A Nasty Morning

This morning i woke up to receive a terrible phone call.. 1st i heard my brother asking where the car is then followed by my mum's crazy shouting.. Im like just woke up from my sleep wondering what the hell happened.. Then i found out that my brother is late for school & they are desperately searching for the car which deardear drove back to camp early in the morning so as to send him to school on time.. But what has it gotta do with me? Got shouted early in the morning for nothing.. It's all deardear's fault.. Told him to inform my mum that he's taking the car already.. Nvr know what they will be up to.. Always play safe & nvr give people a reason to find fault with us.. That's what he always tells me but now because of his laziness & stupidity i gotta clear up his shit for him.. I would prefer a nice hot breakfast early in the morning.. Obviously i gave him a call & scream at him letting him know what kind of shit he got me into.. He called my mum immediately to explain things.. She told him that she just ask me where the car is & to inform her the next time.. She just raise her voice but no intention of scolding me at all.. What a likely story.. Anybody who know her would know that she's not such a nice person.. How would she give up the chance to screw me up? Humph! When i got to work i realise i have to paste a total of 40 over config slip for just 1 work order.. I could have just died on the spot..Luckily Cynthiaa came forward to offer help.. She's such an angel.. When you need help the most she'll be there for you but of cos not everytime la.. She's a busy woman.. I pity her.. Gotta work till so late everyday.. But i really admire her for her sense of responsibility & capability which i lack of.. She must be very committed to her job.. Cynthiaa don't always stress yourself & fall sick in the end ok? You still young must take care of your health..


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