★What's Wrong With Farting?★

This morning after i reached office, i had the urge to get to the toilet.. So human's 1st reaction was to get to the toilet.. After i was seated comfortably & ready to do my business i let out a slow high-pitched fart before i could even realise & stop it.. Then i suddenly remember that the cubicle next to me is occupied.. OMG! The lady next door must be laughing silently at me, if not she must have fainted which i doubt so.. As i was sitting there feeling embarassed, memories of my school days came into my mind.. There was once this bunch of girls came into the toilet while im doing my big business, i let out a loud & big fart cause too much air in stomach.. I heard them giggling outside.. That's not the end.. They actually stood outside of the cubicle & waited for me to get out just so to see my face & laugh at me.. I totally hate them.. Both me & my sister suffered the same kind of humiliation.. I wanted to just ask them "What's your problem? Don't tell me you girls don't fart?" But i was kind of out-numbered by them so i kept my mouth shut in case i got into any trouble.. Still i was pretty pissed off with them.. Come on man.. God made us like this.. I don't understand why this bunch of ah lians must laugh.. Which part of my fart tickled them? I doubt they would laugh that loud if i were to just fart right into their faces.. I can imagine it.. Just as they were abt to take a deep breath i just fart right under their noses.. I guarantee them a stay in the hospital.. Sighz.. I regretted not fighting back, fight for my right to fart & not get laughed at.. Just wanna say farting is a natural thing to do.. We are made like this.. You can fart anywhere & anytime but just don't fart when in confined space with me.. I make sure your arse is stuffed with things you can't imagine.. Warning is given.. Take note..


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