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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fun Weekend!

Apologies about the previous post. Menses coming already so having some PMS. Let's just forget about the whole issue ya?

Anyway, had a really fun and enjoyable weekend. Yesterday, I went over to my sister place. Had a mahjong session with her neighbours. I lost $90 but it's okay. In gambling, you win some you lose some. Just enjoy the process of the game.

After that, mum and dad came over too and we went to a nearby coffee shop for dinner. Went to a store next door to buy drinks after dinner and saw something really old school so we decided to buy it. Went back to my sis place and have a game before leaving. Guess what it is?

Snakes and Ladders!

Hahaha! Bet none of you played this game for a long time like maybe more than 10 years? We had loads of fun and laughter playing this game. We even had a side bet on the game itself. Everyone will come out with $2. Maximum 4 players so total $8 on the table. Whoever game 1st will claim all the money.

I know it's like so WTF right? Play snakes and ladder also can gamble. This is what happens la when your whole family members are hard core gamblers. Not addict though so no worries. Dear had a little bit of shock after learning we are gonna play snakes and ladders with money. Culture shock I think. Hope he gets used to it soon. *Snigger Snigger*

Anyway, I didn't win a single game. Bah! Dad won the 1st round and sis won the 2nd round. I merely spent $4 laughing at their faces when they land on the snake and goes all the way down. It was really a lot of fun and good family bonding time. Laugh till tears came out of my eyes. It was a $4 well spent. Totally worth the while.

Today, we went to Science Center. Brought the little ones to Kid's Stop to play. They had lots of fun there and Naomi KO'ed immediately after reaching home and taking a bath. Here are some photos of her. Super vain pot my little girl is.

I purposely enlarged 2 of her photos that she posed and acted very cute in to emphasize on what a vain pot she is! My goodness! So unlike her mom. *Tsk Tsk!* Okay la. She is cute alright? That, I have to admit. Makes people go soft and want to love her even more. My sweet little darling.

Here is also a video of her having fun.

Nights peeps!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Initially wanted to continue my story on how it all started real life version but I'm too upset to write about it. Maybe I don't even have to write about how it started anymore since it might be ending soon.

I'm tired of always being in the wrong. Tired of people treating me like shit. Tired of being controlled. Tired of what is right and what is wrong. I just want to be myself and be happy. Why can't life be more simple? Why is it always so complicated?

Can somebody tell me if I'm an useless idiot always doing the wrong things like what people say? Am I simply better off dead? I seem to always bring unhappiness to people around me by doing the things I like to do or feel like doing.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

How it all started (Fairy tale version)

It all started on a beautiful Sunday morning when an orangutan came past a deserted HDB flat. Having just escaped from his captors from the Zoo, he needed a place to hide. Needless to say, he ran into the HDB flat for shelter hoping the flats would look scary and haunted enough for his captors so they don't enter and find him there.

As he was exploring the dilapidated HDB flat, he came across a door with exquisite carvings. It was the only door in the whole block of flat that looks untouched with a strange light glowing from the bottom of the door. It seems like it was coming from the room within There was something magical about it. He felt an invisible hand pulling him towards the room.

His curiosity got better of him and he felt that he needed to know what was behind that strange magical door. He fumbled around with the doorknob for a few minutes. (Because he is an orangutan for Christ sake! They are hairy and clumsy yo.) Finally, he managed to open the door and went in.

What awaited him inside simply put him in awed. He couldn't believe his eyes and kept rubbing them till his eyes nearly went blind. Within the room was, (you got it right) a big beautiful bed. On the bed lies (you got it right again) a beautiful princess. He couldn't believe his eyes because she was lying there naked and asleep. We know she is a princess because she was wearing a tiara you fool.

It seems like the princess was cursed to be in a deep sleep and would require true love's kiss to wake her up. By now, the orangutan was getting a major erection. He salivates as he scrutinized the princess's naked body thoroughly with his mini eyes and rubbing his hairy hands in glee. He had something else in mind other than a kiss.

He climbed onto the bed and started to have sex with the sleeping princess, banging her hard while rubbing and licking her nipples at the same time. He least expected her to wake up from that as he naively thought only a kiss can wake her up. The princess stare at the orangutan in horror and started screaming her head off while struggling at the same time.

Now, nobody knows that the orangutan was in actual fact a handsome prince imprisoned in his own curse that requires him to fuck a human girl in order to lift up the curse that he was trapped within. And being an orangutan, getting a human girl to have sex with him is near impossible therefore a sleeping princess was perfect. As he continues to fuck the princess, he begins shedding off the hair on his body and slowly transforms into the handsome prince he was.

Seeing how handsome the prince was, the princess stops struggling and begins enjoying every moment moaning instead of screaming. This went on for another 20 mins or so until they were both covered in sweet perspiration. Finally, both of them had an orgasm and came at the same time.

To cut the story short, they enjoyed having sex with each other so much that they decided to live happily ever after with the prince working very hard to own their own HDB flat because their country got overruled by a bunch of useless old fellows and they lost everything to them despite them being useless.

~End of Story~

Okay. Just joking. None of that happened in real life, Nothing so dramatic or erotic happened. I kinda got carried away. Was suppose to write about how square minded bf and I got together. Instead, I wrote an erotic fairy tale. Bless my imagination. Now I have to start all over again. Damn! It's gonna take some time. Shall just publish this story 1st.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's past is past

Am contemplating to start an entirely new blog but thinking of all the tedious work to go through like having to choose a new template, redo the links and fashioning the blog to my liking, I gave up. Yes. You are right. I'm that lazy.

Reason why I wanted to start a new blog is because I wanted a fresh start without all my past entries. I know I can simply delete all my past entries easily but that would mean all my past efforts would have gone to waste.

I seriously wonder if I'm actually ashamed of my past. I shouldn't be. Who doesn't have a past? I guess I'm more ashamed of the way I wrote back then. I know I damn bo liao la but I actually went and re-read all my past entries beginning from the very first I wrote.

I sounded awful and childish! I cringed reading every word I ever wrote. How can I be such an idiot? Feel like facepalming myself. =(

Oh well, who hasn't been young and childish before? Therefore, I have decided that all post shall remain as a lesson learnt, reminding myself never to write like this again.

Will update soon on another post on how current square minded bf and I started. Ciaos!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to blogging again

Have just decided to start blogging again. Hands itchy and so many things to say. Life has been pretty good to me so far. Naomi is growing to be a real beauty. Can be mischievous at times and yet such a sweet nice girl.

Have finally met someone who is more than willing to accept me and Naomi into his life. To love and cherish us. What can I say? I'm truly blessed by God. For a lovely child and a wonderful man to appear in my life.

There they are! Love of my life!

Will try to find more time to blog again. Life is pretty hectic as a corporate sales manager. Always chasing for numbers. Night peeps!
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