★Happy Day!★

Work is extremely busy today.. Couldn't finish my things.. Have to go back on sun to clear my things.. Deardear gave me a surprise today.. Told me he went to Orchard to move barricades for the AHM (Army Half Marathon) which is true but he did not tell me he went off early.. Saw him downstairs my office when i finish work working out of the office building.. What a pleasant surprise.. :) Went home for STEAMBOAT!


Chilli Crab! Yum!

Chef of the day.. Stupid face.. Haha! That's just him.. My dad.. Im proud..

After dinner, we went to see my new house.. The renovation is abt done but we just wanted to see the lighting.. It's pretty nice.. Chosen by me of cos..

That's the wall lamp.. Looks like ice cube.. So cute..

The lighting for the dining room.. Looks nice right? So classy..

After that we went home & deardear gave me another surprise but im not gonna share it.. It's a secret for my own pleasure.. Hee.. Thank you deardear.. Muacks..


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