Too Shocked For Words

This morning my admin department was asked to go for a meeting.. It was to announce that Cynthiaa will be promoted to a Manager.. What good news! But what came next was unexpected.. Puay Khim has decided to resign.. Shocking! Really too shocked for words.. I don't know what to say.. She was the last person i expected to resign.. OMG! Though i admit that it was pretty difficult to work with her as she works fast.. I mean real fast & her expectations are high.. Can't blame her i guess.. People above her has expectations from her too.. So it's a real pressure to work together with her.. But she's a nice person.. She knows how to joke.. The way she talk is funny.. So sad to see her leave.. Still got 1 more month before she completely leave us.. Really makes me wonder why she want to leave though they say she wants to search for a greener pasture.. Sighz.. Cynthiaa is a nice person too.. Easy to talk to but working together with her is another thing.. I hope we can have a happy working relationship.. Allen also mention alot about improving our working system & environment.. Send us for courses & join other department to see how they work so we can feel the urgency.. I say he's just wasting our time making us unable to finish our work in time.. Sound so nice.. Electronise everything.. Like it's going to work.. Even Puay Khim doesn't believe it.. All talk & no action.. Bullshit.. Tomorrow still muz go with deardear to his CSM's house warming at Yishun.. End of month, Julliane also having house warming end of Oct.. Why so many house warming ar?


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