My Day Out

Today i went to see furniture for my new house.. 1st we went to Defu Furniture Mall located near Bukit Batok swimming complex.. The salesman's attitude there sucks..What the hell you mean that the design i wan for my bed is not nice? Who the hell are you to comment? If you're so damn good at designing, you won't be here selling furnitures & serving me as your customer.. Nvr going back there again.. Lousy customer service.. Spoil my mood.. After that i went to another furniture warehouse at Toh Guan.. The things there are pretty much the same as the previous 1.. Gave up searching & went to Nova Furniture Mall also near Toh Guan.. Finally found something that i like but the width don't really know match anot so gotta go back measure.. After measuring, we went to Selegie to fetch Quan Kai as it was raining heavily there.. When we were abt to leave our area, it was raining heavily as well.. My God! Truly raining cats & dogs.. Couldn't see the road well.. Have no idea what is in the front for mayb except the car's tail light in front of me.. This is 1 crazy day.. I nvr want to drive in that kind of weather again.. NEVER!


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