★I Got A New Chauffer!★

Yeah! Deardear pass his license le.. 16 demerit points.. Double of mine.. But well, most impt thing is he pass.. Heavy rain today.. Was so worried for him till i keep running to the toilet but lucky he did not let me down.. Else not he cry.. Is i cry.. Finally i don't have to chauffer him ard le.. Time for him to be my chauffer.. Haha.. Hmmm.. My eyes getting better le.. Not so itchy & pain le.. Back to work tomorrow.. The war starts tomorrow.. 200 over pieces of work order.. Plus today i mc got 90 over pieces of work order.. Think i sure die tomorrow.. Total of 300 pieces.. Have to cut & paste, have to scan.. Have to arrange.. Have to update into system.. Have to file.. ARGHHHH!!! Somebody kill me pls.. Shall explain with some pictures of my work process some other time when im free.. Right now i don't wanna think abt it.. Lucky deardear on off tomorrow & friday.. Got pple send me to work & fetch me back.. Hehe.. So lucky.. Pay back time!


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