Brain Dead

Dear readers, pardon me if i have not been updating my blog recently.. My life is plain boring but it's also in a mess.. Haiz.. Im currently running out of brain juice mainly due to the factors of being a worry wart.. Yeah.. I guess i think too much.. 1st of all is my work, financial difficulty then followed by the moving of my house(till now none of my friends volunteer to help out.. i now realise how uncaring, unfriendly and inhuman my friends are.. Wahaha..) Men always say woman worry too much.. They sound as though they are so much better then us.. But guys don't seem to mind their own business.. I totally agree.. The reasons are simple.. Wanna know why? Because they have...

1. No Mind
2. No Business
Wahaha.. I know guys who are reading this are going to kill me.. Too bad.. It's the truth.. Face the facts..
Guys who have something to say.. I welcome your comment anytime..


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