★Happy Birthday Ah Kwan!★

Whahaha.. My friend left me a comment saying im heartless cos i forget her birthday.. Sob... Sob... Happy Belated Birthday my dear kwan.. Im sorry.. Pls forgive me.. I remember your birthday but cos work too busy then eventually forget to call you.. My hubby's friend birthday is actually on the 8th of this month but cos that night we go celebrate for him so i wrote down in my blog.. Paiseh.. Will ask you out when free ok? Ah Kwan aka Lay Kwan is a good sista of mine.. Always so sporting de although put me aeroplane a few times le.. Haha.. Can talk about anything under the sun with her.. She is also known as bear bear cos she is so huggable.. So nice to hug.. Hee.. Miss you wor.. Don't know how to call me out also leh you.. Maybe next friday after my photoshoot i meet up with you ok? Let me know if you free.. Take care ya.. Muacks.. Luv ya sista!


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