★Marriage Is A Beautiful Thing★

Yes.. Marriage is indeed a beautiful thing to happen on a loving couple till things started happening.. 20 years down the road, love for each other fade away.. Feelings for each other turns sour.. Somebody do something wrong then comes the big fight.. Everything you say to one another become very nasty.. Ever wonder which party suffer the most in this kind of fight? Fyi, it's the kids that are truly suffering.. Just can't figure out what adults are thinking nowadays.. I thought they are suppose to be wiser as they grow older.. How can it be that a 23 yr old girl think better then they do? I understand that when you are involved in the picture you can't think as well as how outsiders see.. But listen to what people have to say.. Not just do what you like.. Good for those who does not have kids.. If you have one & things happen please always consider abt your kid's feelings.. No matter how old they've grown up to be it's still gonna hurt them no matter what you do.. Keep this in mind.. Kids are very fragile.. Once the damage is done there'll be no turning back..


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