★He's Leaving But ( I hope) He'll Be Back Soon..★

It has been a hectic day.. This morning woke up & brought my father to IMM Yunan Restaurant eat breakfast.. My treat la.. Pok already.. Just dim sum cost me $100 plus le.. Only for him.. If you realise, i've been eating & eating & eating this few days.. Growing fat soon if i don't stop.. Die.. Won't be able to fit into my wedding gown.. After our so called brunch we went to a camp near Lim Chu Kang.. Can't remember the name le but cos my brother is camping there with all his church friends.. 1 of the church's events.. He forgot to bring his sleeping bag so we went there to pass it to him.. After that we went to explore the area.. I only realise there are so many places in Singapore which we have nvr went before.. We came to a dead end but guess what we saw.. It's absolutely beautiful..

Isn't it nice? So calm & peaceful..


Faraway island.. Wish i can go there someday..

Dad & mum.. Help! Help! My wig is flying.. Haha.. Just a joke.. Her hair real..


After exploring, we decided to leave but we went pass a goat farm so decided to stop by & take a look but before we could get there we saw a dragonfruit farm..

Dragonfruit Trees..

Can somebody kindly tell me why is it called Dragonfruit? Which part of it does it look like a dragon? Or is this fruit planted by the dragons? Hard to imagine.. If anyone knows the history of this fruit pls let me know.. Very curious.. Ok.. Back to the goat farm.. We came too late.. The milking of the goats was done in the morning.. My dad bought 2 bottles of goat milk.. Pretty cool.. They come in chocolate flavour too but i don't dare to drink.. I think i prefer normal milk & of cos my fav coffee.. Nescafe Gold.. Original Milk Coffee.. Oh shit.. We went off course again.. Below are some the pictures i took.. Enjoy..

Adult Goaties..

So cute..

Mass orgy?

Help! My head is stuck!

Feel so itchy.. Can't scratch..

Ouch! He bit my hand!

Ooohhh.. Aren't they sweet?

I'm so hungry..

So hairy..

What are you staring at?

Don't be dirty.. It's the milk bag la.. I can't imagine a guy's balls that big.. That's what i'll call a super dua lan pa! Wahahaha.. Oops.. No offence..

After visiting the goat farm we went to Tiong Bahru.. My cousin work as a optician there.. Everyone went there to get a free pair of trial contact lens.. So cheapskate.. Haha.. Just wanted just to try some new different kind of contact lens.. If i feel comfortable i'll definitely buy it.. Think i really so cheapo meh? We went back straight & deardear was rushing for time to go back camp.. So sian.. What a waste of a saturday..

Do we look compatible? Hehe..

Haiz.. Sat still must go back camp.. Boring..

I went home after deardear left for camp.. Help my father pack a few things & we're off to the airport..

Happy Family!

The end of the day & the end of my dad's holiday.. I sincerely hope he can settle his things there & come back to take up the new job.. If everything goes smoothly he'll be back end of september.. Yippee!


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