A Day In Orchard

While im on my way to Orchard i suddenly have some memories floating back to my mind.. I miss those days when i frequent Orchard alot with my friends before i even got to know my husband.. Suddenly realise that so many things are missing from my life.. Anyway, my day at Orchard was an enjoyable 1.. 1st i went to the bridal shop to choose my gown & everything for the photo shoot this coming friday & for the banquet day itself.. I wasn't allowed
to take any photos.. But it wouldn't be any surprise for my guest if the photo were to be shown here now.. After that, we decided to go get a pair of high heels to match my gown.. Went pass youth park & saw a group of youngsters performing.. Seems like it's for some kind of cancer thingy..

They're pretty cool..

We went to Cineleisure to get some drinks and i bought a clip for tying hair & it looks pretty nice..

Pretty nice huh?

After that we went straight to HMV to take a look & we went past this shop with alot of cute cute things on display.. I saw a penguin thing.. It is so cute.. I don't really know how to describe it so here's a pic..

Isn't it cute?

It's so mini size that i can't resist not buying it..

We went round & round but still can't find anything i like.. We decided to head to Wisma.. Before that we stop at Taka.. This building brings back alot of memories.. I saw this 2 men & my jaws dropped..

Totally cooool.. I admire them..

Haha.. They're good man.. After that we saw something better.. Ang Moh skaters..


Look at me fly..

We stop by at wisma but i still couldn't find what i wanted.. Sighz.. Instead i bought a facial cleanser/mask.. Then we went for dinner at Crystal Jade X-press.. That's right.. Look carefully.. X-press! They actually came out with a fast food concept for Crystal Jade.. How swakoo i am.. Gosh!

I can't believe my eyes..

Nothing much to comment on the food there.. Same as the restaurant itself but the mango pudding is absolutely tasty.. Time to go home..

Look! There's a idiot beside me.. How come i got a bad feeling that he's going to spoil our wedding photo with that stupid smile of his?

Orchard always so happening de..

Saw this group of people with alot of people surrounding clapping & shouting.. Don't know what the hell they doing.. Machiam like fighting like that..

Duh.. Don't know what to say.. Find it very lame..

On our way to the bus stop we saw this very extravagant thing.. Looks like a lion dance competition.. So many different kinds of colour.. Beautiful..

Lucky my head not so big..

So many things to see on my way back.. Saw 3 guys in red indian suit singing.. Have no idea what they are singing but sound pretty nice at the same time..

Pretty impressive..

What i saw next is really... I can only say WOW! I really admire him & his ethics..

Erm.. I kind of turn into a stone for sitting here too long.. Can somebody help me?

Finally, we are nearing the bus stop but suddenly we heard sounds above our heads.. Guess what?

Birds of the same feathers.. I don't know what im talking anymore..

We ran for our dear lives for the fear of poisonous bird shit dropping on our heads.. There was this couple behind us running for their lives too.. I heard the guy saying that they should build a shelter here since so many birds are always flying here at this hour of time.. I almost turned ard to grab his hands & say "I totally agree with you.." if i wasn't hurrying for the best place to hide.. I can't imagine if 1 day the birds decide to attack the human race.. Duh.. I feel so lame.. At the bus stop i saw something at the back of the bus stop which wasn't there in the past..

Bikers paradise..

It's pretty cool that they built this thing for stunt bikers.. I really feel so lost all of a sudden.. So many things have changed in Orchard but i didn't know abt it.. That's how long i've lost touch with the real world.. Nvr left my area more than a 100m apart from going to work.. Feel so tired.. Nvr wear high heels to shopping again.. Now that im already home i realise something.. I've gotten alot of things but none of it are the shoes that i set out to buy today.. Wahahaha..


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