★A Beautiful Sunday Afternoon★

This morning i had a quarrel with deardear.. Situation was pretty bad.. There was shoutings at one another.. Lucky his parents wasn't at home.. I made him cry again.. I'm such a bad wife.. Im sorry deardear.. Pls forgive me.. Went to office to clear my stuff.. Deardear went to my office to accompany me.. Brought my laptop along so he won't feel so bored but end up he fell asleep.. Kaoz.. After i clear everything, we proceeded to wash & wax the car.. A nice & sunny afternoon to wash the car.. Gracie & Khai came down to help when we are abt the wax the car.. Guess what happen to me after everything is done?

Water War!!!

Lucky cannot see my bra.. Wahahaha..

Wet through..

We had a great time.. Everyone was wet.. People below the void decks were laughing at us like we're some kind of clown but it's ok.. We had fun.. If only every car wash was this fun & happening.. Ok.. Time to go home rest.. It's stress day tomorrow again..


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