Wonderful Weekend

Hi! Im back! Finally get to touch my laptop.. It's been a busy & tiring weekend.. Sorry to all my readers who had to wait so long for my next entry.. Alright.. 3 days combine into 1.. Only for those who have patience & time to read.. Haha.. I shall cut it short.. Ok.. Let's talk abt my photo shoot.. It was fun & also tiring.. Plus it was kind of drizzling that day.. I took a few photos but im not going to show it here else there'll be no surprise.. All the photos turn out pretty nice.. The studio shoot was really amazing.. The photographer was really good & he's also pretty humurous.. I was so uptight till my whole body was pretty stiff but he really made me feel relax.. We went to 3 places for the outdoor shoot.. Pretty amazing to know that there's places like this in Singapore.. All this photographers really spend all their time looking for places like this.. Got bitten by a few mosquitos & my gown got really dirty but lucky not i wash.. Haha.. We had to run & swing.. Deardear had to carry me & run.. We did alot of funny things.. Lucky he did not ask us to climb up the trees.. Though tired but i feel that it's truly worth it.. The effort we had to put in.. I just can't wait to see all my photos put into album.. Suddenly i feel so happy & lucky.. The kind of happiness that i have & feel can't be described thru words.. After the photo shoot, we met Wilson & Jing Jing for movie.. The Little Man.. It's totally hilarious.. I can't stop laughing throughout the whole show.. Goo Goo Gaa Gaa.. People who like a good laugh should watch this movie.. After movie, we went for pratas then it's time to go home for sleep.. Woke up on sat morning & went to my new house to clean up the place.. The renovation is finally done.. I can't imagine it.. It's been so fast.. Choosing a flat seems like just so yesterday & next week im moving in already.. Wanted to go IKEA today but it was raining & deardear said that we should finish packing our things 1st so here i am on a sun afternoon packing up my things.. People who are kind-hearted & free next sat 23/9, please kindly volunteer yourself to help out.. Let me know.. Er.. From my financial status, i can only treat everyone who help out drinks.. Please.. please.. please.. Those who helped out will be blessed.. Do let me know.. Thanks alot..


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