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Have you ever felt that you don't belong to a place.. Felt so left out.. Felt so out of place.. This place can even make you feel as though you don't belong to this world.. Everyone seems to despise you.. Everyday you receive unfriendly stares.. You start wondering what the hell are you doing here.. You start to get depress & you want to leave this place asap but circumstances don't allow.. When you made up your mind to leave this place & suddenly everyone starts to be nice to you in a certain way making you uncertain of your decision.. If you continue staying, things might or might not turn better.. You might go back to what the situation used to be & in the end you'll be back to square 1 again.. Continue staying here & you might just break down anytime.. Really feel confused or is it cos of depression to make you feel that things are bad? Anyone who have anything to say abt this do pm me..

★I Got A New Chauffer!★

Yeah! Deardear pass his license le.. 16 demerit points.. Double of mine.. But well, most impt thing is he pass.. Heavy rain today.. Was so worried for him till i keep running to the toilet but lucky he did not let me down.. Else not he cry.. Is i cry.. Finally i don't have to chauffer him ard le.. Time for him to be my chauffer.. Haha.. Hmmm.. My eyes getting better le.. Not so itchy & pain le.. Back to work tomorrow.. The war starts tomorrow.. 200 over pieces of work order.. Plus today i mc got 90 over pieces of work order.. Think i sure die tomorrow.. Total of 300 pieces.. Have to cut & paste, have to scan.. Have to arrange.. Have to update into system.. Have to file.. ARGHHHH!!! Somebody kill me pls.. Shall explain with some pictures of my work process some other time when im free.. Right now i don't wanna think abt it.. Lucky deardear on off tomorrow & friday.. Got pple send me to work & fetch me back.. Hehe.. So lucky.. Pay back time!

★I Feel So Sick..★

Had a quarrel with my brother last night.. He is getting from bad to worse.. Going out to meet his friends & coming back in the middle of the night.. Whole family doesn't know where he goes & what he do outside.. He refuse to tell us either.. Really have the tendency to send him to the boys home if that's a better place for him but i still believe that he is good in heart.. Arghhh.. I simply have no idea what to do with him anymore.. Couldn't care less.. Wanted to sleep but my mother turn on the lamp light & started to force herself to burp.. So disgusting.. We are in aircon room for god's sake.. Tell her nicely not to do that but she just shouted at me & say she's feeling so uncomfortable till she feel like she's dying.. Been hearing that for don't know how many donkey years but how come i have not seen her just drop dead like this.. Bunch of bullshit.. I know it's bad to talk abt her like this but if i no longer regard her as my mum i …

★The Ultimate Comedian Part 1★

Was watching this variety show & thought that the candidates for this this week was pretty sucky.. None of them made me laugh for except mayb the judge jiao jiao & jiu kong.. Really have no idea why his mother gave him that name.. The name alone is enough to make me laugh.. Nine holes.. Wahaha.. Back to the comedian candidates.. Well.. They had only 1 min so i think mayb i shouldn't judge them so quickly but im actually waiting to see next weeks episode whereby my fav comedian will be performing.. Yes! Im talking abt the cute butch.. I have no idea what is her name.. Hehe.. Ok.. Fine.. I may be bias but well.. She's really cute but ahem.. Im not interested in her ok? Im married.. Just find her cute.. BUT, i'll not waste my money voting.. My dear friends out there.. Support her morally like i do.. Ooohhh.. I just can't wait to see her again & her wonderful performance..

Mail Order Bride's Meme

We all have friends who have things we envy - and not necessarily material objects, but perhaps character traits, or lifestyle choices, or opportunities.Leave a comment, please, saying what you find envious about me, then repost this in your journal so I can say what I find envious about you!

★Boring Sunday Afternoon..★

Woke up ard 4pm.. Deciding it was too late to go back office just because i wanted to slack ard on a lazy sunday afternoon.. Thinking abt going office 1 hour earlier the next day to finish my things.. Bad headache.. Sleep too much.. Watch abit tele with my sis then surf net & updating on my blog till deardear came back from camp to fetch me.. Tomorrow is monday again.. I hate mondays.. I wish i didn't have to work.. Again i was reminded of the IT fair.. Wish me luck..

★He's Leaving But ( I hope) He'll Be Back Soon..★

It has been a hectic day.. This morning woke up & brought my father to IMM Yunan Restaurant eat breakfast.. My treat la.. Pok already.. Just dim sum cost me $100 plus le.. Only for him.. If you realise, i've been eating & eating & eating this few days.. Growing fat soon if i don't stop.. Die.. Won't be able to fit into my wedding gown.. After our so called brunch we went to a camp near Lim Chu Kang.. Can't remember the name le but cos my brother is camping there with all his church friends.. 1 of the church's events.. He forgot to bring his sleeping bag so we went there to pass it to him.. After that we went to explore the area.. I only realise there are so many places in Singapore which we have nvr went before.. We came to a dead end but guess what we saw.. It's absolutely beautiful..
Isn't it nice? So calm & peaceful..
Faraway island.. Wish i can go there someday..
Dad & mum.. Help! Help! My wig is flying.. Haha.. Just a joke.. …

★Happy Day!★

Work is extremely busy today.. Couldn't finish my things.. Have to go back on sun to clear my things.. Deardear gave me a surprise today.. Told me he went to Orchard to move barricades for the AHM (Army Half Marathon) which is true but he did not tell me he went off early.. Saw him downstairs my office when i finish work working out of the office building.. What a pleasant surprise.. :) Went home for STEAMBOAT!
Chilli Crab! Yum!
Chef of the day.. Stupid face.. Haha! That's just him.. My dad.. Im proud..

After dinner, we went to see my new house.. The renovation is abt done but we just wanted to see the lighting.. It's pretty nice.. Chosen by me of cos..
That's the wall lamp.. Looks like ice cube.. So cute..
The lighting for the dining room.. Looks nice right? So classy.. After that we went home & deardear gave me another surprise but im not gonna share it.. It's a secret for my own pleasure.. Hee.. Thank you deardear.. Muacks..

★Just Another Day★

Yesterday was too angry with my mum to think abt anything else.. Forget to update on some things.. Went for a haircut(actually just my fringe la) 2 days ago.. Damn sick of my centre parting so decided to go for abit side but have to put a clip so my hair will stay.. Small clip sponsered by Gracie

Look abit dumb but i think it's pretty cool to look abit dumb & cute sometimes.. Haha..
Work was slightly more then yesterday.. Got a feeling of being cheated by my supervisor.. The IT fair is suppose to start next week & not this week.. Make me so prepared for war this few days.. Kao..
Finally get to eat claypot rice today..

Looks abit gross right? But it's super nice & yummy.. Everyone should go try it.. It's located at the beach road market where all army guys buy their stuff for camp.. It's just at the hawer centre located downstairs..
Papa say claypot rice must be eaten like this.. Hehe.. So cartoon..

After dinner we had desert.. It was fantastic.. We had ri…

★Boring Day In The Office & Home..★

Same old thing in the office.. Work Work Work.. Nothing exciting has been happening in the office except at home of cos & mayb the fact that i just found a new smoking kaki.. Boring.. Suppose to go eat claypot rice after work with my dad but cause of my mum delaying time therefore dinner plan gone down the drain & end up we have to order delivery.. Sianz.. Always spoiling people's plan.. Don't know what to do now.. Nothing to do.. Tomorrow still have to work.. Hmmm.. Let me tell you guys a office story.. Girl A & Girl B are colleagues.. Girl A & B are of the same age but Girl A is already married & has a son of 4 yrs old.. Girl A is pretty, nice & gentle.. Exactly the opposite of Girl B.. Both of them work from old office till new office.. All along they have been in good terms.. Going for lunch together & chatting together.. But eversince Girl C came into the picture, Girl A has been ignoring Girl B & i mean totally ignore except when talking a…

★So Goddamn Tired!★

Yeah.. Read the headlines.. Im goddamn tired.. Slept near 3am last nite.. Was playing monopoly with my sis.. She's having her TP today so was feeling nervous so accompany her play hoping to let her relax abit.. Luck was just down for her.. She failed her TP with 32 points.. How she got so much deduction i really have no idea.. The tester must be bias against her because of her petite size.. Partly i guess she was nervous too.. Well.. At least she gain some experience.. Tomorrow will be a better day & she'll be able to get a better result for her next test.. Chat with my mum over msn today.. She's really getting on my nerves.. Irritating me badly.. I hate to say this but she's really a f**king b**tch.. She's petty, not understanding, bad tempered, stubborn & bear grudges but the ironic thing is she's always telling us to do the opposite of what she is but yet she herself does not fulfil the requirement.. She's also obsessed with church.. She always t…

★Marriage Is A Beautiful Thing★

Yes.. Marriage is indeed a beautiful thing to happen on a loving couple till things started happening.. 20 years down the road, love for each other fade away.. Feelings for each other turns sour.. Somebody do something wrong then comes the big fight.. Everything you say to one another become very nasty.. Ever wonder which party suffer the most in this kind of fight? Fyi, it's the kids that are truly suffering.. Just can't figure out what adults are thinking nowadays.. I thought they are suppose to be wiser as they grow older.. How can it be that a 23 yr old girl think better then they do? I understand that when you are involved in the picture you can't think as well as how outsiders see.. But listen to what people have to say.. Not just do what you like.. Good for those who does not have kids.. If you have one & things happen please always consider abt your kid's feelings.. No matter how old they've grown up to be it's still gonna hurt them no matter what y…

★Bad Day!!★

Wasn't able to wake up in time today for the gathering at my grandma's place.. Too tired.. Slept till abt 4pm but still tired.. Soon after i woke up i received a call from home.. Pick up the phone & was abt to say hello when i heard shoutings at the background.. Dad & mum are at it again.. It's a nvr-ending story.. Both wanted to divorce.. Wtf.. I just got married & i thought things were more or less settled already.. Things happened 2 months ago which i have no wish to recall again though i must say it was my mum's fault.. Really have no idea what they want.. Been stressed over this thing since it started till now.. I thought getting married is suppose to be a happy thing but why is this happening in my family & to me? It is seriously affecting me.. Will the same thing happen on me after 20 over years of married life? Dad is leaving coming sat.. I hope things turn better during the week before he leaves.. I don't know what to do anymore.. I dun wan…

★Busy Day!!!★

So tired.. Slept late last night cos nick got to go meet jia ming as he's leaving on monday back to the states to continue his course.. Won't be back for the next 2 years.. Farewell & bon voyage to you.. Sad to see him leave.. Just got to know him not long.. A nice guy standing at 1.90m tall.. I only reach his armpit.. Imagine the smell.. *faints* Went to west coast for pratas.. He's a real big eater.. Woke up early this morning to have breakfast with my dad.. We had pratas AGAIN.. After a hearty breakfast we proceed to washing the car.. Had a hard time deciding where to go for the BIG wash.. We ended up just downstairs our house carpark under the blady hot sun.. My father & his smart ideas.. Well.. Anyway, i did not really touch the car.. I was just sitting in 1 shady corner supervising them..2 very hardworking man.. My dad & my hubby..Happy washing.. :)
Eeeewww.. What's those thing on my car? It's the wax you idiot!
My deardear's butt.. Hehe.. Must …

★Brief Introduction Of Myself★

That's Me!!
All along i have nvr believed in blogging & think that blogging is a waste of time & a very stupid thing to do.. How ironic now that im actually posting my 1st blog.. After reading my friends blog i totally change my concept abt blogging.. Actually blogging is just another form of writing in a diary just that instead of wasting money buying those cute books & that people actually get to see your thoughts.. Hmmm.. I must be careful of what i write here.. Lol.. Ok.. Here goes my introduction.. Born into a family of 2 extremely dominating parents and 2 younger + dumber then me siblings(Hope they dun see this..).. Sometimes i wonder who do i inherit most of the genes.. A mix of both i guess.. Hot tempered like my mother (so glad this is the only part im like her.. U dun wan to know the rest of her.. Phew!) but sometimes cool as ice like my father & definitely a funny + humourous + witty joker like my father etc.. etc.. etc.. But HEY! I definitely have my own…