★The Ultimate Comedian Part 2★

Missed that show yesterday due to Denny's birthday.. Im not blaming you ya.. Anyway, there's something in this world named the VCR.. For people out there who have lost touch with the less better things in life.. VCR is a player whereby you use a tape to record whatever show you want that's shown on the tv.. So... I watched it today immediately after i got home.. And YES! YES! YES! My fav star(i finally know her name) Ho Ai Ling got full marks.. Cool man.. I knew i was not wrong abt her.. She's just so damn good.. Making others look like some kind of chicken dancing off the stage.. I admit there were a few pretty nice acting out there for the others but the double guys 1 & the second last guy using the face to imitate were really sucky.. I did not even laugh at all.. Just wondering what the hell are they doing.. They totally fail to even tickle my funny bone.. The last guy was really funny at the end when Jiu Kong was talking to him.. Just look at Jiu Kong's reaction was so damn funny.. Everybody pls SUPPORT my fav comedian C6 Ho Ai Ling.. Last but not least to end with this.. My respects to the crocodile hunter.. Was shocked to read the newspaper to find out that he was killed by a stingray.. My condolences to his family.. Im going to eat all the stingray to take revenge for him..


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