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Too Shocked For Words

This morning my admin department was asked to go for a meeting.. It was to announce that Cynthiaa will be promoted to a Manager.. What good news! But what came next was unexpected.. Puay Khim has decided to resign.. Shocking! Really too shocked for words.. I don't know what to say.. She was the last person i expected to resign.. OMG! Though i admit that it was pretty difficult to work with her as she works fast.. I mean real fast & her expectations are high.. Can't blame her i guess.. People above her has expectations from her too.. So it's a real pressure to work together with her.. But she's a nice person.. She knows how to joke.. The way she talk is funny.. So sad to see her leave.. Still got 1 more month before she completely leave us.. Really makes me wonder why she want to leave though they say she wants to search for a greener pasture.. Sighz.. Cynthiaa is a nice person too.. Easy to talk to but working together with her is another thing.. I hope we can have…

Spend... Spend... Spend...

Went to courts with my hubby & mother-in-law to order my wardrobe today.. We also ordered tv console & coffee table but those go by installment.. The salesman that serve us is so handsome.. I simply love guys with specs therefore im married to my hubby.. Nah.. Of cause that's not the reason.. But i really have a soft spot for guys with specs but must good looking la.. Haha.. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.. Deardear wasn't too happy about it.. Sighz.. I thought getting married gives you the priviledge to look at other people without the other party getting jealous but obviously that's not the truth.. Thinking back about it, i would probably feel the same as he do if he were to stare at other gals in front of me.. But the salesman is really too good looking.. Muahaha.. Ok.. Ok.. Enough of that.. I spent a total of $2k plus on my furnitures.. I have yet to get a sofa, dining table, display cabinet & shelves.. Im going to set up a fund raising account soon..

Why so unlucky?

This morning on my way to work, there are no seats available on the bus unlike the usual days.. It was packed full.. No one got down at the stop that most people got down.. When i finally reached my destination, i had to squeeze my way out but there was this stupid indian mama idiot who went ahead to stomp on my foot & kick my toes.. Ouch! That hurt.. I can feel sharp searing pains shoot up my nerves.. Damn! If i wasn't rushing for work, i swore i would have smacked the hell out of him.. The pain was excruciating.. I didn't think much of it & bear with the pain till i reach office.. Met Celest downstairs office & we went up the elevator together.. Then i saw blood flowing from my toes.. I still thought it was nothing till i reach office & took a seat.. This time i look really carefully at my toes & i almost fainted.. 3/4 of my nails came off.. The pic is too gross to be displayed here.. Arghhhh.. My whole world came crumbling down.. It was abit too exagerra…

ZzZ... zZz... ZzZ...

Darn! I am just feeling so tired.. Couldn't even keep my eyes half open this morning during work.. I nvr ever want to shift house again.. So many things to pack & unpack.. Just so many things to do.. Im a lazy person you know? I am just so plain tired & a huge pimple decided to just move to somewhere near my forehead & perhaps stay there for good.. Arghhh... What is happening to me? Is it cos im getting older or what plus this morning there was a heavy downpour before i went to work.. It's chilly therefore resulting to me sneezing non-stop causing me to feel even weaker then before.. I have very sensitive nose.. How many pieces of tissue have i wasted? Why am i so scared of the cold? Hate my nose.. The only comforting thing to know is that i'll be meeting my sis, quan kai, my bro & of cause my darling hubby for steamboat dinner after work.. The place is located at Tiong Bahru Plaza.. I had tom yam soup.. What can i say about the soup? Only 1 word.. "Sh…

I Am So Poor.. Pls Help..

Today i went to my cousin's house for house warming.. Her house look damn nice.. All wood.. Like resort style.. Pretty cool.. We stayed there for awhile then left.. Fell asleep on the car.. Decided not to go IKEA so we went to COURTS.. I finally found all the furniture i like there.. Should have went there in the first place.. What a waste of time but we are gonna spend big money there.. No choice.. Anybody wanna do charity & donate some money to me?

A Place I Call My Own

Today has been a tiring day.. Deardear, we have finally moved into a place we call our own.. So happy.. Though tiring but im still happy.. This isn't the end of our love but a new beginning to our new life.. I hope we can always be happy together.. I love you deardear.. We manage to move everything to our new house but have yet to unpack everything.. It's gonna take at least a week to unpack everything.. How am i going to do it when i still need to go for work? Well.. Guess i have to suffer for a period of time.. I wanna give thanks to my macho man Lawrence, my cutie pie Yuan Wei, my idiotic brother Sam, deardear's best brother Wilson & of cause deardear's men from camp for helping out.. Hmmm.. I think i didn't leave anyone out.. Oh ya.. Gracie & Quan Kai came to help abit.. Very shag.. Tomorrow still need to go to cousin's house warming.. At Serangoon wor.. So far.. Still gotta go IKEA.. Ok.. Shall update again asap..

Double Happiness

Back some time i forget to say that my sister Grace has finally found a admin job.. Feel so happy for her.. She's finally willing to settle down & work in a office & get stable pay.. I sincerely hope she's able to stay in this job for long.. She works in a renovation company & the pay is not so bad at all.. Ok.. Enough of this & i wanna say FINALLY.. Im moving to my new home tomorrow.. So excited.. Will be super busy tomorrow.. So many things to pack & move but i believe after everything is done, it'll be all worthwhile.. For those who wanted to help but isn't free that day it's ok.. I appreciate your kindness.. Friends who did not offer to help, i'll remember you.. You know who you are.. Heh heh heh..

Brain Dead

Dear readers, pardon me if i have not been updating my blog recently.. My life is plain boring but it's also in a mess.. Haiz.. Im currently running out of brain juice mainly due to the factors of being a worry wart.. Yeah.. I guess i think too much.. 1st of all is my work, financial difficulty then followed by the moving of my house(till now none of my friends volunteer to help out.. i now realise how uncaring, unfriendly and inhuman my friends are.. Wahaha..) Men always say woman worry too much.. They sound as though they are so much better then us.. But guys don't seem to mind their own business.. I totally agree.. The reasons are simple.. Wanna know why? Because they have...

1. No Mind 2. No Business Wahaha.. I know guys who are reading this are going to kill me.. Too bad.. It's the truth.. Face the facts.. Guys who have something to say.. I welcome your comment anytime..

Wonderful Weekend

Hi! Im back! Finally get to touch my laptop.. It's been a busy & tiring weekend.. Sorry to all my readers who had to wait so long for my next entry.. Alright.. 3 days combine into 1.. Only for those who have patience & time to read.. Haha.. I shall cut it short.. Ok.. Let's talk abt my photo shoot.. It was fun & also tiring.. Plus it was kind of drizzling that day.. I took a few photos but im not going to show it here else there'll be no surprise.. All the photos turn out pretty nice.. The studio shoot was really amazing.. The photographer was really good & he's also pretty humurous.. I was so uptight till my whole body was pretty stiff but he really made me feel relax.. We went to 3 places for the outdoor shoot.. Pretty amazing to know that there's places like this in Singapore.. All this photographers really spend all their time looking for places like this.. Got bitten by a few mosquitos & my gown got really dirty but lucky not i wash.. Haha.…

Im Scared

Alright.. Tomorrow is the a day.. My photo taking day.. I start to worry, perspire non-stop & my mouth is dry.. Stupid thoughts has been invading my brain the whole week & now it's infesting my brain.. Will i oversleep tomorrow.. Will i trip & fall on my gown.. Will i still be able to smile.. What if my jaw suddenly got stuck? I know im silly but i cant help it.. I've been running to the toilet for the whole day becos of those stupid butterflies in my stomach.. I just hope & i pray & pray & pray that it will not rain tomorrow.. Pls....

New Earrings

I got myself a pair of earrings from the link i told you guys.. Vanity Closet.. It's an absolute beauty.. Pple do check it out.. The products are really unique.. The owner of the web is also very nice.. You can even custom make.. Just let the owner Christine know..
Isn't it a beauty?
Lady Yang
SGD 22

A tribute to her. She was one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. She was the beloved consort of the Xuanzong emperor.

The Ultimate Comedian Part 3

Well.. Well.. Well.. This week's performance was pretty good.. Ho Ai Ling look so cute.. With the big round specs, plus the hair, plus the way she walk & plus the way she talk.. It's absolutely hilarious.. BUT, i can't believe that the 2 blardy old men actually got 1 mark higher then her.. Judges are so bias.. Should see their performance not their age.. Damn.. They are just lucky to have Mo Xiao Ling help them make it look funny.. Why don't the 2 old men just stay home & watch tv.. Mi Lu Bing my a** la.. Freaking insult my new fav band.. Die.. Die.. DIE..

Where To Go? No Freaking Idea.. Pls Help..

Wahhhh.. My fighting fish died.. I am so sad.. Cost me ten bucks to flush them down the toilet bowl.. Sob.. Sob.. Anyway, that's out of the point.. This fri is my photo shoot le.. I still have no idea where to go for the outdoor scene.. Would it be Sentosa or Botanic Gradens or Chinatown or Esplanade or Clifford Pier or should i just settle with the graveyard? Wahahaha.. Actually i have to choose 3 places but i really have no idea man.. Can anybody out there help? Or anyone have better places to suggest? Just don't ask me go home hor..

A Pleasant Evening

After work, i went to IMM to buy some snacks back while waiting for deardear to come fetch me.. Went to West Mall to meet my secondary school friend Hong Wei to collect my belated birthday present.. Hong Wei is a very nice guy.. Funny thing that he doesn't have a girlfriend.. Always asking to introduce gals to him.. Haha.. Sorry wor.. Can't really help much.. We were happily chatting till it started to drizzle.. No choice but to go home.. Me & deardear had a simple dinner at home.. Now im waiting & im going to watch the ultimate comedian.. Wonder how my Ho Ai Ling will perform today.. Can't wait..

A Nasty Morning

This morning i woke up to receive a terrible phone call.. 1st i heard my brother asking where the car is then followed by my mum's crazy shouting.. Im like just woke up from my sleep wondering what the hell happened.. Then i found out that my brother is late for school & they are desperately searching for the car which deardear drove back to camp early in the morning so as to send him to school on time.. But what has it gotta do with me? Got shouted early in the morning for nothing.. It's all deardear's fault.. Told him to inform my mum that he's taking the car already.. Nvr know what they will be up to.. Always play safe & nvr give people a reason to find fault with us.. That's what he always tells me but now because of his laziness & stupidity i gotta clear up his shit for him.. I would prefer a nice hot breakfast early in the morning.. Obviously i gave him a call & scream at him letting him know what kind of shit he got me into.. He called my mum…

Is That Me? Or Not? Pls Comment..

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My Day Out

Today i went to see furniture for my new house.. 1st we went to Defu Furniture Mall located near Bukit Batok swimming complex.. The salesman's attitude there sucks..What the hell you mean that the design i wan for my bed is not nice? Who the hell are you to comment? If you're so damn good at designing, you won't be here selling furnitures & serving me as your customer.. Nvr going back there again.. Lousy customer service.. Spoil my mood.. After that i went to another furniture warehouse at Toh Guan.. The things there are pretty much the same as the previous 1.. Gave up searching & went to Nova Furniture Mall also near Toh Guan.. Finally found something that i like but the width don't really know match anot so gotta go back measure.. After measuring, we went to Selegie to fetch Quan Kai as it was raining heavily there.. When we were abt to leave our area, it was raining heavily as well.. My God! Truly raining cats & dogs.. Couldn't see the road well.. Ha…

A Day In Orchard

While im on my way to Orchard i suddenly have some memories floating back to my mind.. I miss those days when i frequent Orchard alot with my friends before i even got to know my husband.. Suddenly realise that so many things are missing from my life.. Anyway, my day at Orchard was an enjoyable 1.. 1st i went to the bridal shop to choose my gown & everything for the photo shoot this coming friday & for the banquet day itself.. I wasn't allowed
to take any photos.. But it wouldn't be any surprise for my guest if the photo were to be shown here now.. After that, we decided to go get a pair of high heels to match my gown.. Went pass youth park & saw a group of youngsters performing.. Seems like it's for some kind of cancer thingy..
They're pretty cool..

We went to Cineleisure to get some drinks and i bought a clip for tying hair & it looks pretty nice..
Pretty nice huh?

After that we went straight to HMV to take a look & we went past this shop with alot of …

★Im Bored★

Im am super duper bored.. It's just 1 day of those days when you feel life has no meaning.. Eating instant noodles while typing this.. Jackie sms me today & ask how am i then say she's free to meet up with me tomorrow.. Met up with Jackson & Sky after work.. Both of them used to be my colleagues.. Im closer to Jackson cos i know him longer.. He's a funny guy.. Good looking.. Generous & kind-hearted.. Jackson don't fly ok? He's also easy to bully.. Just a few words & there he goes owing me a crab feast.. I don't really know Sky well but overall he's pretty nice.. Quite a handsome chap too.. Doesn't look his age.. *Envy* Baby face.. Always look so young de.. Sky, if you're reading this do call me out more often alright? Your little secret is safe with me.. *Giggles* Haven seen them for such a long time.. It's nice to feel that you still have friends ard you who care.. Gotta go Orchard tomorrow to the bridal shop to choose a gown fo…

★The Peaceful Calm★

Nothing much has been happening but surprisingly my workload today was super light.. I had only 30 work orders to clear.. I finish everything way before lunch so basically just waiting for time to pass.. Of cos i did not just sit down there do nothing & wait for time to pass.. I try to help whoever needs help & find things for myself to do but i admit i did slack ard abit la.. While i was slacking i start to wonder.. Is this the calm before the storm? I hope not.. I remembered there was once i had only 20 over work orders but what came the following week was terrible.. Pls do not let history repeat itself.. I have no wish to die in a heavy storm, buried alive under piles of papers..

★Happy Birthday Ah Kwan!★

Whahaha.. My friend left me a comment saying im heartless cos i forget her birthday.. Sob... Sob... Happy Belated Birthday my dear kwan.. Im sorry.. Pls forgive me.. I remember your birthday but cos work too busy then eventually forget to call you.. My hubby's friend birthday is actually on the 8th of this month but cos that night we go celebrate for him so i wrote down in my blog.. Paiseh.. Will ask you out when free ok? Ah Kwan aka Lay Kwan is a good sista of mine.. Always so sporting de although put me aeroplane a few times le.. Haha.. Can talk about anything under the sun with her.. She is also known as bear bear cos she is so huggable.. So nice to hug.. Hee.. Miss you wor.. Don't know how to call me out also leh you.. Maybe next friday after my photoshoot i meet up with you ok? Let me know if you free.. Take care ya.. Muacks.. Luv ya sista!

★Just Me★

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★ Check This Out!★

Dear friends.. In case you haven't noticed.. I've linked my ROM photos on the right for those who missed my ceremony & wish to have a look at it.. I've also add another link.. It's a very nice & unique shop.. For guys who wish to get a gift for your girlfriend, this is a great place.. For gals who like unique stuff, this is it.. No harm taking a look at it ya.. Check it out right now..

★The Ultimate Comedian Part 2★

Missed that show yesterday due to Denny's birthday.. Im not blaming you ya.. Anyway, there's something in this world named the VCR.. For people out there who have lost touch with the less better things in life.. VCR is a player whereby you use a tape to record whatever show you want that's shown on the tv.. So... I watched it today immediately after i got home.. And YES! YES! YES! My fav star(i finally know her name) Ho Ai Ling got full marks.. Cool man.. I knew i was not wrong abt her.. She's just so damn good.. Making others look like some kind of chicken dancing off the stage.. I admit there were a few pretty nice acting out there for the others but the double guys 1 & the second last guy using the face to imitate were really sucky.. I did not even laugh at all.. Just wondering what the hell are they doing.. They totally fail to even tickle my funny bone.. The last guy was really funny at the end when Jiu Kong was talking to him.. Just look at Jiu Kong's rea…

★Stormy Night!★

After 2 glass of tequila last nite i thought i'll be able to sleep comfortably throughout the night but early in the morning ard 3-4am came a heavy storm with lightnings & thunders.. I was woken up by the thunder.. It was pretty scary.. I was scare out of my wits.. Luckily, deardear was just beside me.. I woke him up cos i was too scared to go back to sleep.. Even when i close my eyes i can see the lightning strike.. It is just so near to us.. Deardear comforted me & hug me to sleep.. Mmmm.. It's so nice to have someone to hug you to sleep on stormy night like this.. The feeling is so warm & comforting.. Feel so secured like nothing is gonna happen to you even if the sky falls.. Ok.. Enough of this in case some people get jealous.. Went to a website today & saw this illusion thingy.. It's pretty nice.. You'll get really fascinated to see the kinds of illusion they have in there.. Trust me.. It's superb.. You will get to a part where they will ask yo…

★Happy Birthday Denny!★

Went with deardear to Chevron after work today to celebrate Denny's birthday.. Denny used to be deardear's men.. He ORD loh.. Haha.. Now studying in NTU i think.. A very big size guy.. His muscle is... I can only say "WOW".. His chest i think bigger then my breast.. They call him the gentle giant cos he's big & tough outside but a gentlemen on the inside.. I hope i used the correct form of describing.. Happy 21st Birthday Denny.. May your muscles grow till they burst.. Haha.. We went to KTV.. Ordered some finger food like chicken drumlets, sotong balls, samosa & nuggets.. I had a glass of Fruit Punch.. Since it was his 21st birthday, everyone thought that he should have a very unforgettable drink.. They didn't had much variety there.. Army club is just that lousy.. But we did manage to get him something strong enough.. A glass of Graveyard.. That should put him straight into the graveyard.. Hehe.. Very soon, Denny's face & body turn super red.…

★What's Wrong With Farting?★

This morning after i reached office, i had the urge to get to the toilet.. So human's 1st reaction was to get to the toilet.. After i was seated comfortably & ready to do my business i let out a slow high-pitched fart before i could even realise & stop it.. Then i suddenly remember that the cubicle next to me is occupied.. OMG! The lady next door must be laughing silently at me, if not she must have fainted which i doubt so.. As i was sitting there feeling embarassed, memories of my school days came into my mind.. There was once this bunch of girls came into the toilet while im doing my big business, i let out a loud & big fart cause too much air in stomach.. I heard them giggling outside.. That's not the end.. They actually stood outside of the cubicle & waited for me to get out just so to see my face & laugh at me.. I totally hate them.. Both me & my sister suffered the same kind of humiliation.. I wanted to just ask them "What's your problem…

★A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon★

This morning i had a quarrel with deardear.. Situation was pretty bad.. There was shoutings at one another.. Lucky his parents wasn't at home.. I made him cry again.. I'm such a bad wife.. Im sorry deardear.. Pls forgive me.. Went to office to clear my stuff.. Deardear went to my office to accompany me.. Brought my laptop along so he won't feel so bored but end up he fell asleep.. Kaoz.. After i clear everything, we proceeded to wash & wax the car.. A nice & sunny afternoon to wash the car.. Gracie & Khai came down to help when we are abt the wax the car.. Guess what happen to me after everything is done?

Water War!!!
Lucky cannot see my bra.. Wahahaha..
Wet through..
We had a great time.. Everyone was wet.. People below the void decks were laughing at us like we're some kind of clown but it's ok.. We had fun.. If only every car wash was this fun & happening.. Ok.. Time to go home rest.. It's stress day tomorrow again..

★ I Hate Being A Woman★

Menstrual cycle can be such a pain in the a**.. Especially the cramps that come with it.. It's pure torture.. I can get cramp till i can't move & start rolling from the bed to the floor.. *Ouch!* Stupid once a month devil.. Woman is such a pitiful creature.. But they say only woman who drinks alot of cold water will get cramps.. I regret but im not going to stop.. Haha.. Pain pain.. Im going to die soon.. I can't breath.. *Phew* Unable to go office today cos of the stupid cramp.. Can't talk much.. Im suffering.. Gonna go watch vcds le..

★Rain Rain Go Away★

It has been raining heavily this few days.. Dampening me & my spirits.. Every single bit of joy i had went down the drain with the rain.. How i wish it can wash away my sorrows too.. Feel like being a small kid by just jumping out & play with the rain but i can't afford to fall sick.. The IT fair is so rubbish.. Made me go back on sat to continue with my work.. Yeah.. Blame me for my inefficiency but i would prefer to blame the stupid IT fair for causing me all this shit.. If the rain doesn't stop any sooner i won't be able to wash my car.. It's causing me pain to see my car in dirt even with all the rain washing which is in fact making it worse.. Why do i feel so stress? Im suppose to be cheerful & happy go lucky which is in my nature.. I guess everyone's mood goes down once awhile no matter how positive their thinking is.. No worries my dear friends.. I'll be back to my normal self in no time.. Yup.. That's me.. Hee.. My name is not Sheila for…