★Bad Day!!★

Wasn't able to wake up in time today for the gathering at my grandma's place.. Too tired.. Slept till abt 4pm but still tired.. Soon after i woke up i received a call from home.. Pick up the phone & was abt to say hello when i heard shoutings at the background.. Dad & mum are at it again.. It's a nvr-ending story.. Both wanted to divorce.. Wtf.. I just got married & i thought things were more or less settled already.. Things happened 2 months ago which i have no wish to recall again though i must say it was my mum's fault.. Really have no idea what they want.. Been stressed over this thing since it started till now.. I thought getting married is suppose to be a happy thing but why is this happening in my family & to me? It is seriously affecting me.. Will the same thing happen on me after 20 over years of married life? Dad is leaving coming sat.. I hope things turn better during the week before he leaves.. I don't know what to do anymore.. I dun wanna think abt it.. It's freaking me out.. Let's not talk abt it anymore.. Tomorrow is monday.. Sheesh.. I hate mondays.. Monday means work.. It also means there's loads of things to do.. Heard my supervisor say next week onwards will be super busy because of some stupid IT fair.. Damn..


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