★Stormy Night!★

After 2 glass of tequila last nite i thought i'll be able to sleep comfortably throughout the night but early in the morning ard 3-4am came a heavy storm with lightnings & thunders.. I was woken up by the thunder.. It was pretty scary.. I was scare out of my wits.. Luckily, deardear was just beside me.. I woke him up cos i was too scared to go back to sleep.. Even when i close my eyes i can see the lightning strike.. It is just so near to us.. Deardear comforted me & hug me to sleep.. Mmmm.. It's so nice to have someone to hug you to sleep on stormy night like this.. The feeling is so warm & comforting.. Feel so secured like nothing is gonna happen to you even if the sky falls.. Ok.. Enough of this in case some people get jealous.. Went to a website today & saw this illusion thingy.. It's pretty nice.. You'll get really fascinated to see the kinds of illusion they have in there.. Trust me.. It's superb.. You will get to a part where they will ask you to count the heads they have in there.. Hint: Concentrate & focus on the screen & you'll be able to see clearly.. Click here to see.. Leave me a comment after you finish with the thing & let me know how you feel..


  1. hahha good try.. lucky i'm used to it ahha but if u hor... i think u will body slam the computer whahahh


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