More updates

It's been awhile since I wrote. Been busy since Naomi started Primary School. Have to constantly keep track of her stuff which has proven to be mentally draining. She is at the age where she doesn't know responsibilities like taking care of her stuff and taking ownership by not allowing other people to destroy her stuff.

The most worrisome issue is probably not knowing how she spends her allowance as she doesn't know how to count her money till now and doesn't bother to ask how much does her food cost. Sighz.. I'm dying here having to constantly nag at her till I almost feel like I'm breaking down.

It's a constant worry in my mind over what she does in school and if she is learning anything. It is heart breaking though to see her so tired everyday when she comes back from school. She attends after school care though so most of her homework is done there. I just have to go through and make it's completed and correct her if I spot any mistakes.

Other than…


Sighz.. Went for a gynae checkup last Friday. I have put on more weight and the cyst in my womb is getting more and also bigger therefore affecting my menses to be come lesser and shorter time frame thus not able to predict my ovulation date.

Doctor Tan could have given me medication to help with regulating the ovulation date but the risk is high for someone overweight to get pregnant. Higher chances of getting high blood pressure, diabetes etc etc during pregnancy.

I was rather upset and slightly depressed that I won't be able to conceive so easily but SMH and I have decided to push back getting pregnant. The more important issue on hand is to lose weight to a healthy level 1st not only for conceiving but also for my own health.

He said that my ideal weight is 60+kg which was the weight I was at when I had Naomi and I have long since went beyond that weight eversince I met SMH. I am currently standing at 86kg. They say that people who are in bliss puts on weight which is so fucki…

Happy 6th Birthday to my Precious Darling Princess!

Happy 6th Birthday darling! You are growing up so fast! Mummy loves you lots! I hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration yesterday. You will always my sweet little gal. Muacks!

Stay awake!

I am so bored and sleepy that I changed my blogskin just to keep me awake. Now I'm typing out this bo liao post to continue keep myself awake.

I wish I can change my skin like how I change my blogskin. I'm saying this because I'm trying to keep myself awake. I keep dozing off every time I stop typing for awhile.

I am currently munching on alphabet biscuits that I stole from my colleague's desk to keep myself awake. I have no idea what else I can do to stay awake.

Can the time pass by faster please? I think I shall go toilet to take a nap.



Sorry that I been gone for so long yo! So many things are happening and I have been really really busy. It was a busy year 2018 but also a fantastic one!

So I'm gonna just put down the timeline of what has been going on so far in 2018 in point form because somebody requested for an update. =P

January - We went house viewing and finally found a unit that we both liked a lot!

February - Went for our wedding photoshoot! Settled the OTP for the house and bank loans and all the insurance shit. (We took bank loan btw. Ain't gonna let the Gahmen earn no shit from us.)

March - Waiting, waiting and more seemingly endless waiting..

April - Finally got the keys to our love nest! Met up with ID to discuss and went around choosing the tiles we like, purchasing ceiling fans and toilet accessories etc etc.. Boss attitude towards me started to change. SMF started his journey in RCIA to know God better.

May - Start of the renovation! Can't wait for it to be completed. Went around viewing a…

You are tired but so am I

As much as I want to start a family with you because you are well worth the effort and time. Because I love you so much I think you deserve to have a family.
But things are not going to work out if you are not willing to make a change when things happen. When you constantly think that everyone is going against you.
I really want to and is making an effort to make things right but I cannot do this alone. All I ask is for you to change your approach to things but you choose to be stubborn, choose not to be flexible.
The changes made now is not just for the present but for the future as well. You never did think that far right?
I may say things that hurt you in the process but that's because I want you to wake up! To listen to what I have to say and not always insisting your way.
Since we are not able to communicate effectively and come to an understanding. I think it is pretty pointless to carry on. This has not happened once or twice but an ongoing issue with nothing done to resolv…

Back to work

Finally back to work after a 2 months hiatus. Long story short. I fractured my knee after falling down on a bus on 3rd Nov 2017 when the bus e-braked avoiding a lorry that dashed out from the filter lane, 2 days after I came back from my holiday in Thailand.
I have been in a cast for 6 weeks in total. It was pure torture. Thank God for SMF who looked after me during that time without a single complain. Every bath time is like going to war having to suit up and wear armour.
After removing the cast, my left leg is practically useless. My muscles have all weaken on me. Can't walk long distance without my ankle and calfs seizing up on me. Walking has become very unnatural for me. Can't bend my legs without feeling any pain so walking up the stairs and squatting down is taking a toll on my bones.
Sitting down is fine for me though but can't sit in the same position for a long time else my whole leg hurts when I try to move. My bones make a clicking sound whenever I try to ben…