★Boring Day In The Office & Home..★

Same old thing in the office.. Work Work Work.. Nothing exciting has been happening in the office except at home of cos & mayb the fact that i just found a new smoking kaki.. Boring.. Suppose to go eat claypot rice after work with my dad but cause of my mum delaying time therefore dinner plan gone down the drain & end up we have to order delivery.. Sianz.. Always spoiling people's plan.. Don't know what to do now.. Nothing to do.. Tomorrow still have to work.. Hmmm.. Let me tell you guys a office story.. Girl A & Girl B are colleagues.. Girl A & B are of the same age but Girl A is already married & has a son of 4 yrs old.. Girl A is pretty, nice & gentle.. Exactly the opposite of Girl B.. Both of them work from old office till new office.. All along they have been in good terms.. Going for lunch together & chatting together.. But eversince Girl C came into the picture, Girl A has been ignoring Girl B & i mean totally ignore except when talking abt work.. Girl B feels very lonely & left out.. Initially she thought that Girl C is very nice and happy that there's another person to join them in gossiping but she has nvr expected this.. Girl C has been holding on to Girl A & sticking to her like superglue, talking to Girl A whenever there is a chance leaving no chance for Girl B to intercept.. Has this been Girl B's imagination or is it really happening? Can Girl B overcome the obstacle? -----> To be continued...


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