★So Goddamn Tired!★

Yeah.. Read the headlines.. Im goddamn tired.. Slept near 3am last nite.. Was playing monopoly with my sis.. She's having her TP today so was feeling nervous so accompany her play hoping to let her relax abit.. Luck was just down for her.. She failed her TP with 32 points.. How she got so much deduction i really have no idea.. The tester must be bias against her because of her petite size.. Partly i guess she was nervous too.. Well.. At least she gain some experience.. Tomorrow will be a better day & she'll be able to get a better result for her next test.. Chat with my mum over msn today.. She's really getting on my nerves.. Irritating me badly.. I hate to say this but she's really a f**king b**tch.. She's petty, not understanding, bad tempered, stubborn & bear grudges but the ironic thing is she's always telling us to do the opposite of what she is but yet she herself does not fulfil the requirement.. She's also obsessed with church.. She always think that people ard are trying to harm her even her own family.. She always think she's right & everyone ard her is wrong.. When we make mistakes we have to apologise & she have all the right to scold us.. But when she makes mistakes, she doesn't bother to apologise & cannot receive comments from others.. She say people have pride so therefore not forgiving but has she ever thought that she is the same.. She expects people to do what she want to satisfy her but has she ever done what people especially her own family members want so as to make us happy? She is so selfish & self-centered.. What kind of mentality is that? She only see faults in others but nvr herself.. This time she has made a big mistake & she knows she's wrong but everyone is willing to forgive her if she changes but her attitude is simply unbearable.. She still thinks she's not wrong & act as though everyone is going against her when people are trying to help her & let her understand the situation.. She thinks that by saying "I've been blinded by the satan" then everything will be ok.. But she's not showing any signs of remorse.. God only help those who help themselves & i seriously doubt she knows what that means.. How can she be forgiven by god when she continue sinning & moreover we are just humans.. She's really simple-minded.. I really give up on her already.. If things goes terribly wrong for her then she's going to bear the consequences all by herself.. I can only say that she brought this upon herself.. Simply can't be bothered with her anymore.. Very bad headache.. Seriously lack of sleep.. Got to go.. I will be back.. - Arnold Swazeneger


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