★Just Another Day★

Yesterday was too angry with my mum to think abt anything else.. Forget to update on some things.. Went for a haircut(actually just my fringe la) 2 days ago.. Damn sick of my centre parting so decided to go for abit side but have to put a clip so my hair will stay.. Small clip sponsered by Gracie

Look abit dumb but i think it's pretty cool to look abit dumb & cute sometimes.. Haha..
Work was slightly more then yesterday.. Got a feeling of being cheated by my supervisor.. The IT fair is suppose to start next week & not this week.. Make me so prepared for war this few days.. Kao..
Finally get to eat claypot rice today..

Looks abit gross right? But it's super nice & yummy.. Everyone should go try it.. It's located at the beach road market where all army guys buy their stuff for camp.. It's just at the hawer centre located downstairs..
Papa say claypot rice must be eaten like this.. Hehe.. So cartoon..

After dinner we had desert.. It was fantastic.. We had rice balls in peanut paste.. Wooo.. *Saliva dripping* *Slurp*
*Drip drip drip* Sorry.. That's my saliva..

People who find this pic disgusting.. Honestly, you don't know how to enjoy the good things in life.. Went home after dinner & teach my father how to wear contact lens.. We spent abt half an hour just teaching.. Almost vomitted blood but he succeeded in the end.. So old le still so vain.. Haha.. Don't see my father like that.. He super modern.. Going to be on par with us youngsters soon.. I won't be surprised if he starts to wear colour contact lens 1 day.. Good news! My dad got a job offer in Singapore but he still have to travel to Indonesia.. Just that we get to see him more often like once a month instead of once every 4 months.. He's still deciding whether to take the offer.. I do hope he can take it up though pay will be lesser then what he's having now but at least we can get to see him more often.. Yeah! Pa says tomorrow eat steamboat.. Can't wait for tomorrow to come fast.. *Yawn* Good nitez..


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