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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Emo-ing and mahjong-ing!

Wanted to blog today but didn't had the chance cause busy mahjong-ing. Wahahaha..

I win! 1 player win 3 player. Woohoo!

Okay. I'm just pretending to be happy even though i did win.

Needed to take my mind of things. He's flying off again. For more than a week this time. Boohoohoo..

Time to emo again.


Zann Chen said...

cheer up!

Eric Lee said...

instead of emoing...why not look forward for the return right? haha

Princess Lala said...

@Zann: Hehe.. Thx!
@Eric: Yeah! U right.. But my nature la.. Lol..

I will survive!

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