Have you ever felt that you don't belong to a place.. Felt so left out.. Felt so out of place.. This place can even make you feel as though you don't belong to this world.. Everyone seems to despise you.. Everyday you receive unfriendly stares.. You start wondering what the hell are you doing here.. You start to get depress & you want to leave this place asap but circumstances don't allow.. When you made up your mind to leave this place & suddenly everyone starts to be nice to you in a certain way making you uncertain of your decision.. If you continue staying, things might or might not turn better.. You might go back to what the situation used to be & in the end you'll be back to square 1 again.. Continue staying here & you might just break down anytime.. Really feel confused or is it cos of depression to make you feel that things are bad? Anyone who have anything to say abt this do pm me..


  1. I believe all of us feel the same way some time or other. But then again, it's really physcho. I mean, people gathering to talk may not be talking about you. But you think to urself, "Are they talking about me? Did I dress weird? Did i zip up my pants? blah blah blah..."

    Cheers. Loosen up. Smile up and be more approachable.


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