★I Feel So Sick..★

Had a quarrel with my brother last night.. He is getting from bad to worse.. Going out to meet his friends & coming back in the middle of the night.. Whole family doesn't know where he goes & what he do outside.. He refuse to tell us either.. Really have the tendency to send him to the boys home if that's a better place for him but i still believe that he is good in heart.. Arghhh.. I simply have no idea what to do with him anymore.. Couldn't care less.. Wanted to sleep but my mother turn on the lamp light & started to force herself to burp.. So disgusting.. We are in aircon room for god's sake.. Tell her nicely not to do that but she just shouted at me & say she's feeling so uncomfortable till she feel like she's dying.. Been hearing that for don't know how many donkey years but how come i have not seen her just drop dead like this.. Bunch of bullshit.. I know it's bad to talk abt her like this but if i no longer regard her as my mum i wouldn't have bothered abt her.. Already lacking of sleep yet she wants to do this to me.. Haiz.. Enough of this.. This morning i went to work in a super squeezy bus as usual.. When we reach a bus stop whereby alot of people will get down.. So there was this empty space & 1 guy was standing right in front so i too paiseh to go snatch his seat from him.. Mind you.. Im a lady not auntie hor.. But i least expect that guy to gesture me to take the seat.. I was thinking do i look pregnant or handicap to him? Mayb he was just trying to be a nice guy, a perfect gentlemen.. Sorry mr but im already married.. Haha.. Anyway, many thanks to the guy in blue checkered shirt for giving up the seat to me.. Damn my cuticles.. Becoming hard.. Growing longer & longer like vines.. Growing like nobody's business. I need professional help! Work was crazy today.. Almost couldn't finish my things.. Stayed back for awhile to clear everything.. Bad flu & cough.. Making me suffer like hell & my eyes are itching like crazy.. Can't stand it.. Was rubbing throughout the whole day.. Getting swollen soon.. Went to see a doctor & got 1 day mc for tomorrow.. Sure die.. Falling sick at this point of time.. Busiest time of the week.. What should i do? Sure get scolding de.. HELP... Help... help...


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