★The Ultimate Comedian Part 1★

Was watching this variety show & thought that the candidates for this this week was pretty sucky.. None of them made me laugh for except mayb the judge jiao jiao & jiu kong.. Really have no idea why his mother gave him that name.. The name alone is enough to make me laugh.. Nine holes.. Wahaha.. Back to the comedian candidates.. Well.. They had only 1 min so i think mayb i shouldn't judge them so quickly but im actually waiting to see next weeks episode whereby my fav comedian will be performing.. Yes! Im talking abt the cute butch.. I have no idea what is her name.. Hehe.. Ok.. Fine.. I may be bias but well.. She's really cute but ahem.. Im not interested in her ok? Im married.. Just find her cute.. BUT, i'll not waste my money voting.. My dear friends out there.. Support her morally like i do.. Ooohhh.. I just can't wait to see her again & her wonderful performance..


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