Where To Go? No Freaking Idea.. Pls Help..

Wahhhh.. My fighting fish died.. I am so sad.. Cost me ten bucks to flush them down the toilet bowl.. Sob.. Sob.. Anyway, that's out of the point.. This fri is my photo shoot le.. I still have no idea where to go for the outdoor scene.. Would it be Sentosa or Botanic Gradens or Chinatown or Esplanade or Clifford Pier or should i just settle with the graveyard? Wahahaha.. Actually i have to choose 3 places but i really have no idea man.. Can anybody out there help? Or anyone have better places to suggest? Just don't ask me go home hor..


  1. Haha, Ah la
    I suggest you go to the place where you and your husband first met. It will bring back alot of memories.

  2. Huh.. I met 1st met him in pub wor kwan.. Go there take photo funny leh..

  3. u tried those special effect shoots? those which u have to be at the studio than they input the background for u one. Quite unique. If still want outdoor hmm try special places, like at fun fair, seaside, ubin or cozy bay the night there seems good


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