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Life as an ENTP
(Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver)
People of this type tend to be: friendly, charming, and outgoing; quick-witted, energetic, and irreverent; ingenious, imaginative, and creative; curious, flexible, and unpredictable; logical and analytical.
The most important thing to ENTPs is being creative, seeing possibilities, and always having new challenges
How to Love an ENTP
1) Appreciate my perceptiveness and original insights.

2) Encourage me to spend time with people and be free to respond to spontaneous opportunities.

3) Listen to me talk about my ideas and brainstorm with me.

4) Be willing to debate and discuss ideas.

5) Try not to nag me about small things or about being too messy.

6) Above all - respect my competency and need to constantly take on new challenges

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