blog away because of some people i don't even know or will never ever know in my whole life? It's ridiculous.

This is my blog. My space. My only frustration outlet. I have the freedom to write whatever i want. Why should i restrict and limit what i can or cannot write?

If you stumble across my blog and you enjoy reading my writings, i welcome you to stay. But if you are here to create problems please go away and stay out.

Do not come to my little piece of heaven and destroy whatever small happiness i have left in my life.

To respect his privacy, there will be no more posting of his photos up here. I hope you people are happy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No more blogging so..


Monday, October 3, 2011

Pissed off..

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