★Brief Introduction Of Myself★

That's Me!!
All along i have nvr believed in blogging & think that blogging is a waste of time & a very stupid thing to do.. How ironic now that im actually posting my 1st blog.. After reading my friends blog i totally change my concept abt blogging.. Actually blogging is just another form of writing in a diary just that instead of wasting money buying those cute books & that people actually get to see your thoughts.. Hmmm.. I must be careful of what i write here.. Lol.. Ok.. Here goes my introduction.. Born into a family of 2 extremely dominating parents and 2 younger + dumber then me siblings(Hope they dun see this..).. Sometimes i wonder who do i inherit most of the genes.. A mix of both i guess.. Hot tempered like my mother (so glad this is the only part im like her.. U dun wan to know the rest of her.. Phew!) but sometimes cool as ice like my father & definitely a funny + humourous + witty joker like my father etc.. etc.. etc.. But HEY! I definitely have my own unique personality & character of my own.. Im not exactly a replica of them though true that they were the ones that brought me into this world.. Hmmm.. Sometimes i also wonder if it was a good thing to be brought up in this kind of family background resulting the kind of person i am right now.. Im in actual fact a spoilt brat/princess(spoilt n pampered by my father of cos) but can be independent & matured when needed.. An extreme person for example either i love a person very deeply or i hate them to the core though i can be forgiving sometimes & forget abt the whole matter BUT some things just cannot be forgiven.. Right now that im already married for 29 days to be exact, it's time i learn to really start growing up though some things are still hard to change.. Ok.. That's me & that's abt it..


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