★Busy Day!!!★

So tired.. Slept late last night cos nick got to go meet jia ming as he's leaving on monday back to the states to continue his course.. Won't be back for the next 2 years.. Farewell & bon voyage to you.. Sad to see him leave.. Just got to know him not long.. A nice guy standing at 1.90m tall.. I only reach his armpit.. Imagine the smell.. *faints* Went to west coast for pratas.. He's a real big eater.. Woke up early this morning to have breakfast with my dad.. We had pratas AGAIN.. After a hearty breakfast we proceed to washing the car.. Had a hard time deciding where to go for the BIG wash.. We ended up just downstairs our house carpark under the blady hot sun.. My father & his smart ideas.. Well.. Anyway, i did not really touch the car.. I was just sitting in 1 shady corner supervising them..2 very hardworking man.. My dad & my hubby.. Happy washing.. :)
Eeeewww.. What's those thing on my car? It's the wax you idiot!
My deardear's butt.. Hehe.. Must not let him know i took this photo.. More curvy then mine.. Humph!
The after effect of a morning's work.. Nice?

After the "tiring" car wash(i did nothing at all), i went home for a short nap though all i did was watching tv & playing game while deardear nick went for his car practical.. Both he & my sister's TP coming soon.. Hope they can 1 time pass like me.. Then i went back to nicky's house to wait for the person to deliver the lightings over(Those lightings cost a damn $1500).. Soon, we were on our way to quan kai's(gracie's bf of 3 yrs) father house to see his sister's 3rd child's 1 month celebration.. Ate a little at the buffet & left shortly afterwards.. Kind of bored staying there & quan kai's cousin were so inconsiderate.. Stood in front of the tv when people are watching it.. Sorry kai.. No offence.. If they think they got special powers to be invisible, please try again.. FAIL! Initially planned to go for prawn fishing at night but "mum" spoils everything by going to her stupid church thingy & spoil the whole plan i had organised so nicely.. But well, grace had to work so kind of no choice too(Hope she change to a normal job soon).. Btw, she's working at K-Pool located at Jurong Point.. Do visit her when you go by that area BUT no special discount.. No prawn fishing so ended up playing mahjong.. Till what time i have no idea.. I only know i have to wake up early in morning again to go for gathering at my grandma's place.. Panda's are taking over my body soon.. Help!! I dun wanna look like them..


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