★Im Bored★

Im am super duper bored.. It's just 1 day of those days when you feel life has no meaning.. Eating instant noodles while typing this.. Jackie sms me today & ask how am i then say she's free to meet up with me tomorrow.. Met up with Jackson & Sky after work.. Both of them used to be my colleagues.. Im closer to Jackson cos i know him longer.. He's a funny guy.. Good looking.. Generous & kind-hearted.. Jackson don't fly ok? He's also easy to bully.. Just a few words & there he goes owing me a crab feast.. I don't really know Sky well but overall he's pretty nice.. Quite a handsome chap too.. Doesn't look his age.. *Envy* Baby face.. Always look so young de.. Sky, if you're reading this do call me out more often alright? Your little secret is safe with me.. *Giggles* Haven seen them for such a long time.. It's nice to feel that you still have friends ard you who care.. Gotta go Orchard tomorrow to the bridal shop to choose a gown for photo shoot.. Sianzzz.. Kind of in a lazy mood.. Haven't been to Orchard for don't know how many donkey years.. Here's something to share.. Saw this guy on the bus yesterday after work.. Pretty funny.. Was abit bad of me to take this photo but well.. The devil in me is pretty persuasive..

This guy practically took up 2 seats.. His fats can pretty well last him for at least another 70 years.. I kind of pity him.. Fats can kill..


  1. tsk tsk.. ya ya crab treat hahaha. good wor pretty wedding gown. aiya you never know when food will run out rite? lol but veri bad to take ppl when they are sleeping


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