A Place I Call My Own

Today has been a tiring day.. Deardear, we have finally moved into a place we call our own.. So happy.. Though tiring but im still happy.. This isn't the end of our love but a new beginning to our new life.. I hope we can always be happy together.. I love you deardear.. We manage to move everything to our new house but have yet to unpack everything.. It's gonna take at least a week to unpack everything.. How am i going to do it when i still need to go for work? Well.. Guess i have to suffer for a period of time.. I wanna give thanks to my macho man Lawrence, my cutie pie Yuan Wei, my idiotic brother Sam, deardear's best brother Wilson & of cause deardear's men from camp for helping out.. Hmmm.. I think i didn't leave anyone out.. Oh ya.. Gracie & Quan Kai came to help abit.. Very shag.. Tomorrow still need to go to cousin's house warming.. At Serangoon wor.. So far.. Still gotta go IKEA.. Ok.. Shall update again asap..


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