★Rain Rain Go Away★

It has been raining heavily this few days.. Dampening me & my spirits.. Every single bit of joy i had went down the drain with the rain.. How i wish it can wash away my sorrows too.. Feel like being a small kid by just jumping out & play with the rain but i can't afford to fall sick.. The IT fair is so rubbish.. Made me go back on sat to continue with my work.. Yeah.. Blame me for my inefficiency but i would prefer to blame the stupid IT fair for causing me all this shit.. If the rain doesn't stop any sooner i won't be able to wash my car.. It's causing me pain to see my car in dirt even with all the rain washing which is in fact making it worse.. Why do i feel so stress? Im suppose to be cheerful & happy go lucky which is in my nature.. I guess everyone's mood goes down once awhile no matter how positive their thinking is.. No worries my dear friends.. I'll be back to my normal self in no time.. Yup.. That's me.. Hee.. My name is not Sheila for nothing.. Sheila = She's Humorous, Eccentric(sometimes), Irresistable, Loving & Adorable.. Alrite.. For those who want to puke pls GET OUT of my site/sight.. Hahaha.. I know im not a good joker that's why i need to post a joke in my blog for you guys out there to enjoy.. Brrrrr.. So cold.. The weather is making my eyes close.. I wish, i wish, i wish i had a heater with me everywhere i go.. Anybody want to sponsor? After work i went home for a short nap then went for dinner with my father & mother-in-law at Bukit Timah Market.. The food there is superb.. Let me recommend a few dishes..

The mutton soup is "Yum!"

Oyster Omelette.. Very diff.. It's crispy on the outside..

Carrot cake.. The chilli is nice..


After dinner, went back to my place & it's MAHJONG SESSION!!

Nicest cards i had throughout the whole game..

I did win abit but still not enough to cover deardear's lost so we ended up losing abt $2.. $2 may not seem much to you but $2=A plate of chicken rice but the most impt thing is $2=2 cans of COFFEE!! So tired.. Go sleep le.. Nitey nitez..


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