Why so unlucky?

This morning on my way to work, there are no seats available on the bus unlike the usual days.. It was packed full.. No one got down at the stop that most people got down.. When i finally reached my destination, i had to squeeze my way out but there was this stupid indian mama idiot who went ahead to stomp on my foot & kick my toes.. Ouch! That hurt.. I can feel sharp searing pains shoot up my nerves.. Damn! If i wasn't rushing for work, i swore i would have smacked the hell out of him.. The pain was excruciating.. I didn't think much of it & bear with the pain till i reach office.. Met Celest downstairs office & we went up the elevator together.. Then i saw blood flowing from my toes.. I still thought it was nothing till i reach office & took a seat.. This time i look really carefully at my toes & i almost fainted.. 3/4 of my nails came off.. The pic is too gross to be displayed here.. Arghhhh.. My whole world came crumbling down.. It was abit too exagerrating but well.. It hurts.. I heard them say that it's a painful experience for nails to grow back.. Whatever it is i can't stick my nails back.. Something made my mood a little better when some gals came to office to promote the brand new red bull.. Honestly, it sucks.. Not as sweet as the previous like what they say.. It's better cause there's less sugar.. They even made it carbonated.. I hate carbonated drinks but since it's complimentary so why not? Yeah.. Im cheapskate.. So what? I am afterall a typical Singaporean.. After work, i realise that 1 side of the strap on my bag came off.. What luck.. I had to carry my bag on my hands all the way home.. I look so stupid but luckily i took a cab back due to my nails.. What is wrong with me today? Nothing seems to go right.. I must have done something wrong in my previous life that now bad luck is falling upon me.. I need to go find a priest..


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