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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Naomi turns 3

Naomi's birthday is finally over. It did not went as smoothly as I thought it will but thank God it wasn't so bad.

Was initially worried that the haze may affect the BBQ that I organized downstairs the house. But I was worried for nothing. Because it FREAKING RAINED the whole evening! Grrrrrrr..

All the charcoal and wire mesh I bought went to waste. The money used to book the pit also gone down the drain. Had to invite everyone up to my place instead and cook the food like Otah, Satay and Chicken wing in the oven and on the pan.

Luckily, everyone was understanding enough on the situation but I felt really bad partly because I had no time to entertain anyone at all. It was so screwed up. Why did it have to happen on Naomi's birthday?

Thanks to my family and the domestic helper who helped out in cooking the food for all my guest. I felt so blessed. Thank you guys for lending a helping hand when in need. I love all of you! Muacks!

Overall, it ended on a happier note I hope. Thanks to everyone who attended. Thanks for all the presents and red packets. Naomi is really pleased with all the toys and clothes received.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Princess Naomi!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Naomi's advance birthday celebration in school

Had a mini celebration for Naomi at her childcare today.

More celebrations for her on her actual day tomorrow. Tired..

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Busy Busy Busy!

Will be pretty busy this whole week therefore won't be blogging much. So little time yet so much to do.

Naomi's 3rd birthday is slowly creeping nearer. Damn! She grows too fast. I'm getting so old.

Will blog after her birthday is over. So long guys!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Yay! New laptop!

I have been surviving without a laptop/CPU for a long time ever since my beloved black Samsung laptop died on me like 3 years ago right after Naomi came into the world seemingly to know that I won't have much time to use it (Actually, she was the 1 who destroyed my laptop by constantly happily smashing my laptop keyboard with her tiny hands back then. She is a destroyer). >.<

R.I.P Samsung Lappy

You have served me well.

Only recently I started using company laptop to do my stuff like blogging and surfing net which is extremely inconvenient because I have to carry it up and down work.

Therefore, SMBF decided to get me a new laptop! Yay! Just kidding. He not so nice to buy for me. He merely borrowed me his credit card so I can pay off using installment.

But, he promised to get me a Sony waterproof camera for Christmas this year. Right dear? Right? Say right or else... *Cackles an evil laughter*

Anyway, let us welcome my new member!

Welcome Brand New Red Lenovo Lappy!

I so so so love my new laptop.

With a personal laptop now means more blogging! Yippee! Hip hip hooray! I know I can jolly well blog from my phone but it just doesn't feel the same as typing from a keyboard. Yeah! I'm a keyboard warrior (Not those cowardly type of cause).  Muahahahahaha!

Thank you dear! Without you, I wouldn't have been able to buy it. Love ya!


I wrote this post quite some time back but didn't quite finish it cause I'm really busy with work. Who am I kidding? I'm just plain lazy lah. So now I'm here to finish it.

Warning: Pretty long post.

Before I start, let's have some digression here:

Mad dog hasn't been barking recently which is probably because my heroic senior sales manager told him off in front of our wimpy MD. This Japanese old fool is another useless good for nothing.

Anyway, I think mad dog has been warned not to do that anymore.

His reason for doing so was that if he didn't do it, our numbers won't go up. I say that's total bullshit! Always put people down. 不把人当人看!My manager simply said that now numbers also never go up what? Which is quite true because of the lack of motivation after getting barked at every morning. So now he shuts his trap. How long will that last I'm not sure.

Alright! Back to the topic on hand. I initially titled this post horny guys but after some thought find it inappropriate. All guys are horny but not all horny guys are desperate. Agree?

Before I met SMBF, most guys I encountered are desperate idiots. They just wanna have one night stands or be fuck buddies. I don't understand why but I'm just fucking suay.


A good example would be of this guy which I can't remember his name and I can't be bothered. Why should I? He is of no significance to me and my life except that he pissed me off badly.

I got to know him though a social app and he pestered me to no end. Kept asking me to meet up with him in a hotel. He is abso-fucking-lutely backcrap crazy.

Despite me asking him to fuck off, he kept coming back to ask the same question. Despos are very thick skin people.

Once I had enough of him and told him that I already have a boyfriend (A lie I made up to get rid of him.) and he better stay away from me. Guess what he said? He actually ask me to ask my boyfriend if he wanna play 3P together. THE CHEEK OF HIM!

Arghhhhh.. It makes my blood boil just thinking back about it. I ask him if he is crazy. Which guy in the right mind would want to see their own girlfriend getting fucked by another guy right in front of their eyes? He thinks he is living in some very ang moh and open-minded country.

His reply is who knows my boyfriend may like it. Grrrrrrrrr.. I happen to know that he is married and has a daughter so I told him off. I said if he can tolerate seeing his wife and daughter getting fucked by another guy together with him then I may consider his request. I'm such a badass.

Luckily he dare not reply at all. I cannot imagine if he said okay and did it. KNN! He will become SCUMBUG OF THE CENTURY!

I kinda pity his wife and kid. I so regret not having screenshot his msg to me and his photo so I can shame him here.

Another desperado I met was when I was working in D&B. My job was to convince all the moneylenders to get the package from us for credit report.

So there was this guy named Jim working in 1 of the moneylending company. (I'm not gonna say which moneylending firm). He is probably the most ancient person I ever met not having even a facebook account.

The 1st time I drop by his office to introduce myself, he started messaging me after I left. Ain't got a choice because company uses our personal number on our namecards.

Initially, he seemed nice and I wanted his business so I just entertained him by chatting with him. He started saying stuff which hints me that he is interested in me. Like asking me out for dinner and stuff  (Say say only la. Never really take action).

He told me he is only 3 years older than me and I laughed. I thought he was like in his mid forties already with the bulging belly and receding hairline. Now now. I do not judge people from their looks and if he is sincere, I wouldn't mind being his friend at all.

But I think I was being too nice to him to the extend he thinks he has a chance with me and he started asking really weird question like if I mind if my boyfriend being a high sex drive individual.


Being the straight forward person I am, I told him straight that if he just wants to bed me then say so. Don't give all the crap that he likes me and stuff. Initially, he denied and kept saying he really like me thus kept pestering me to be his girlfriend immediately. (I suspect that the moment I became his girlfriend, he can officially fuck me.)

I told him no. You like a girl, you use actions to prove it. Not just use mouth to say. He doesn't even bother to make an effort in dating me. Just use message and he only messages me when he sees me in his office. Kakaka.. Anybody can say whatever they want and it doesn't mean a single shit with no actions to prove. So I told him come on. We are adults. Just tell me what you want.

He finally admitted that he wants to have sex with me and if I'm willing to do it. I said no. Why don't you go fuck yourself? I will not lower myself just because I want to close a deal with you. I am not that cheap.

Thereafter, he still occasionally messages me telling me he likes me and if I can please have sex with him. I ask him why? Why must have sex? Even if I'm his girlfriend and I'm not willing to he also cannot force me what!

He came up with some story like how he is sick and needs to release else it will get swollen (I assume he is talking about his balls here) and it will affect his leg causing him not to be able to walk.

Everybody now laugh together with me.


I decided to go along with his lies and ask him why don't he just masturbate? That would settle it right? If he just needs to release.

He said he don't know how to. What kind of an idiot doesn't know how to masturbate? Really laugh die me seriously. He doesn't realize how stupid he sounds. Really treating me like a retard.

He also said he hasn't had a girlfriend for like a few years already ever since his ex girlfriend of 10 years died because of cancer. Awwwwww.. So sad. Clever move on his part to gain sympathy. I give him credit for that. I am not a person made of steel but I was way too pissed with his intentions of trying to cheat me into having sex with him to have any sympathy for bastards like him.

So anyway, I asked him what happened between the years he didn't masturbate or have sex? Wouldn't his condition have worsened till he became a crippled now?

He said he has all along been taking medication to curb it. So obviously I told him to carry on with the medication la. What's so difficult?

Guess what?

He said he can no longer take the medication because it's making his blood turn thin. Wahahahahahaha! What a fucking coincidence! Before know me, take medication. After know me cannot take medication anymore cause of blah blah blah..

Crap load of bullshit!

I have since stopped contacting him after leaving that company and he never bothered looking for me again. Like me leh.. Hah! What a joke! He probably msg multiple girls in a day and see if he gets lucky in banging any guillible girl that naively believes in him.

I took careful measures never to go past his office again in case he sees me and remember he still hasn't got me thus coming back to harass me. I can of cause jolly well report him for sexual harassment but it's too much of an hassle for me.

I sincerely hope his condition is real and he dies from it. Better still, become a crippled and never ever get laid again. Who knows what kinda disease he has. Pui!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Car service marketing strategy

Saw this on my car in the morning.

Gotta admit. It's a pretty good marketing strategy. You caught my attention. No doubt about that.
But sorry. I will still not use your service. Simply because I'm a cheapo.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Try this out!

Muahahahahahaha.. I'm so bo liao..

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In shock!

When I 1st posted my story on how it all started, it wasn't my intention to share this story with all my friends but silly me forgot that NetworkedBlogs will do auto publishing for me in Facebook. I did not expect such overwhelming response to that particular post. I'm screwed. =(

Now that most of my friends know I own a blog I can no longer badmouth people here. Wahahahaha.. Not that I do that and thank goodness I didn't do that previously here either. Phew!

Okay la! Not so bad la. I only scold people I don't like. My friends are all fantastic people ya? Support me okay? If you like my writings then do stay on and visit often.

Anyway, I'm well known for being mean and direct la. A bitch will always be a bitch. Muahahahahaha!

If I ever do write anything that seems offensive or offended you, pardon me. I was merely writing what I felt at that moment. No harm was intended to anyone at any point of time. If I need to start putting a disclaimer on everything I write, I feel sick about that.

For the benefit of everyone who read my previous post and not understanding what SMBF is or why I call him that, it is actually short for square minded boyfriend. *snigger snigger* Say I'm bad for all you want. His mind is really square.

To prove my point, you will have meet him for yourself to experience the squareness. I guarantee you will feel happiness coursing through your veins till blood is spurting out from all your internal organs which will eventually arrive at your mouth, eyes, ears and whatever available holes you may have. You die a much happier person. Hohoho!

Sarcasm is my middle name though Isabelle is also my middle name. Whatever. If you don't understand sarcasm then go away please. People who understand and enjoy sarcasm, I love you lots. We make the world a much better place.

Jokes aside. I have received many positive remarks encouraging and supporting my relationship with SMBF. So having that post known wasn't so bad. Thank you very much guys! Thank you for feeling happy for me. I am happy too to have friends who are always there for me and supporting me through my happy and unhappy days. We may not meet often but deep in our hearts, we know we always have one another. You know who you are. *wink*

On another side note, I recently just created another blog for Naomi. Purely just a blog for pictures of her. You can find the blog here. If you guys know anyone who is looking for kid's model, kindly share that link with them. Who knows Naomi might become a child star someday ya?

Will find time to update my blog again. Thanks once again to those who visited. =)


Sunday, October 18, 2015

How it all started (Real life version)

Okay! I have been dragging this long enough. It's time to start writing as promised even though I have no laptop of my own. Am using company laptop to write this.

It all started on a beautiful Monday morning 13th April 2015. It's the day I started working at my current company Kyocera as a Corporate Account Manager selling multi-function copier machines.

SMBF is seated next to me on my left. His 1st question to me was "Are you previously from the same trade?" I told him no. Was gonna go into my past working experiences when we had to start the stupid Chorei (Japanese culture to start the day with exercises). We stop at that.

For my 1st week at work, I had to stay in the office and learn all the functions a copier has in the showroom. I had loads of question and I decided to ask him because he seems to know more since he has been in this trade longer as compared to the other colleague.

Subsequently, our sales manager Terence started to disturb me and him. Yeah. What meant as a funny joke turned real. I wasn't really that interested in him back then. I find him too boring for me and I wasn't really that into having a serious relationship because I wouldn't be sure if any guy would love me and Naomi wholeheartedly.

I remember telling him in front of my sales manager that I wasn't interested in him just to make my sales manager shut up. I told him no offence but he really isn't my cup of tea. Now I have to eat my own words and give myself a slap on my own face. (-_-)||

Not long after, our senior sales manager Francis who is like a brother to SMBF because they used to work together a long time ago asked me if I have any girls to intro to SMBF.

He said he is worried about him because he is still single and probably still can't get over his past failed relationship. He wants him to move on and settle down soon if possible as SMBF is not young anymore.

I told him I would help keep a lookout but currently have no girlfriends available that I think would suit him. We left at that but who knows. An eligible lady soon appears. Not me la. Kaoz!

We had a sales admin working with us back then. Her name is Sherry. She is slightly younger than me and SMBF and most importantly, she is still single!

I had a discussion with Francis and we both agreed that she is the best choice! They are both single and almost similar personalities. I then started plotting and launched a series of activities for both of them.

1st, we went for dinner together with Terence in the name of farewell party as Sherry was leaving the company soon.

Subsequently, we had an impromptu trip to Batam. I tried very hard to convince Sherry to join the team and she eventually agreed.

After we came back, we thought things are going on fine as SMBF is frequently sending her back after work. I carried on arranging for outings with me and Naomi joining in as I'm worried they might feel awkward going out alone on dates.

Little did I know that SMBF has started developing feelings for me because we spend a lot more time together as colleagues going for appointments and talking nonsense through Whatsapp after work.

Sherry left the company shortly after that and it was pretty tough to follow up on them. I left it to SMBF to take more initiative but I constantly check in on him to see if he made any advances but I wouldn't know if he was lying.

Well.. As time goes by, the more time we spent together, the more I got to know him. Naturally, I started to have feelings for him because in my opinion, he is really a nice guy and he is not as boring as I thought he is.

Terence went back to disturbing us again because he felt that we are compatible and SMBF is way too nice to me. He literally went all out for me in many aspects. That was probably why I started to have feelings for him too.

But, I refuse to admit it. I refuse to face my feelings for him because I sincerely wanted him to be with Sherry. It didn't seem nice to appear out of nowhere and snatch him away ya? I didn't believe in love nor believe that any guy would be able to accept my status as a single mom. I didn't want to give myself a slap in the face too for saying stuff previously like will never like him or I don't approve of office relationships.

I got annoyed by the constant disturbance from Terence and complained to SMBF. It was on 13th June 2015 a Saturday night. That was when he decided to confess his feelings for me.

I was in total shock and happiness. I didn't know what to say. I told him my concerns and I needed time. I am not able to accept him straight away. He said he totally understand it. It appears that Sherry wasn't interested in him at all so she was the least of our concerns.

Subsequently, we went for our 1st date on 15th June 2015. Jurassic World movie at the nearest Cathay cinema to my place. He is a cheeky fellow. He held my hands for the 1st time halfway through the movie. It made my heart pumped faster and I blushed. Thank God it's dark in the cinema.

We still didn't get together because I was still unsure. Anyway, he made a lot of effort using actions to convince me that he is serious about me. He loves Naomi very much too and he is not another guy who is just passing through in my life. He is here to stay. I just need to give him and myself a chance.

I took time to think things through while he went to Genting with his friends 1 weekend. I probably wouldn't get another chance like this again in my life. Here is 1 guy who don't mind my past. Willing to accept everything about me. He can jolly well find a girl who is young and single to be his girlfriend. He didn't need to settle for a single mom. I decided then to give myself another chance in life to be loved and pampered. I have nothing to lose anyway. The most another heartbreak.

I waited till he was back from his trip and we finally got together on 24th June 2015.

This is the 1st photo we took together. It's dark I know but it still looks nice. Nobody cares what you think of it. I like it and that's final.

Till date, we have been together for almost coming to 4 months. Things are going on fine. There have been some minor and major quarrels but it's normal in a relationship. There are plans for marriage but not so soon. Not until he kneels down in front of my family and friends and pop the question properly. Muahahahahahaha! I'm evil. I love you dear so prepare a romantic proposal and make me tear ya? =P
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