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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Resolution for 2017

My cross stitch is far from being done. I still have like 1/3 left but I wanna blog about this.

Here are the resolutions for 2017 that I won't be able to keep.

1) Quit smoking
2) Lose weight
3) Be nicer to SMBF =P

Then there are the resolutions I intend to keep.

1) Find a job and stay in it as long as possible

2) Get married (This is linked to No. 1 because SMBF say he will propose to me once I have a job cause I will be less moody and depressed. He wants the happiness to last. Yay!)

3) Bring Naomi out more often (Also linked to No. 1 because with more money I will be able tp bring her to more places.)

4) Travel overseas more often (Again linked to No. 1. The reason is pretty obvious.)

So employers out there. Give me a chance la! Desperately need a job. My happiness is in your hands!

On my way to Grace house for countdown with some of my favourite bitches. Those not able to come, I do miss you too.

If I'm in the mood, I will blog about the countdown later on. If not, then too bad. Cross stitch cross stitch cross stitch. You get it.

Hereby wishing everyone a Happy New Year! For those who faithfully reads my blog and for those who happen to stumble across my blog this fateful night. Hahaha!

Now don't be stingy and leave me a comment wishing me Happy New Year too! =)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I know I haven't been really updating much because there really ain't anything interesting going on in my life right now.

Yes. There is Christmas but I really feel like blogging about it. I'm just plain lazy I guess. I have also finally met up with my darling Queen. A friend I have not seen for a long time and missed.

We had lunch together and kopi after lunch gossiping about the idiots in our life and how very unfortunate that we are somehow related to them. I feel so sorry for us.

Still on the lookout for jobs but put to a stop for now cause it's holiday season. Doubt any company will actually call me down for interview. Those that does, I don't wanna work for man. No life.

I'm not really lazy la. I've just been really busy with completing my cross stitch. I have put it on hold for the longest time and my dad is complaining about the mess I'm having on the table saying it's pure irritating. Duh!

The faster I complete my cross stitch then I will have time to write out my feelings over certain stuff.

Till then this is just gonna be an empty space.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


My blog is getting boring because I can't seem to be bothered to update it anymore. I guess it's because I'm writing more for an audience than for myself.

There are so many bad things I wanna say about others but afraid that they may find out. Muahahahaha..

Actually I don't care about what others say but all the same. I have decided to stop publicizing my blog. It will no longer update new post on my fb.

I shall then blog to my heart's content imagining that nobody reads it except me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hmmmm.. Have no idea what to blog about so I shall blog about how bloated I have been for the past few days. No idea what I ate to create so much gas. I have a rough suspicion that it's the golden mushroom and white button mushroom cooked by me in butter and garlic that caused it. It is edible and extremely delicious okay?

If you must know, I have been farting non stop for the past few days. More than I ever did in a year. I swear I'm not joking about it. I feel like an odourless toxic gas producing machine. Only once did the fart stink like mad and I proudly announce that I gave the full blast of it right in SMBF's face. Payback time!


If you think I'm mean then please think again. This 1 small fart I gave him is not even enough to pay him off 1% of what he gave to me. So far, this is like the 2nd time I let him smell stinky farts throughout our relationship. He does it to me so often that I wanna just shove something up his ass to make him feel pain. He even do it to my poor baby Naomi when she is asleep okay? As he so very buay paiseh confess to me de hor. So you see! We are the victims, NOT HIM!

Very kns lor. So bloody rude and inconsiderate lah! Don't tell me cannot control okay? That's bullshit! You jolly well know it's coming and have time to run away from your loved ones before you explode. If any of you out there can't control your fart, please go see a doctor. You probably have some uncontrollable farting syndrome that requires professional help.

Just stop fucking traumatizing your loved ones!

If it's possible, I would love to shove an oxygen tank up his ass and store all his stinky farts into the tank then make him smell his own fart with an oxygen mask glued to his face. He will not be able to take off the mask until the oxygen or should I say fart tank is empty. That will teach him not to anyhow let off toxic gas when others are around especially me and Naomi.

Anyway, tomorrow is his birthday. Can't afford to buy him a gift since I'm jobless. I shall compensate by being extra nice to him for tomorrow only. I will be nice by not insulting him, not calling him an idiot, not rolling my eyes and shout at him etc etc etc..

Wow! There are so much more but I lazy to type out liao. I think I am rather mean to him leh. But it's okay lah. I know he enjoys it. It makes him smile the whole day. He can't live without it. He loves getting the insults as much as I love throwing insults at him. That's what make us such a happy couple.

I just love living in self denial. =) Wahahahahahaha!

Abrupt end of blog post because pooping feeling is strong af.

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