Spend... Spend... Spend...

Went to courts with my hubby & mother-in-law to order my wardrobe today.. We also ordered tv console & coffee table but those go by installment.. The salesman that serve us is so handsome.. I simply love guys with specs therefore im married to my hubby.. Nah.. Of cause that's not the reason.. But i really have a soft spot for guys with specs but must good looking la.. Haha.. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.. Deardear wasn't too happy about it.. Sighz.. I thought getting married gives you the priviledge to look at other people without the other party getting jealous but obviously that's not the truth.. Thinking back about it, i would probably feel the same as he do if he were to stare at other gals in front of me.. But the salesman is really too good looking.. Muahaha.. Ok.. Ok.. Enough of that.. I spent a total of $2k plus on my furnitures.. I have yet to get a sofa, dining table, display cabinet & shelves.. Im going to set up a fund raising account soon..


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