★Happy Birthday Denny!★

Went with deardear to Chevron after work today to celebrate Denny's birthday.. Denny used to be deardear's men.. He ORD loh.. Haha.. Now studying in NTU i think.. A very big size guy.. His muscle is... I can only say "WOW".. His chest i think bigger then my breast.. They call him the gentle giant cos he's big & tough outside but a gentlemen on the inside.. I hope i used the correct form of describing.. Happy 21st Birthday Denny.. May your muscles grow till they burst.. Haha.. We went to KTV.. Ordered some finger food like chicken drumlets, sotong balls, samosa & nuggets.. I had a glass of Fruit Punch.. Since it was his 21st birthday, everyone thought that he should have a very unforgettable drink.. They didn't had much variety there.. Army club is just that lousy.. But we did manage to get him something strong enough.. A glass of Graveyard.. That should put him straight into the graveyard.. Hehe.. Very soon, Denny's face & body turn super red.. We thought that wasn't enough since he can still sing so i ordered another glass of tequila neat to drink with him.. After awhile we go bored so we decided to get him 1 last drink.. We got a AK47 for him & to play fair i ordered another glass of tequila neat.. After 3 glasses of liquor.. This is what became of him..

Wahaha.. Im drunk.. Look at me.. Im DRUNK!
Nice abs..
This photo is suppose to be blur for a reason.. The MAIN FOCUS is his chest.. Wooo.. Nicey!

Deardear drove & sent him home.. Think he got scolded by his mum.. Sorry denny but this is a once in a lifetime experience.. Next time treat you more strong 1 ok? Hahaha.. I know i am so evil.. So tired & drunk.. Just 2 glass only.. Too long nvr drink le.. Should be able to sleep well tonight.. Seeya again..


  1. yo Ah la,

    it's my birthday too on Monday. You heartless la never remember.
    Anyway find one day meet up, bring your deardear along...


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